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Dmitry Tantsur 4bcef0eee5 Do not log into the template1 database during test-setup
Template databases are not designed to run random SQL code. They should
only be accessed to modify the template itself. Use postgres instead.

Change-Id: Id7d38895d8d04964557447ecbc6ca29f39f626c9
2 months ago
benchmark [CI] Fix port list benchmark 3 months ago
config Add audit middleware options to ironic.conf 11 months ago
policy Generate policy.yaml.sample 2 years ago Fix pep8 errors and make it pass Jenkins tests. 10 years ago
bandit.yml Stop using md5 for __repr__ of objects 3 years ago Use env to find python3 2 years ago Remove ironic_tempest_plugin/ directory 6 years ago
link_aggregation_on_windows.ps1 Update docs to portgroup with creating windows images 5 years ago Ignore bashate E044 5 years ago Merge "Show transitions initiated by API requests" 7 years ago Do not log into the template1 database during test-setup 2 months ago Rename files and fix things. 10 years ago