A service for managing and provisioning Bare Metal servers.
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Zuul 397d61325a Merge "Devstack: don't scan /opt, /etc looking for isolinux" 3 hours ago
__init__.py Bye-bye iSCSI deploy, you served us well 5 months ago
agent.py Inject TLS certificate when using virtual media 9 months ago
anaconda.py Add anaconda configuration and template 6 months ago
ansible.py Adding ansible python interpreter as driver_info 3 years ago
api.py Allow using per-site network_data schema 6 months ago
audit.py Fix default value of "ignore_req_list" config option 5 years ago
auth.py Switch Ironic to openstacksdk for Neutron 1 year ago
cinder.py Remove deprecated [cinder]url 1 year ago
conductor.py Record node history and manage events in db 2 weeks ago
console.py Update [console]kill_timeout description 1 year ago
database.py Centralize config options - [database] 5 years ago
default.py Enable parallel downloads and allow tuning concurrency 2 weeks ago
deploy.py Support "swift" for ramdisk_image_download_source 3 months ago
dhcp.py Centralize config options - [dhcp] 5 years ago
drac.py Fix RAID steps for non-RAID in idrac-redfish 2 weeks ago
glance.py Remove the deprecated [glance]glance_num_retries 2 years ago
healthcheck.py Add optional healthcheck middleware 4 years ago
ibmc.py Add Huawei iBMC driver support 3 years ago
ilo.py Adds config parameter kernel_append_param for iLO 7 months ago
inspector.py Foundation for boot/network management for in-band inspection 2 years ago
ipmi.py Automaticaly set cipher suite 6 months ago
irmc.py Clean up kernel_append_params for iRMC 4 months ago
metrics.py Pass agent metrics config via conductor 5 years ago
metrics_statsd.py Pass agent metrics config via conductor 5 years ago
molds.py Move configuration mold utilities 6 months ago
neutron.py Switch Ironic to openstacksdk for Neutron 1 year ago
nova.py Mark more configuration options as reloadable 1 year ago
opts.py Silence debug logging from oslo_policy 1 month ago
pxe.py Facilitate asset copy for bootloader ops 1 week ago
redfish.py Add Redfish RAID management to Ironic 7 months ago
service_catalog.py Introduce keystoneauth adapters for clients 4 years ago
snmp.py Make SNMP UDP transport settings configurable 4 years ago
swift.py Fix swiftclient creation 4 years ago
xclarity.py Mark xclarity password as secret 3 years ago