A service for managing and provisioning Bare Metal servers.
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Configuring ironic-api behind mod_wsgi
Bare Metal service comes with an example file for configuring the
``ironic-api`` service to run behind Apache with mod_wsgi.
#. Install the apache service:
sudo dnf install httpd
apt-get install apache2
zypper install apache2
#. Download the ``etc/apache2/ironic`` file from the
`Ironic project tree <https://opendev.org/openstack/ironic/raw/branch/master/etc/apache2/ironic>`_
and copy it to the apache sites:
sudo cp etc/apache2/ironic /etc/httpd/conf.d/ironic.conf
sudo cp etc/apache2/ironic /etc/apache2/sites-available/ironic.conf
sudo cp etc/apache2/ironic /etc/apache2/vhosts.d/ironic.conf
#. Edit the recently copied ``<apache-configuration-dir>/ironic.conf``:
#. Modify the ``WSGIDaemonProcess``, ``APACHE_RUN_USER`` and
``APACHE_RUN_GROUP`` directives to set the user and group values to
an appropriate user on your server.
#. Modify the ``WSGIScriptAlias`` directive to point to the automatically
generated ``ironic-api-wsgi`` script that is located in `IRONIC_BIN`
#. Modify the ``Directory`` directive to set the path to the Ironic API code.
#. Modify the ``ErrorLog`` and ``CustomLog`` to redirect the logs
to the right directory (on Red Hat systems this is usually under
#. Enable the apache ``ironic`` in site and reload:
sudo systemctl reload httpd
sudo a2ensite ironic
sudo service apache2 reload
sudo systemctl reload apache2
.. note::
The file ``ironic-api-wsgi`` is automatically generated by pbr and is
available in `IRONIC_BIN` directory. It should not be modified.
Configure another WSGI container
A slightly different approach has to be used for WSGI containers that cannot
use ``ironic-api-wsgi``. For example, for *gunicorn*:
.. code-block:: console
gunicorn -b 'ironic.api.wsgi:initialize_wsgi_app(argv=[])'
If you want to pass a configuration file, use:
.. code-block:: console
gunicorn -b \
'ironic.api.wsgi:initialize_wsgi_app(argv=["ironic-api", "--config-file=/path/to/_ironic.conf"])'