A service for managing and provisioning Bare Metal servers.
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# Copyright 2010 United States Government as represented by the
# Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
# All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
"""Ironic base exception handling.
SHOULD include dedicated exception logging.
from oslo_config import cfg
from oslo_log import log as logging
import six
from six.moves import http_client
from ironic.common.i18n import _
from ironic.common.i18n import _LE
from ironic.common.i18n import _LW
LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)
exc_log_opts = [
help=_('Used if there is a formatting error when generating '
'an exception message (a programming error). If True, '
'raise an exception; if False, use the unformatted '
class IronicException(Exception):
"""Base Ironic Exception
To correctly use this class, inherit from it and define
a '_msg_fmt' property. That message will get printf'd
with the keyword arguments provided to the constructor.
If you need to access the message from an exception you should use
_msg_fmt = _("An unknown exception occurred.")
code = http_client.INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR
headers = {}
safe = False
def __init__(self, message=None, **kwargs):
self.kwargs = kwargs
if 'code' not in self.kwargs:
self.kwargs['code'] = self.code
except AttributeError:
if not message:
# Check if class is using deprecated 'message' attribute.
if (hasattr(self, 'message') and self.message):
LOG.warning(_LW("Exception class: %s Using the 'message' "
"attribute in an exception has been "
"deprecated. The exception class should be "
"modified to use the '_msg_fmt' "
"attribute."), self.__class__.__name__)
self._msg_fmt = self.message
message = self._msg_fmt % kwargs
except Exception as e:
# kwargs doesn't match a variable in self._msg_fmt
# log the issue and the kwargs
LOG.exception(_LE('Exception in string format operation'))
for name, value in kwargs.items():
LOG.error("%s: %s" % (name, value))
if CONF.fatal_exception_format_errors:
raise e
# at least get the core self._msg_fmt out if something
# happened
message = self._msg_fmt
super(IronicException, self).__init__(message)
def __str__(self):
"""Encode to utf-8 then wsme api can consume it as well."""
if not six.PY3:
return unicode(self.args[0]).encode('utf-8')
return self.args[0]
def __unicode__(self):
"""Return a unicode representation of the exception message."""
return unicode(self.args[0])
class NotAuthorized(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Not authorized.")
code = http_client.FORBIDDEN
class OperationNotPermitted(NotAuthorized):
_msg_fmt = _("Operation not permitted.")
class Invalid(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Unacceptable parameters.")
code = http_client.BAD_REQUEST
class Conflict(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _('Conflict.')
code = http_client.CONFLICT
class TemporaryFailure(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Resource temporarily unavailable, please retry.")
code = http_client.SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE
class NotAcceptable(IronicException):
# TODO(deva): We need to set response headers in the API for this exception
_msg_fmt = _("Request not acceptable.")
code = http_client.NOT_ACCEPTABLE
class InvalidState(Conflict):
_msg_fmt = _("Invalid resource state.")
class NodeAlreadyExists(Conflict):
_msg_fmt = _("A node with UUID %(uuid)s already exists.")
class MACAlreadyExists(Conflict):
_msg_fmt = _("A port with MAC address %(mac)s already exists.")
class ChassisAlreadyExists(Conflict):
_msg_fmt = _("A chassis with UUID %(uuid)s already exists.")
class PortAlreadyExists(Conflict):
_msg_fmt = _("A port with UUID %(uuid)s already exists.")
class PortgroupAlreadyExists(Conflict):
_msg_fmt = _("A portgroup with UUID %(uuid)s already exists.")
class PortgroupDuplicateName(Conflict):
_msg_fmt = _("A portgroup with name %(name)s already exists.")
class PortgroupMACAlreadyExists(Conflict):
_msg_fmt = _("A portgroup with MAC address %(mac)s already exists.")
class InstanceAssociated(Conflict):
_msg_fmt = _("Instance %(instance_uuid)s is already associated with a "
"node, it cannot be associated with this other node %(node)s")
class DuplicateName(Conflict):
_msg_fmt = _("A node with name %(name)s already exists.")
class InvalidUUID(Invalid):
_msg_fmt = _("Expected a uuid but received %(uuid)s.")
class InvalidUuidOrName(Invalid):
_msg_fmt = _("Expected a logical name or uuid but received %(name)s.")
class InvalidName(Invalid):
_msg_fmt = _("Expected a logical name but received %(name)s.")
class InvalidIdentity(Invalid):
_msg_fmt = _("Expected an uuid or int but received %(identity)s.")
class InvalidMAC(Invalid):
_msg_fmt = _("Expected a MAC address but received %(mac)s.")
class InvalidStateRequested(Invalid):
_msg_fmt = _('The requested action "%(action)s" can not be performed '
'on node "%(node)s" while it is in state "%(state)s".')
class PatchError(Invalid):
_msg_fmt = _("Couldn't apply patch '%(patch)s'. Reason: %(reason)s")
class InstanceDeployFailure(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Failed to deploy instance: %(reason)s")
class ImageUnacceptable(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Image %(image_id)s is unacceptable: %(reason)s")
class ImageConvertFailed(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Image %(image_id)s is unacceptable: %(reason)s")
# Cannot be templated as the error syntax varies.
# msg needs to be constructed when raised.
class InvalidParameterValue(Invalid):
_msg_fmt = _("%(err)s")
class MissingParameterValue(InvalidParameterValue):
_msg_fmt = _("%(err)s")
class Duplicate(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Resource already exists.")
class NotFound(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Resource could not be found.")
code = http_client.NOT_FOUND
class DHCPLoadError(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Failed to load DHCP provider %(dhcp_provider_name)s, "
"reason: %(reason)s")
class DriverNotFound(NotFound):
_msg_fmt = _("Could not find the following driver(s): %(driver_name)s.")
class ImageNotFound(NotFound):
_msg_fmt = _("Image %(image_id)s could not be found.")
class NoValidHost(NotFound):
_msg_fmt = _("No valid host was found. Reason: %(reason)s")
class InstanceNotFound(NotFound):
_msg_fmt = _("Instance %(instance)s could not be found.")
class NodeNotFound(NotFound):
_msg_fmt = _("Node %(node)s could not be found.")
class PortgroupNotFound(NotFound):
_msg_fmt = _("Portgroup %(portgroup)s could not be found.")
class PortgroupNotEmpty(Invalid):
_msg_fmt = _("Cannot complete the requested action because portgroup "
"%(portgroup)s contains ports.")
class NodeAssociated(InvalidState):
_msg_fmt = _("Node %(node)s is associated with instance %(instance)s.")
class PortNotFound(NotFound):
_msg_fmt = _("Port %(port)s could not be found.")
class FailedToUpdateDHCPOptOnPort(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Update DHCP options on port: %(port_id)s failed.")
class FailedToCleanDHCPOpts(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Clean up DHCP options on node: %(node)s failed.")
class FailedToGetIPAddressOnPort(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Retrieve IP address on port: %(port_id)s failed.")
class InvalidIPv4Address(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Invalid IPv4 address %(ip_address)s.")
class FailedToUpdateMacOnPort(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Update MAC address on port: %(port_id)s failed.")
class ChassisNotFound(NotFound):
_msg_fmt = _("Chassis %(chassis)s could not be found.")
class NoDriversLoaded(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Conductor %(conductor)s cannot be started "
"because no drivers were loaded.")
class ConductorNotFound(NotFound):
_msg_fmt = _("Conductor %(conductor)s could not be found.")
class ConductorAlreadyRegistered(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Conductor %(conductor)s already registered.")
class PowerStateFailure(InvalidState):
_msg_fmt = _("Failed to set node power state to %(pstate)s.")
class ExclusiveLockRequired(NotAuthorized):
_msg_fmt = _("An exclusive lock is required, "
"but the current context has a shared lock.")
class NodeMaintenanceFailure(Invalid):
_msg_fmt = _("Failed to toggle maintenance-mode flag "
"for node %(node)s: %(reason)s")
class NodeConsoleNotEnabled(Invalid):
_msg_fmt = _("Console access is not enabled on node %(node)s")
class NodeInMaintenance(Invalid):
_msg_fmt = _("The %(op)s operation can't be performed on node "
"%(node)s because it's in maintenance mode.")
class ChassisNotEmpty(Invalid):
_msg_fmt = _("Cannot complete the requested action because chassis "
"%(chassis)s contains nodes.")
class IPMIFailure(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("IPMI call failed: %(cmd)s.")
class AMTConnectFailure(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Failed to connect to AMT service. This could be caused "
"by the wrong amt_address or bad network environment.")
class AMTFailure(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("AMT call failed: %(cmd)s.")
class MSFTOCSClientApiException(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("MSFT OCS call failed.")
class SSHConnectFailed(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Failed to establish SSH connection to host %(host)s.")
class SSHCommandFailed(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Failed to execute command via SSH: %(cmd)s.")
class UnsupportedDriverExtension(Invalid):
_msg_fmt = _('Driver %(driver)s does not support %(extension)s '
'(disabled or not implemented).')
class GlanceConnectionFailed(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Connection to glance host %(host)s:%(port)s failed: "
class ImageNotAuthorized(NotAuthorized):
_msg_fmt = _("Not authorized for image %(image_id)s.")
class InvalidImageRef(Invalid):
_msg_fmt = _("Invalid image href %(image_href)s.")
class ImageRefValidationFailed(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Validation of image href %(image_href)s failed, "
"reason: %(reason)s")
class ImageDownloadFailed(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Failed to download image %(image_href)s, reason: %(reason)s")
class KeystoneUnauthorized(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Not authorized in Keystone.")
class KeystoneFailure(IronicException):
class CatalogNotFound(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Service type %(service_type)s with endpoint type "
"%(endpoint_type)s not found in keystone service catalog.")
class ServiceUnavailable(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Connection failed")
class Forbidden(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Requested OpenStack Images API is forbidden")
class BadRequest(IronicException):
class InvalidEndpoint(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("The provided endpoint is invalid")
class CommunicationError(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Unable to communicate with the server.")
class HTTPForbidden(Forbidden):
class Unauthorized(IronicException):
class HTTPNotFound(NotFound):
class ConfigNotFound(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Could not find config at %(path)s")
class NodeLocked(Conflict):
_msg_fmt = _("Node %(node)s is locked by host %(host)s, please retry "
"after the current operation is completed.")
class NodeNotLocked(Invalid):
_msg_fmt = _("Node %(node)s found not to be locked on release")
class NoFreeConductorWorker(TemporaryFailure):
_msg_fmt = _('Requested action cannot be performed due to lack of free '
'conductor workers.')
code = http_client.SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE
class VendorPassthruException(IronicException):
class ConfigInvalid(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Invalid configuration file. %(error_msg)s")
class DriverLoadError(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Driver %(driver)s could not be loaded. Reason: %(reason)s.")
class ConsoleError(IronicException):
class NoConsolePid(ConsoleError):
_msg_fmt = _("Could not find pid in pid file %(pid_path)s")
class ConsoleSubprocessFailed(ConsoleError):
_msg_fmt = _("Console subprocess failed to start. %(error)s")
class PasswordFileFailedToCreate(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Failed to create the password file. %(error)s")
class IBootOperationError(IronicException):
class IloOperationError(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("%(operation)s failed, error: %(error)s")
class IloOperationNotSupported(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("%(operation)s not supported. error: %(error)s")
class DracOperationError(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _('DRAC operation failed. Reason: %(error)s')
class FailedToGetSensorData(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Failed to get sensor data for node %(node)s. "
"Error: %(error)s")
class FailedToParseSensorData(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Failed to parse sensor data for node %(node)s. "
"Error: %(error)s")
class InsufficientDiskSpace(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Disk volume where '%(path)s' is located doesn't have "
"enough disk space. Required %(required)d MiB, "
"only %(actual)d MiB available space present.")
class ImageCreationFailed(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _('Creating %(image_type)s image failed: %(error)s')
class SwiftOperationError(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Swift operation '%(operation)s' failed: %(error)s")
class SwiftObjectNotFoundError(SwiftOperationError):
_msg_fmt = _("Swift object %(object)s from container %(container)s "
"not found. Operation '%(operation)s' failed.")
class SNMPFailure(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("SNMP operation '%(operation)s' failed: %(error)s")
class FileSystemNotSupported(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Failed to create a file system. "
"File system %(fs)s is not supported.")
class IRMCOperationError(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _('iRMC %(operation)s failed. Reason: %(error)s')
class IRMCSharedFileSystemNotMounted(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("iRMC shared file system '%(share)s' is not mounted.")
class VirtualBoxOperationFailed(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("VirtualBox operation '%(operation)s' failed. "
"Error: %(error)s")
class HardwareInspectionFailure(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Failed to inspect hardware. Reason: %(error)s")
class NodeCleaningFailure(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Failed to clean node %(node)s: %(reason)s")
class PathNotFound(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Path %(dir)s does not exist.")
class DirectoryNotWritable(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Directory %(dir)s is not writable.")
class UcsOperationError(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Cisco UCS client: operation %(operation)s failed for node"
" %(node)s. Reason: %(error)s")
class UcsConnectionError(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Cisco UCS client: connection failed for node "
"%(node)s. Reason: %(error)s")
class WolOperationError(IronicException):
class ImageUploadFailed(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Failed to upload %(image_name)s image to web server "
"%(web_server)s, reason: %(reason)s")
class CIMCException(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Cisco IMC exception occurred for node %(node)s: %(error)s")
class OneViewError(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("OneView exception occurred. Error: %(error)s")
class NodeTagNotFound(IronicException):
_msg_fmt = _("Node %(node_id)s doesn't have a tag '%(tag)s'")