A service for managing and provisioning Bare Metal servers.
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Zuul 4037ae147a Merge "Avoid unnecessary validation in boot interfaces" into stable/wallaby 3 months ago
modules Avoid unnecessary validation in boot interfaces 4 months ago
__init__.py Remove copyright from empty files 8 years ago
base.py Add agent_status and agent_status_message params to heartbeat 6 months ago
drac.py Add Redfish RAID interface to idrac HW type 6 months ago
fake_hardware.py BIOS Settings: Add BIOSInterface 3 years ago
generic.py Add anaconda configuration and template 6 months ago
hardware_type.py Use property plus abstractmethod for abstractproperty 1 year ago
ibmc.py Fix: review from dtantsur of 728123 1 year ago
ilo.py Adds ilo-uefi-https boot interface to ilo5 1 year ago
intel_ipmi.py Add IntelIPMIHardware 2 years ago
ipmi.py Add "noop" management and use it in the "ipmi" hardware type 3 years ago
irmc.py Deal with iPXE boot interface incompatibility in Train 2 years ago
raid_config_schema.json Allow specifying target devices for software RAID 2 years ago
redfish.py Add Redfish RAID management to Ironic 7 months ago
snmp.py Switch the "snmp" hardware type to "noop" management 3 years ago
utils.py Apply force_persistent_boot_device to all boot interfaces 8 months ago
xclarity.py Add XClarity Driver 4 years ago