A service for managing and provisioning Bare Metal servers.
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minversion = 1.6
skipsdist = True
envlist = py26,py27,pep8
usedevelop = True
install_command = pip install -U {opts} {packages}
setenv = VIRTUAL_ENV={envdir}
deps = -r{toxinidir}/requirements.txt
commands =
python setup.py testr --slowest --testr-args='{posargs}'
whitelist_externals = bash
downloadcache = ~/cache/pip
commands =
flake8 {posargs}
# Check that .po and .pot files are valid:
bash -c "find ironic -type f -regex '.*\.pot?' -print0|xargs --null -n 1 msgfmt --check-format -o /dev/null"
setenv = VIRTUAL_ENV={envdir}
commands =
python setup.py testr --coverage {posargs}
commands = {posargs}
# E711: ignored because it is normal to use "column == None" in sqlalchemy
ignore = E12,E711
builtins = _
exclude = .venv,.git,.tox,dist,doc,*openstack/common*,*lib/python*,*egg,build,tools
import_exceptions = ironic.openstack.common.gettextutils._,testtools.matchers