A service for managing and provisioning Bare Metal servers.
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Zuul b9e3d532da Merge "Fix broken configdrive_use_object_store" into stable/ussuri 2 years ago
allocations.py Add node lessee field 3 years ago
base_manager.py Remove locks before RPC bus is started 2 years ago
cleaning.py Fix agent token and URL handling during fast-track deployment 2 years ago
deployments.py Fix broken configdrive_use_object_store 2 years ago
manager.py Merge "Make the final deploy step validation actually fail deploy" into stable/ussuri 2 years ago
notification_utils.py Add node console notifications 6 years ago
rpcapi.py Add my new address to .mailmap 3 years ago
steps.py Delay validating deploy templates until we get all steps 2 years ago
task_manager.py Lazy-load node details from the DB 2 years ago
utils.py Also wipe agent token on manual power off or reboot 2 years ago