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Julia Kreger d2039a29de Handle nova policy change
It appears nova's policies have changed, or to be more precise,
they have turned on new policy enforcement[0] and our plugin
was wrong.

+++ /opt/stack/ironic/devstack/lib/ironic:\n
ironic_configure_tempest:3205 :\n
oscwrap --os-cloud devstack-system-admin flavor show baremetal -f value -c id
ForbiddenException: 403: Client Error for url:
Policy doesn't allow os_compute_api:os-flavor-extra-specs:index to be performed.

[0]: dfd7aeaf6c

Change-Id: I8070852fbe9346e346c50088537797f353753d02
2 weeks ago
files CI: use a custom cirros partition image instead of the default 1 year ago
lib Handle nova policy change 2 weeks ago
tools/ironic Remove use of nomodeset by default 1 month ago
upgrade Remove lib/neutron-legacy leftovers 6 months ago
common_settings Yoga: Change default boot mode to uefi 2 years ago Fix unbound variable in devstack plugin 5 months ago
settings Change MTU logic to allow for lower MTUs automatically 4 years ago