A service for managing and provisioning Bare Metal servers.
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Fixes issues when ``UEFI`` boot mode has been requested with persistent
boot to ``DISK`` where some versions of ``ipmitool`` do not properly
handle multiple options being set at the same time. While some of this
logic was addressed in upstream `ipmitool <https://github.com/ipmitool/ipmitool/issues/163>`_
development, new versions are not released and vendors maintain downstream
forks of the ipmitool utility. When considering vendor specific `selector
differences <https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2008241>`_ along
with the current stance of new versions from the upstream ``ipmitool``
community, it only made sense to handle this logic with-in Ironic.
In part this was because if already set the selector value would not be
updated. Now ironic always transmits the selector value for ``UEFI``.
- Fixes handling of Supermicro ``UEFI`` supporting BMCs with the ``ipmi``
hardware type such that an appropriate boot device selector value is sent
to the remote BMC to indicate boot from local storage. This is available
for both persistent and one-time boot applications. For more information,
please consult `story 2008241 <https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2008241>`_.
- Fixes handling of the ``ipmi`` hardware type where ``UEFI`` boot mode and
"one-time" boot to PXE has been requested. As Ironic now specifically
transmits the raw commands, this setting should be properly appied where
previously PXE boot operations may have previously occured in
``Legacy BIOS`` mode.
- Adds a ``detect_vendor`` management interface method to the ``ipmi``
hardware type. This method is being promoted as a higher level interface
as the fundimental need to be able to have logic aware of the hardware
vendor is necessary with vendor agnostic drivers where slight differences
require slightly different behavior.
- An automated detection of a IPMI BMC hardware vendor has been added to
appropriately handle IPMI BMC variations. Ironic will now query this and
save this value if not already set in order to avoid querying for
every single operation. Operators upgrading should expect an elongated
first power state synchronization if for nodes with the ``ipmi``
hardware type.