A service for managing and provisioning Bare Metal servers.
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Zuul 397d61325a Merge "Devstack: don't scan /opt, /etc looking for isolinux" 4 hours ago
glance_service Remove redundant/legacy is_admin logic 3 months ago
__init__.py Remove copyright from empty files 8 years ago
args.py JSON conversion followup change 10 months ago
boot_devices.py Add `FLOPPY` boot device constant 2 years ago
boot_modes.py Adds boot mode support to ManagementInterface 3 years ago
cinder.py Remove deprecated [cinder]url 1 year ago
components.py Add indicator management harness to ManagementInterface 2 years ago
config.py Enable OSProfiler support in Ironic 4 years ago
context.py Remove redundant/legacy is_admin logic 3 months ago
dhcp_factory.py Change pxe dhcp options name to codes. 4 years ago
driver_factory.py Trivial: add a missing argument to an exception 7 months ago
exception.py Facilitate asset copy for bootloader ops 1 week ago
faults.py Validating fault value when querying with fault field 3 years ago
fsm.py Stop using six library 2 years ago
grub_conf.template Fix for automated boot iso issue with IPA ramdisk 7 years ago
hash_ring.py Fix a race condition in the hash ring code 1 year ago
i18n.py Make oslo.i18n an optional dependency 1 year ago
image_service.py Replace pysendfile with os.sendfile 7 months ago
images.py Enable parallel downloads and allow tuning concurrency 2 weeks ago
indicator_states.py Add indicator management harness to ManagementInterface 2 years ago
isolinux_config.template Add support for creating vfat and iso images 7 years ago
keystone.py Switch Ironic to openstacksdk for Neutron 1 year ago
kickstart_utils.py Add support for configdrive in anaconda interface 3 months ago
molds.py Add better error messages for invalid conf molds 1 month ago
network.py Update wording used in removal of VIFs 3 years ago
neutron.py Replace retrying with tenacity 7 months ago
nova.py Update nova os-server-external-events response logic 2 years ago
policy.py API endpoints to get node history 1 week ago
profiler.py Enable OSProfiler support in Ironic - follow-up 4 years ago
pxe_utils.py Facilitate asset copy for bootloader ops 1 week ago
raid.py Fix Redfish RAID interface_type physical disk hint 3 months ago
release_mappings.py Set stage for release 18.2 2 days ago
rpc.py Log a warning for Gen8 Inspection 3 years ago
rpc_service.py Switch to JSON RPC from ironic-lib 7 months ago
service.py reloads mutable config values on SIGHUP 4 years ago
states.py Record node history and manage events in db 2 weeks ago
swift.py Enable swift temporary URLs in grenade and provide a good error message 7 months ago
utils.py Improve agent_client logging 4 months ago
wsgi_service.py Limit the default value of [api]api_workers to 4 11 months ago