A service for managing and provisioning Bare Metal servers.
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.. -*- rst -*-
This section describes two API endpoints used by the ``ironic-python-agent``
ramdisk as it communicates with the Bare Metal service. These were previously
exposed as vendor passthrough methods, however, as ironic-python-agent has
become the standard ramdisk agent, these methods have been made a part of the
official REST API.
.. note::
**Operators are reminded not to expose the Bare Metal Service's API to
unsecured networks.** Both API endpoints listed below are available to
*unauthenticated* clients because the default method for booting the
``ironic-python-agent`` ramdisk does not provide the agent with keystone
.. note::
It is possible to include keys in your ramdisk, or pass keys in via the
boot method, if your driver supports it; if that is done, you may configure
these endpoints to require authentication by changing the policy rules
``baremetal:driver:ipa_lookup`` and ``baremetal:node:ipa_heartbeat``.
In light of that, operators are recommended to ensure that this endpoint is
only available on the ``provisioning`` and ``cleaning`` networks.
Agent Lookup
.. rest_method:: GET /v1/lookup
.. versionadded:: 1.22
A ``/lookup`` method is exposed at the root of the REST API. This should only
be used by the ``ironic-python-agent`` ramdisk to retrieve required
configuration data from the Bare Metal service.
By default, ``/v1/lookup`` will only match Nodes that are expected to be
running the ``ironic-python-agent`` ramdisk (for instance, because the Bare
Metal service has just initiated a deployment). It can not be used as a
generic search mechanism, though this behaviour may be changed by setting
the ``[api] restrict_lookup = false`` configuration option for the ironic-api
The query string should include either or both a ``node_uuid`` or an
``addresses`` query parameter. If a matching Node is found, information about
that Node shall be returned.
Normal response codes: 200
Error response codes: 400 404
.. rest_parameters:: parameters.yaml
- node_uuid: r_node_uuid
- addresses: r_addresses
Returns only the information about the corresponding Node that the
``ironic-python-agent`` process requires.
.. rest_parameters:: parameters.yaml
- node: agent_node
- config: agent_config
Response Example
.. literalinclude:: samples/lookup-node-response.json
:language: javascript
Agent Heartbeat
.. rest_method:: POST /v1/heartbeat/{node_ident}
.. versionadded:: 1.22
A ``/heartbeat`` method is exposed at the root of the REST API. This is used
as a callback from within the ``ironic-python-agent`` ramdisk, so that an
active ramdisk may periodically contact the Bare Metal service and provide
the current URL at which to contact the agent.
Normal response codes: 202
Error response codes: 400 404
.. versionadded:: 1.36 ``agent_version`` parameter for passing the version of
the Ironic Python Agent to Ironic during heartbeat
.. versionadded:: 1.62 ``agent_token`` parameter for passing the token of
the Ironic Python Agent to Ironic during heartbeat
.. rest_parameters:: parameters.yaml
- node_ident: node_ident
- callback_url: callback_url
- agent_version: agent_version
- agent_token: agent_token