A service for managing and provisioning Bare Metal servers.
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Zuul f27ea44afc Merge "Update vendor_passthru subscriptions releasenote" 3 months ago
.placeholder Add reno for release notes management 6 years ago
5.0-release-afb1fbbe595b6bc8.yaml Prep for 5.0 release 6 years ago
Add-port-option-support-to-ipmitool-e125d07fe13c53e7.yaml Add port option support for ipmitool 6 years ago
active-node-creation-a41c9869c966c82b.yaml Follow-up to Active Node Creation 5 years ago
add-agent-api-error-77ec6c272390c488.yaml Fail deploy if agent returns >= 400 4 years ago
add-agent-erase-fallback-b07613a7042fe236.yaml Clean up release notes for 6.1.0 5 years ago
add-agent-iboot-0a4b5471c6ace461.yaml Catch up release notes for Mitaka 6 years ago
add-agent-proxy-support-790e629634ca2eb7.yaml Add a newline at the end of release note files 5 years ago
add-ansible-python-interpreter-2035e0f23d407aaf.yaml [Trivial]Fix some typos in docs 1 year ago
add-boot-from-volume-support-9f64208f083d0691.yaml Common cinder interface additional improvements 5 years ago
add-boot-mode-redfish-inspect-48e2b27ef022932a.yaml Set boot_mode in node properties during Redfish introspection 3 years ago
add-chassis_uuid-removal-possibility-8b06341a91f7c676.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
add-choice-to-some-options-9fb327c48e6bfda1.yaml Prep for 5.0 release 6 years ago
add-cisco-ucs-hardware-types-ee597ff0416f158f.yaml [reno] update 4 years ago
add-clean-steps-priority-88d7de5973500a7d.yaml Allow users to configure priority for {create,delete}_configuration 7 months ago
add-config-mold-steps-idrac-1773d81953209964.yaml Add import, export configuration to idrac-redfish 7 months ago
add-configurable-ipmi-retriables-b6056f722f6ed3b0.yaml Allow to configure additional ipmitool retriable errors 2 years ago
add-db-deadlock-handling-6bc10076537f3727.yaml Remove overwriting the default value of db_max_retries. 5 years ago
add-deploy-steps-arg-9d8c58559c14288c.yaml Add 'deploy steps' parameter for provisioning API 9 months ago
add-deploy-steps-drac-raid-interface-7023c03a96996265.yaml Release notes cleanup for 13.0.0 (mk2) 2 years ago
add-deploy-steps-ilo-bios-interface-c73152269701ef80.yaml Add deploy steps for iLO BIOS interface 2 years ago
add-deploy-steps-ilo-management-interface-9d0f45954eda643a.yaml Release notes cleanup for 13.0.0 (mk2) 2 years ago
add-deploy-steps-ilo-raid-interface-732314cea19fe8ac.yaml Add iLO RAID deploy steps 2 years ago
add-deploy-steps-redfish-bios-interface-f5e5415108f87598.yaml Add deploy steps for Redfish BIOS interface 2 years ago
add-dual-stack-dhcp-opts-6dc18ae10aeb599a.yaml Add both IPv4 and IPv6 DHCP options if interface has both 8 months ago
add-dynamic-allocation-feature-2fd6b4df7943f178.yaml Update code to use Pike as the code name 5 years ago
add-error-check-ipmitool-reboot-ca7823202c5ab71d.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
add-gmr-3c9278d5d785895f.yaml Release notes clean up for the next release 4 years ago
add-healthcheck-middleware-86120fa07a7c8151.yaml Add optional healthcheck middleware 4 years ago
add-ibmc-raid-interface-0c13826e134fb4ce.yaml Prepare release notes and docs for release 15.1 1 year ago
add-id-and-uuid-filtering-to-sqalchemy-api.yaml Allow sqalchemy filtering by id and uuid 4 years ago
add-ilo-inband-deploy-step-update-firmware-using-sum-cfee84a19120dd3c.yaml Adds support SUM based firmware update as deploy step 1 year ago
add-ilo-uefi-https-boot-interface-f3b163a8a6243283.yaml Adds ilo-uefi-https boot interface to ilo5 1 year ago
add-indicator-api-8c816b3828e6b43b.yaml Add indicators REST API endpoints 2 years ago
add-inspect-wait-state-948f83dfe342897b.yaml Implementation of inspect wait state 4 years ago
add-inspection-abort-a187e6e5c1f6311d.yaml Release note clean-ups for ironic release 3 years ago
add-ipv6-pxe-support-8fb51c355cc977c4.yaml Catch up release notes for Mitaka 6 years ago
add-ipxe-boot-iso-support-6ae2f5cc2250be3e.yaml iPXE ISO Ramdisk booting 1 year ago
add-iscsi-portal-port-option-bde3b386f44f2a90.yaml add new portal_port option for iscsi module 6 years ago
add-iso-less-vmedia-ilo-5816922c03d0fd85.yaml Adding changes for iso less vmedia support 1 year ago
add-iso-suffix-557a4fc4382fd7f3.yaml Release note updates for Victoria release 1 year ago
add-kernel-param-config-ilo-9b2cee8b0447f82e.yaml Revise release notes for 17.0 release 7 months ago
add-kernel-params-redfish-72b87075465c87f6.yaml Add `instance_info/kernel_append_params` to `redfish` 2 years ago
add-more-retryable-ipmitool-errors-1c9351a89ff0ec1a.yaml Adds more `ipmitool` errors as retryable 3 years ago
add-neutron-request-timeout-1f7372af81f14ddd.yaml Spruce up release notes for 12.2.0 release 2 years ago
add-node-bios-9c1c3d442e8acdac.yaml Add Node BIOS support - REST API 3 years ago
add-node-boot-mode-control-9761d4bcbd8c3a0d.yaml Release note clean-ups for ironic release 3 years ago
add-node-description-790097704f45af91.yaml Add prelude and update release notes for 12.1.0 3 years ago
add-node-resource-class-c31e26df4196293e.yaml Clean up release notes for 6.1.0 5 years ago
add-notifications-97b6c79c18b48073.yaml Clean up release notes for 6.2.0 5 years ago
add-oneview-driver-96088bf470b16c34.yaml Catch up release notes for Mitaka 6 years ago
add-option-persistent-boot-device-139cf280fb66f4f7.yaml Optionally preserve original system boot order upon instance deployment 3 years ago
add-owner-information-52e153faf570747e.yaml Add "owner" information field 3 years ago
add-parallel-power-syncs-b099d66e80aab616.yaml Parallelize periodic power sync calls follow up 3 years ago
add-port-advanced-net-fields-55465091f019d962.yaml Follow-up fixes to 206244 5 years ago
add-port-internal-info-b7e02889416570f7.yaml Add internal_info field to ports and portgroups 5 years ago
add-port-is-smartnic-4ce6974c8fe2732d.yaml [Follow Up] Expose is_smartnic in port API 3 years ago
add-prep-partition-support-d808849795906e64.yaml Pass prep_boot_part_uuid to install_bootloader for ppc64* partition images 3 years ago
add-protection-for-available-nodes-25f163d69782ef63.yaml Spruce up release notes for 12.2.0 release 2 years ago
add-pxe-nic-support-in-redfish-5359897135df1348.yaml DRAC : idrac-redfish inspect updates pxe port 7 months ago
add-pxe-per-node-526fd79df17efda8.yaml Add pxe template per node 3 years ago
add-pxe-support-for-petitboot-50d1fe4e7da4bfba.yaml Enable PXE for systems using petitboot 5 years ago
add-realtime-support-d814d5917836e9e2.yaml Spruce up release notes for 12.2.0 release 2 years ago
add-redfish-auth-type-5fe78071b528e53b.yaml Add configurable Redfish client authentication 3 years ago
add-redfish-boot-interface-e7e05bdd2c894d80.yaml Release notes cleanup for 13.0.0 (mk2) 2 years ago
add-redfish-boot-mode-support-2f1a2568e71c65d0.yaml Release note clean-ups for ironic release 3 years ago
add-redfish-boot_iso-pass-through-8a6f4d0c98ada1d5.yaml Iso booting via redfish virtual media 1 year ago
add-redfish-inspect-interface-1577e70167f24ae4.yaml Add Redfish inspect interface 3 years ago
add-redfish-sensors-4e2f7e3f8a7c6d5b.yaml Collect sensor data in ``redfish`` hardware type 2 years ago
add-secure-boot-suport-irmc-2c1f09271f96424d.yaml Secure boot support for irmc-pxe driver 4 years ago
add-secure-boot-suport-irmc-9509f3735df2aa5d.yaml Follow up Secure boot support for irmc-virtual-media driver 4 years ago
add-snmp-inspection-support-e68fd6d57cb33846.yaml Follow up patch for SNMPv3 support 5 years ago
add-snmp-pdu-driver-type-baytech-mrp27-5007d1d7e0a52162.yaml Add BayTech MRP27 snmp driver type 3 years ago
add-snmp-pdu-driver-type-discovery-1f280b7f06fd1ca5.yaml Add snmp driver auto discovery 3 years ago
add-snmp-read-write-community-names-7589a8d1899c142c.yaml Add read&write SNMP community names to `snmp` driver 3 years ago
add-snmpv3-security-features-bbefb8b844813a53.yaml SNMPv3 security features added to the `snmp` driver 3 years ago
add-socat-console-ipmitool-ab4402ec976c5c96.yaml Clean up release notes for 6.1.0 5 years ago
add-ssl-support-4547801eedba5942.yaml Catch up release notes for Mitaka 6 years ago
add-storage-interface-d4e64224804207fc.yaml Add storage_interface to base driver class 5 years ago
add-support-for-no-poweroff-on-failure-86e43b3e39043990.yaml Config to stop powering off nodes on failure 6 years ago
add-support-for-smart-nic-0fc5b10ba6772f7f.yaml Add prelude and update release notes for 12.1.0 3 years ago
add-support-to-manage_certs-b6615e15f697bc26.yaml Add support to manage certificates in iLO 8 months ago
add-target-raid-config-ansible-deploy-c9ae81d9d25c62fe.yaml Pass target_raid_config field to ironic variable 2 years ago
add-timeout-parameter-to-power-methods-5f632c936497685e.yaml [reno] timeout parameter worked 4 years ago
add-tooz-dep-85c56c74733a222d.yaml Trivial: Update pypi url to new url 4 years ago
add-validate-rescue-2202e8ce9a174ece.yaml Clean up release notes before a release 4 years ago
add-validate-rescue-to-boot-interface-bd74aff9e250334b.yaml Add validate_rescue() method to boot interface 4 years ago
add-vif-attach-detach-support-99eca43eea6e5a30.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
add_automated_clean_field-b3e7d56f4aeaf512.yaml Add automated_clean field to the API 3 years ago
add_clean_step_clear_job_queue-7b774d8d0e36d1b2.yaml Release notes cleanup for 13.0.0 (mk2) 2 years ago
add_clean_step_reset_idrac_and_known_good_state-cdbebf97d7b87fe7.yaml DRAC: Adding reset_idrac and known_good_state cleaning steps 2 years ago
add_conversion_flags_iscsi-d7f846803a647573.yaml Enable configuration of conversion flags for iscsi 3 years ago
add_cpu_fpga_trait_for_irmc_inspection-2b63941b064f7936.yaml Add CUSTOM_CPU_FPGA Traits value to ironic inspection 3 years ago
add_detail_true_api_query-cb6944847830cd1a.yaml Add detail=[True, False] query string to API list endpoints 3 years ago
add_infiniband_support-f497767f77277a1a.yaml Clean up release notes for 6.2.0 5 years ago
add_portgroup_support-7d5c6663bb00684a.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
add_retirement_support-23c5fed7ce8f97d4.yaml Fix up release notes for 14.0.0 2 years ago
add_security_capabilities_to_ilo-1ff11b01e5930cc7.yaml Adds few of the security dashboard parameters to capabilities 1 year ago
add_standalone_ports_supported_field-4c59702a052acf38.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
added-redfish-driver-00ff5e3f7e9d6ee8.yaml [reno] update 4 years ago
adding-audit-middleware-b95f2a00baed9750.yaml Renaming audit map conf sample file 5 years ago
adding-security-param-clean-step-00d5548072a397f2.yaml Followup patch for security dashboard clean steps 6 months ago
adds-external-storage-interface-9b7c0a0a2afd3176.yaml Add an external storage interface 3 years ago
adds-ilo-ipxe-boot-interface-4fc75292122db80d.yaml Release notes cleanup for 13.0.0 2 years ago
adds-nvme-erase-switch-fa91e867e45ede3c.yaml Add support for using NVMe specific cleaning 8 months ago
adds-ramdisk-deploy-interface-39fc61bc77b57beb.yaml Adds ramdisk deploy driver 3 years ago
adds-ramdisk-deploy-interface-support-to-ilo-vmedia-1a7228a834465633.yaml Adds support for 'ramdisk' deploy with 'ilo-virtual-media' boot 3 years ago
adds-secure-erase-switch-23f449c86b3648a4.yaml Adds enable_ata_secure_erase option 3 years ago
adopt-ironic-context-5e75540dc2b2f009.yaml Follow-up patch of 0607226fc4b4bc3c9e1738dc3f78ed99e5d4f13d 6 years ago
adopt-oslo-config-generator-15afd2e7c2f008b4.yaml Fix formatting of a release note 5 years ago
adoption-feature-update-d2160954a2c36b0a.yaml Bug fixes and doc updates for adoption 5 years ago
agent-api-bf9f18d8d38075e4.yaml Clean up release notes for 6.1.0 5 years ago
agent-can-request-reboot-6238e13e2e898f68.yaml Support reboot_requested bool on agent clean_steps 6 years ago
agent-client-poll-ce16fd589e88c95a.yaml agent: poll long-running commands till completion 1 year ago
agent-command-status-retry-f9b6f53a823c6b01.yaml Retry agent get_command_status upon failures 2 years ago
agent-http-provisioning-d116b3ff36669d16.yaml Direct deploy serve HTTP images from conductor 3 years ago
agent-last-command-4ec6967c995ba84a.yaml Fix deployment when executing a command fails after the command starts 5 months ago
agent-power-a000fdf37cb870e4.yaml Add agent power interface 1 year ago
agent-power-off-2115fcfaac030bd0.yaml Prepare release notes and docs for release 15.1 1 year ago
agent-raid-647acfd599e83476.yaml Implement get_deploy_steps for AgentRAID 1 year ago
agent-raid-validate-f7348ac034606b83.yaml Adds raid validation for in-band AgentRAID deploy step 1 year ago
agent-rebooted-fab20d012fe6cbe8.yaml Don't mark an agent as alive if rebooted 8 months ago
agent-takeover-60f27cef21ebfb48.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
agent-token-817a03776bd46d5b.yaml Fix agent token and URL handling during fast-track deployment 1 year ago
agent-token-support-0a5b5aa1585dfbb5.yaml Prepare release notes/docs for 15.0 release 2 years ago
agent-uuid-5d86bc18849acda3.yaml Do not assume that prepare_image is the last command to run 1 year ago
agent-verify-ca-6efa3dfc469bab02.yaml Accept and use a TLS certificate from the agent 1 year ago
agent-verify-ca-ddbfbb0f27198d82.yaml Amend the agent_verify_ca release note to mention the configuration option 1 year ago
agent-wol-driver-4116f64907d0db9c.yaml Catch up release notes for Mitaka 6 years ago
agent_partition_image-48a03700f41a3980.yaml Add support for partition images in agent drivers 6 years ago
allocation-added-owner-policy-c650074e68d03289.yaml Expose allocation owner to additional policy checks 2 years ago
allocation-api-6ac2d262689f5f59.yaml Allocation API: REST API implementation 3 years ago
allocation-backfill-c31e84c5fcf24216.yaml Allocation API: backfilling allocations 2 years ago
allocation-delete-26c7c2f1651759f5.yaml Fix internal server error on deleting nodes with allocations 1 year ago
allocation-owner-policy-162c43b3abb91c76.yaml Add owner to allocations and create relevant policies 2 years ago
allocations-restricted-rbac-create-2847943150656432.yaml Allocation support for project scoped RBAC 7 months ago
allow-allocation-update-94d862c3da454be2.yaml Spruce up release notes for 12.2.0 release 2 years ago
allow-deleting-unbound-ports-fa78069b52f099ac.yaml Release notes cleanup for 13.0.0 2 years ago
allow-pxelinux-config-folder-to-be-defined-da0ddd397d58dcc8.yaml Make pxelinux.cfg folder configurable 3 years ago
allow-set-interface-to-node-in-available-bd6f695620c2d77f.yaml Allow updating interfaces on a node in available state 4 years ago
allow-to-attach-vif-to-active-node-55963be2ec269043.yaml Allow to attach/detach VIFs to active ironic nodes 5 years ago
allow_custom_certificate_validation-8ba00759ed79e429.yaml Allow HttpImageService to accept custom certificate 1 year ago
allow_to_disable_automated_clean-a3ccb1e19940a7a4.yaml Allow disabling automated_clean per node 11 months ago
always-return-chassis-uuid-4eecbc8da2170cb1.yaml Always return chassis UUID in node's API representation 5 years ago
amt-driver-wake-up-0880ed85476968be.yaml Add reno for AMT wakeup patch 6 years ago
anaconda-deploy-interface-c04932f6f469227a.yaml Add agent_status and agent_status_message params to heartbeat 7 months ago
ansible-deploy-15da234580ca0c30.yaml Clean up release notes before a release 4 years ago
ansible-device-name-filtering-0adfca7d8ba4cbcc.yaml Ansible deploy - Ignore invalid devices 1 year ago
ansible-fast-track-cbecb132b6ff2b14.yaml Allow ansible deploys to be fast-tracked 7 months ago
ansible-loops-de0eef0d5b79a9ff.yaml Fix up release notes for 14.0.0 2 years ago
any-wsgi-8d6ccb0590104146.yaml Make ironic-api compatible with WSGI containers other than mod_wsgi 2 years ago
apache-multiple-workers-11d4ba52c89a13e3.yaml Clean up eventlet monkey patch comment and reno 5 years ago
api-none-cdb95e58b69a5c50.yaml Add check on get_endpoint returning None 2 years ago
api-workers-c06ea95a0c55b8cf.yaml Limit the default value of [api]api_workers to 4 12 months ago
assume-gpt-for-uefi-boot-mode-8f9c77721394459a.yaml Fix disk label to account for UEFI 11 months ago
async-deprecate-b3d81d7968ea47e5.yaml Clarify deprecation of "async" parameter 4 years ago
async_bios_clean_step-7348efff3f6d02c1.yaml Honors return value from BIOS interface cleansteps 3 years ago
automated_clean_config-0170c95ae210f953.yaml Replace config 'clean_nodes' with 'automated_clean' 6 years ago
backfill_version_column_db_race_condition-713fa05832b93ca5.yaml Fix race condition in backfill_version_column() 4 years ago
better-handle-skip-upgrade-3b6f06ac24937aa4.yaml Detect skip version upgrades from version earlier than Pike 3 years ago
bfv-pxe-boot-3375d331ee2f04f2.yaml Clean up release notes from the upcoming release 4 years ago
bios-config-manage-ccefd24054cc73ee.yaml Retrieve BIOS configuration when moving node to ``manageable`` 11 months ago
bios-interface-api-ref-ebf866cc7da2270b.yaml Prepare 18.0 and clean up release note 5 months ago
bios-interface-api-ref-validate-ddb95461adb0e478.yaml Prepare 18.0 and clean up release note 5 months ago
bios-registry-support-e7fd62908e9c222d.yaml Follow-up to Include bios registry fields in bios API 5 months ago
bios-version-dfd5c95805c295c5.yaml Add missing BIOSSettings version mapping for older releases 3 months ago
blank-mac-f8e0b37e0bd6d719.yaml Skip port create if MAC is blank 4 months ago
bmc_reset-warm-9396ac444cafd734.yaml FIX: IPMI bmc_reset() always executed as "warm" 6 years ago
boot-from-url-98d21670e726c518.yaml Fix DHCPv6 support 3 years ago
boot-ipxe-inc-workaround-548e10d1d6616752.yaml Fall back to old boot.ipxe behaviour if inc command is not found 6 years ago
boot-validate-6b4b6b40c8e27273.yaml Prepare 18.0 and clean up release note 5 months ago
bp-nova-support-instance-power-update-49c531ef13982e62.yaml Release notes cleanup for 13.0.0 2 years ago
broken-driver-update-fc5303340080ef04.yaml Fix updating nodes with removed or broken drivers 3 years ago
bug-30315-e46eafe5b575f3da.yaml Spruce up release notes for 12.2.0 release 2 years ago
bug-30316-8c53358681e464eb.yaml Spruce up release notes for 12.2.0 release 2 years ago
bug-30317-a972c8d879c98941.yaml Spruce up release notes for 12.2.0 release 2 years ago
bug-35702-25da234580ca0c31.yaml Release notes cleanup for 13.0.0 2 years ago
bug-1506657-3bcb4ef46623124d.yaml Catch up release notes for Mitaka 6 years ago
bug-1518374-decd73fd82c2eb94.yaml Catch up release notes for Mitaka 6 years ago
bug-1548086-ed88646061b88faf.yaml Support for passing CA certificate in Ironic Glance Communication 6 years ago
bug-1570283-6cdc62e4ef43cb02.yaml Fix releasenotes formatting error 5 years ago
bug-1579635-cffd990b51bcb5ab.yaml Fix formatting error in releasenotes 6 years ago
bug-1592335-7c5835868fe364ea.yaml Clean up release notes for 6.1.0 5 years ago
bug-1596421-0cb8f59073f56240.yaml Increase the instance_info column size to LONGTEXT on MySQL/MariaDB 4 years ago
bug-1607527-75885e145db62d69.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
bug-1611555-de1ec64ba46982ec.yaml Adding Timing metrics for DRAC drivers. 5 years ago
bug-1611556-92cbfde5ee7f44d6.yaml Timing metrics: iRMC drivers 5 years ago
bug-1626453-e8df46aa5db6dd5a.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
bug-1648387-92db52cbe007fabd.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
bug-1672457-563d5354b41b060e.yaml Copy and append to static lists 5 years ago
bug-1694645-57289200e35bd883.yaml [reno] update 4 years ago
bug-1696296-a972c8d879b98940.yaml Clean up release notes from the upcoming release 4 years ago
bug-1702158-79bf57bd4d8087b6.yaml Release notes clean up for the next release 4 years ago
bug-1749433-363b747d2db67df6.yaml Build instance PXE options for unrescue 4 years ago
bug-1749860-457292cf62e18a0e.yaml Set 'initrd' to 'rescue_ramdisk' for rescue with iPXE 4 years ago
bug-2001832-62e244dc48c1f79e.yaml Stop verifying updated driver in creating task 4 years ago
bug-2002062-959b865ced05b746.yaml Reraise exception with converting node ID 3 years ago
bug-2002093-9fcb3613d2daeced.yaml Stop passing IP address to IPA by PXE 3 years ago
bug-2003972-dae9b7d0f6180339.yaml Stop console at tearing down without unsetting console_enabled 3 years ago
bug-2004265-cd9056868295f374.yaml Fix SpanLength calculation for DRAC RAID configuration 2 years ago
bug-2004947-e5f27e11b8f9c96d.yaml Allow case-insensitivity when setting conductor_group via API 3 years ago
bug-2005377-5c63357681a465ec.yaml Spruce up release notes for 12.2.0 release 2 years ago
bug-2005764-15f45e11b9f9c96d.yaml Spruce up release notes for 12.2.0 release 2 years ago
bug-2006266-85da234583ca0c32.yaml Release notes cleanup for 13.0.0 2 years ago
bug-2006275-a5ca234683ca4c32.yaml Ansible driver: fix deployment with serial specified as root device hint 2 years ago
bug-2006334-0cd8f59073f56241.yaml Ansible: fix partition_configdrive for logical root_devices 2 years ago
bug-2007551-aliases-for-a-few-named-state-transitions-a32433ad65638706.yaml Prepare 18.0 and clean up release note 5 months ago
bug-2007567-wsman-raid-48483affdd9f9894.yaml Fix RAID configuration with idrac-wsman interface 2 years ago
bug-2007963-idrac-wsman-raid-apply-configuration-792ccf195057016b.yaml Fix idrac-wsman RAID apply_configuration 1 year ago
bug-2008058-fix-factory-reset-status.yaml-52a6119b46e33b37.yaml Fix idrac-wsman BIOS factory_reset result finding 6 months ago
build-configdrive-5b3b9095824faf4e.yaml Allow building configdrive from JSON in the API 3 years ago
build-iso-from-esp-d156036aa8ef85fb.yaml Follow up to ISO image build patch 3 years ago
build-uefi-only-iso-ce6bcb0da578d1d6.yaml Build UEFI-only ISO for UEFI boot 3 years ago
build_instance_info-c7e3f12426b48965.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
bump-min-ansible-ver-a78e7885c0e9d361.yaml Prepare release notes/docs for 15.0 release 2 years ago
bye-bye-iscsi-658920cf126db0b8.yaml Bye-bye iSCSI deploy, you served us well 6 months ago
cache-agentclient-per-task-ec2231684e6876d9.yaml Cache AgentClient on Task, not globally 4 months ago
caseless-conductor-restart-check-f70005fbf65f6bb6.yaml Make reservation checks caseless 2 years ago
catch-third-party-driver-validate-exceptions-94ed2a91c50d2d8e.yaml Catch unknown exceptions in validate driver ifaces 5 years ago
change-db-access-pattern-for-node-lists-a333dd9c5afa737d.yaml Use selectinload for all list queries 3 months ago
change-default-boot-option-to-local-8c326077770ab672.yaml Change [deploy]/default_boot_option to local 2 years ago
change-ipxe-default-file-a9ed5e17fc3d022e.yaml Change UEFI ipxe bootloader default 4 months ago
change-ramdisk-log-filename-142b10d0b02a5ca6.yaml Change ramdisk log filename template 4 years ago
change-updated-at-object-field-a74466f7c4541072.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
change_default_use_ipmitool_retries-2529ce032eae7d1b.yaml Change default to ``False`` for ``use_ipmitool_retries`` 1 year ago
check-dynamic-allocation-enabled-e94f3b8963b114d0.yaml Clean up release notes for 6.2.0 5 years ago
check-for-whole-disk-image-uefi-3bf2146588de2423.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
check_obj_versions-e86d897df673e833.yaml Add check for object versions 3 years ago
check_protocol_for_ironic_api-32f35c93a140d3ae.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
cipher_suite_versions-c64644860d3c220d.yaml Automaticaly set cipher suite 7 months ago
cisco-drivers-deleted-5a42a8c508704c64.yaml Release notes cleanup for 13.0.0 (mk2) 2 years ago
classic-drivers-deprecation-de464065187d4c14.yaml Clean up release notes before a release 4 years ago
clean-nodes-stuck-in-cleaning-on-startup-443823ea4f937965.yaml Clean nodes stuck in CLEANING state when ir-cond restarts 4 years ago
cleaning-bios-d74a4947d2525b80.yaml redfish: handle missing Bios attribute 2 years ago
cleaning-logs-dc115b0926ae3982.yaml Collect ramdisk logs also during cleaning 1 year ago
cleaning-maintenance-7ae83b1e4ff992b0.yaml Release notes cleanup for 13.0.0 (mk2) 2 years ago
cleaning-retry-fix-89a5d0e65920a064.yaml Add cleanwait timeout cleanup process 5 years ago
cleaning-token-9755f96d1284f78a.yaml Remove temporary cleaning information on starting cleaning 6 months ago
cleanup-ipxe-f1349e2ac9ec2825.yaml Pass correct flags during PXE cleanup in iPXEBoot 2 years ago
cleanup-provision-ports-before-retry-ec3c89c193766d70.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
cleanwait_timeout_fail-4323ba7d4d4da3e6.yaml Don't fail when node is in CLEANFAIL state 3 years ago
clear-hung-iscsi-sessions-d3b55c4c65fa4c8b.yaml Cleanup hung iscsi session 5 years ago
clear-node-target-power-state-de1f25be46d3e6d7.yaml Clear target_power_state on conductor startup 5 years ago
clear-target-stable-states-4545602d7aed9898.yaml Make sure target state is cleared on stable states 6 years ago
collect-deployment-logs-2ec1634847c3f6a5.yaml Clean up release notes for 6.1.0 5 years ago
conductor-groups-c22c17e276e63bed.yaml Expose node.conductor_group in the REST API 3 years ago
conductor-now-waits-when-low-on-memory-d73892a79cde0516.yaml Set default to prevent out of memory conditions 9 months ago
conductor-power-sync-timeout-extension-fa5e7b5fdd679d84.yaml Extend power sync timeout for Ericsson SDI 2 years ago
conductor-version-backfill-9d06f2ad81aebec3.yaml Add online data migrations for conductor version 4 years ago
conductor_early_import-fd29fa8b89089977.yaml Separate WSGIService from RPCService 5 years ago
conf-debug-ipa-1d75e2283ca83395.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
conf-deploy-image-5adb6c1963b149ae.yaml Allow configuring global deploy and rescue kernel/ramdisk 2 years ago
config-drive-support-for-whole-disk-images-in-iscsi-deploy-0193c5222a7cd129.yaml Support configdrive in iscsi deploy for whole disk images 5 years ago
configdrive-format-1b11f6068bd742cd.yaml Validate configdrive string format 8 months ago
configdrive-render-8eb398d956393d60.yaml Delay rendering configdrive 5 months ago
configdrive-support-in-anaconda-deploy-f2aad59b4ff809ec.yaml Prepare 18.1 and clean up release notes 3 months ago
configdrive-support-using-ceph-radosgw-8c6f7b8bede2077c.yaml Release notes clean up for the next release 4 years ago
configdrive-vendordata-122049bd7c6e1b67.yaml Fix up release notes for 14.0.0 2 years ago
configdrive_use_object_store-93cfd7dc27d90003.yaml Fix broken configdrive_use_object_store 8 months ago
configure-notifications-72824356e7d8832a.yaml NOTIFICATION_TRANSPORT should be global 5 years ago
consider_embedded_ipa_error_codes-c8fdfaa9e6a1ed06.yaml Fix agent_client handling of embedded errors 2 years ago
console-port-allocation-bb07c43e3890c54c.yaml Automatic port allocation for the serial console 2 years ago
context-domain-id-name-deprecation-ae6e40718273be8d.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
continue-node-deploy-state-63d9dc9cdcf8e37a.yaml Raise human-friendly messages on attempt to use pre-deploy steps drivers 2 years ago
correct-api-version-check-conditional-for-nodename-439bebc02fb5493d.yaml Correct api version check conditional for node.name 6 years ago
correct-detailed-instance-info-behavior-1375914a30621eca.yaml Fix node detail instance_uuid request handling 4 months ago
create-on-conductor-c1c52a1f022c4048.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
create-port-on-conductor-b921738b4b2a5def.yaml Move port object creation to conductor 4 years ago
create_node_indexes-841b679e6cf332fd.yaml Prepare 18.0 and clean up release note 5 months ago
custom-agent-deploy-88989512c29a14c1.yaml Deploy interface that fully relies on custom deploy steps 6 months ago
db-field-overhead-reduction-40be1821e38b468c.yaml API to pass fields to node object list 4 months ago
dbsync-check-version-c71d5f4fd89ed117.yaml [reno] Update ironic-dbsync's check object version 4 years ago
dbsync-online_data_migration-edcf0b1cc3667582.yaml Add new dbsync command with first online data migration 4 years ago
debug-no-api-tracebacks-a8a0caddc9676b06.yaml Don't return tracebacks in API response in debug mode 6 years ago
debug-sensor-data-fix-for-ipmitool-eb13e80ccdd984db.yaml ipmi: Ignore sensor debug data 3 years ago
decomposed-steps-9644d3b5ccbad1ea.yaml Clean up deprecated features of the agent deploy 6 months ago
decouple-boot-params-2b05806435ad21e5.yaml Improve `redfish` set-boot-mode implementation 2 years ago
default-policy-file-change-474a342d6b5a041a.yaml Prepare 16.2 and clean up release note 8 months ago
default-resource-class-e11bacfb01d6841b.yaml Add a configuration option for the default resource class 4 years ago
default-swift_account-b008d08e85bdf154.yaml Auto-detect the defaults for [glance]swift_{account,temp_url_key,endpoint_url} 4 years ago
default_boot_option-f22c01f976bc2de7.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
del-api-url-eb2ea29aa63a2cb5.yaml Remove [conductor]api_url 1 year ago
del-cinder-url-cf43cd0336c22878.yaml Remove deprecated [cinder]url 1 year ago
del-fatal_exception_format_errors-f63b15c8aa460dff.yaml Remove deprecated [DEFAULT]fatal_exception_format_errors 1 year ago
deleting-dcdb9cf0d2a6a1a6.yaml Clean up nodes in DELETING on conductor restart 1 year ago
dell-boss-raid1-ec33e5b9c59d4021.yaml Add a more detailed release note for Dell BOSS RAID1 fix 3 years ago
deny-too-long-chassis-description-0690d6f67ed002d5.yaml Clean up release notes for 6.2.0 5 years ago
deploy-iso-swift-355ad6eba6c511b4.yaml Prepare 18.1 and clean up release notes 3 months ago
deploy-step-configdrive-86ea2bb267211b88.yaml Do not mask configdrive when executing in-band deploy steps 6 months ago
deploy-step-error-d343e8cb7d1b2305.yaml Make deploy step failure logging indicate the error 2 years ago
deploy-step-validate-76b2aa97e02ba669.yaml Make the final deploy step validation actually fail deploy 1 year ago
deploy-steps-required-aa72cdf1c0ec0e84.yaml Remove compatibility with pre-deploy steps drivers 2 years ago
deploy-templates-5df3368df862631c.yaml Deploy templates: conductor and API nits 3 years ago
deploy_steps-243b341cf742f7cc.yaml Minor changes for deploy_steps framework 3 years ago
deployment-cleaning-polling-flag-be13a866a7c302d7.yaml Don't resume deployment or cleaning on heartbeat when polling 2 years ago
deprecate-agent-passthru-67d1e2cf25b30a30.yaml Officially deprecate agent passthru classes and API 5 years ago
deprecate-cisco-drivers-3ae79a24b76ff963.yaml Deprecate Cisco drivers 3 years ago
deprecate-clustered-compute-manager-3dd68557446bcc5c.yaml Clean up release notes for 6.2.0 5 years ago
deprecate-dhcp-update-mac-address-f12a4959432c8e20.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
deprecate-elilo-2beca4800f475426.yaml Deprecate elilo support 4 years ago
deprecate-glance-url-scheme-ceff3008cf9cf590.yaml Rework keystone auth for glance 4 years ago
deprecate-global-region-4dbea91de71ebf59.yaml Clean up release notes before a release 4 years ago
deprecate-hash-distribution-replicas-ef0626ccc592b70e.yaml Deprecates `hash_distribution_replicas` config option 3 years ago
deprecate-ibmc-9106cc3a81171738.yaml Deprecate ibmc 2 years ago
deprecate-inspector-enabled-901fd9c9426046c7.yaml Deprecate [inspector]enabled option 3 years ago
deprecate-irmc-031f55c3bb1fb863.yaml Deprecate irmc hardware type 2 years ago
deprecate-oneview-drivers-5a487e1940bcbbc6.yaml Deprecate Oneview 4 years ago
deprecate-support-for-glance-v1-8b194e6b20cbfebb.yaml Deprecate support for glance v1 5 years ago
deprecate-xclarity-config-af9b753f96779f42.yaml Fix XClarity parameters discrepancy 3 years ago
deprecate-xclarity-d687571fb65ad099.yaml Deprecate xclarity hardware type 3 years ago
deprecated-cinder-opts-e10c153768285cab.yaml Use adapters for cinderclient 4 years ago
deprecated-glance-opts-4825f000d20c2932.yaml Rework keystone auth for glance 4 years ago
deprecated-inspector-opts-0520b08dbcd10681.yaml Use openstacksdk for accessing ironic-inspector 2 years ago
deprecated-inspector-opts-b19a08339712cfd7.yaml correct grammar, duplicate the found 4 years ago
deprecated-neutron-ops-79abab5b013b7939.yaml Remove deprecated Neutron authentication options 2 years ago
deprecated-neutron-opts-2e1d9e65f00301d3.yaml Clean up release notes before a release 4 years ago
destroy-broken-8b13de8382199aca.yaml Allow deleting nodes with a broken driver 1 year ago
dhcp-less-less-2a35df67d840f9d5.yaml Document that DHCP-less deploy does work with debian-minimal 10 months ago
dhcp-provider-clean-dhcp-9352717903d6047e.yaml Catch up release notes for Mitaka 6 years ago
dhcpless-deploy-4b91de74adeff781.yaml Add release note for dhcp-less deploy 1 year ago
dhcpv6-stateful-address-count-0f94ac6a55bd9e51.yaml Drop netaddr - use netutils.is_valid_ipv6() 2 years ago
direct-deploy-steps-36486987156017d7.yaml Decompose the core deploy step of the direct deploy 1 year ago
direct-fast-track-d0f43850b6e80751.yaml Fix fast-track with the direct deploy interface 1 year ago
direct-file-6f80728d76093530.yaml Support file:/// images for the direct deploy 1 year ago
disable-clean-step-reset-ilo-1869a6e08f39901c.yaml Disable clean step 'reset_ilo' for iLO drivers by default 6 years ago
disable-ramdisk-5156a009812fbb17.yaml API to force manual cleaning without booting IPA 7 months ago
disable_periodic_task-590a91c0a5235cfb.yaml Prepare release notes and docs for release 15.1 1 year ago
disable_periodic_tasks-0ea39fa7a8a108c6.yaml Disable periodic tasks if interval set to 0 3 years ago
disk-label-capability-d36d126e0ad36dca.yaml Add new 'disk_label' capability 6 years ago
disk-label-fix-7580de913835ff44.yaml Add disk_label and node_uuid for agent drivers 6 years ago
dont-cleanup-cache-twice-0395a50ad723bca8.yaml Stop allocating double space for raw images 1 year ago
dont-validate-local_link_connection-when-port-has-client-id-8e584586dc4fca50.yaml Don't validate local_link_connection when port has client-id 4 years ago
drac-fix-double-manage-provide-cycle-6ac8a427068f87fe.yaml Fix DRAC classic driver double manage/provide 4 years ago
drac-fix-get_bios_config-vendor-passthru-causes-exception-1e1dbeeb3e924f29.yaml DRAC get_bios_config() passthru causes exception 5 years ago
drac-fix-oob-cleaning-b4b717895e243c9b.yaml Release notes clean up for the next release 4 years ago
drac-fix-power-on-reboot-race-condition-fe712aa9c79ee252.yaml Release notes cleanup for 13.0.0 2 years ago
drac-fix-prepare-cleaning-d74ba45135d84531.yaml Fix DRAC failure during automated cleaning 5 years ago
drac-fix-raid10-greater-than-16-drives-a4cb107e34371a51.yaml iDRAC RAID10 creation with greater than 16 drives 3 years ago
drac-inspection-interface-b0abbad98fec1c2e.yaml DRAC OOB inspection 5 years ago
drac-list-unfinished-jobs-10400419b6bc3c6e.yaml DRAC: list unfinished jobs 5 years ago
drac-migrate-to-dracclient-2bd8a6d1dd3fdc69.yaml Follow-up on dracclient refactor 6 years ago
drac-missing-lookup-3ad98e918e1a852a.yaml Fix missing lookup() vendor method error for pxe_drac 6 years ago
drac-raid-interface-f4c02b1c4fb37e2d.yaml Clean up release notes for 6.2.0 5 years ago
drac_host-deprecated-b181149246eecb47.yaml Drac: Deprecate drac_host property 5 years ago
driver-maintenance-0945c2939fa4e917.yaml Do not validate driver on changing non-driver fields 1 year ago
drop-ironic-lib-rootwrap-filters-f9224173289c1e30.yaml Drop rootwrap.d/ironic-lib.filters file 2 years ago
drop-py-2-7-5140cb76e321cdd1.yaml Drop python 2.7 support and testing 2 years ago
dual-stack-ironic-493ebc7b71263aaa.yaml "dual stack" support for PXE/iPXE 2 years ago
duplicated-driver-entry-775370ad84736206.yaml Fix: Duplicated driver causes conductor to fail 6 years ago
dynamic-allocation-spt-has-physical-mac-8967a1d926ed9301.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
dynamic-driver-list-show-apis-235e9fca26fc580d.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
emit-metrics-for-api-calls-69f18fd1b9d54b05.yaml Clean up release notes for 6.1.0 5 years ago
empty-physical-network-2248a4adef210289.yaml Prepare release 16.1 10 months ago
enable-osprofiler-support-e3839b0fa90d3831.yaml [reno] update 4 years ago
enhanced-checksum-f5a2b7aa8632b88f.yaml Enhanced checksum support 3 years ago
ensure-unbind-flat-vifs-and-clear-macs-34eec149618e5964.yaml Ensure we unbind flat network ports and clear BM mac addresses 3 years ago
erase-devices-metadata-config-f39b6ca415a87757.yaml Clean up release notes for 6.2.0 5 years ago
error-resilient-enabled_drivers-4e9c864ed6eaddd1.yaml Make "enabled_drivers" config option more resilient to failures 5 years ago
explicit_ipxe_config_options-d7bf9a743a13f523.yaml Provide a path to set explicit ipxe bootloaders 1 year ago
expose-conductor-d13c9c4ef9d9de86.yaml Expose conductors: api 3 years ago
extends-install-bootloader-timeout-8fce9590bf405cdf.yaml Extend install_bootloader command timeout 2 years ago
external-ip-5ec9b7b55a90cec4.yaml Allow overriding an external URL for virtual media 7 months ago
fail-when-vif-port-id-is-missing-7640669f9d9e705d.yaml Update configure_tenant_networks 5 years ago
fake-noop-bebc43983eb801d1.yaml Add missing noop implementations to fake-hardware 4 years ago
fake_soft_power-32683a848a989fc2.yaml Migrate the remaining classic drivers to hardware types 4 years ago
fast-track-deployment-f09a8b921b3aae36.yaml fast tracked deployment support 3 years ago
fast-track-opt-d50eab2cc58fddcb.yaml Remove a pause before cleaning when fast-tracking 6 months ago
fast-track-steps-81bd79a2a91e1b30.yaml Release note updates for Victoria release 1 year ago
fast-track-validate-723f27986a012ffe.yaml Process in-band deploy steps on fast-track 6 months ago
fast-track-with-cleaning-438225116a11662d.yaml Fix fast track when exiting cleaning 1 year ago
fifteen-0da3cca48dceab8b.yaml Ironic 15.0 prelude 2 years ago
fips-hashlib-bca9beacc2b48fe7.yaml Use FIPS-compatible SHA256 for comparing files 2 years ago
fix-agent-clean-up-9a25deb85bc53d9b.yaml Call clean_up_instance() during node teardown for Agent deploy 5 years ago
fix-agent-ilo-temp-image-cleanup-711429d0e67807ae.yaml Catch up release notes for Mitaka 6 years ago
fix-api-access-logs-68b9ca4f411f339c.yaml API service logs access requests again 6 years ago
fix-api-node-name-updates-f3813295472795be.yaml Add a newline at the end of release note files 5 years ago
fix-baremetal-admin-user-not-neutron-admin-f163df90ab520dad.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
fix-boot-from-volume-for-iscsi-deploy-60bc0790ada62b26.yaml [reno] Clarify fix for missing boot.prepare_instance 4 years ago
fix-boot-from-volume-for-iscsi-deploy-71c1f2905498c50d.yaml [reno] Clarify fix for BFV & image_source 4 years ago
fix-boot-url-for-v6-802abde9de8ba455.yaml Fix ipv6 URL formatting for pxe/iPXE 3 years ago
fix-bug-1675529-479357c217819420.yaml [reno] update 4 years ago
fix-busy-agent-check-3cf75242b4783009.yaml Handle agent still doing the prior command 12 months ago
fix-capabilities-as-string-agent-7c5c7975560ce280.yaml Fix capabilities passed as string in agent prepare 3 years ago
fix-clean-steps-not-running-0d065cb022bc0419.yaml Fix bug where clean steps do not run 6 years ago
fix-cleaning-spawn-error-60b60281f3be51c2.yaml Fix spawn error hook in "continue_node_clean" RPC method 6 years ago
fix-cleaning-with-traits-3a54faa70d594fd0.yaml Support nested objects and object lists in as_dict 4 years ago
fix-commit-to-controller-d26f083ac388a65e.yaml Fix up release notes for 14.0.0 2 years ago
fix-conductor-list-raise-131ac76719b74032.yaml Fix listing nodes with conductor could raise 3 years ago
fix-cpu-count-8904a4e1a24456f4.yaml Fix CPU count returned by introspection in Ironic iDRAC driver 3 years ago
fix-create-configuration-0e000392d9d7f23b.yaml DRAC: Fix RAID create_config clean step 2 years ago
fix-cve-2016-4985-b62abae577025365.yaml Mask password on agent lookup according to policy 5 years ago
fix-delete_configuration-with-multiple-controllers-06fc3fca94ba870f.yaml Fix up release notes for 14.0.0 2 years ago
fix-dir-permissions-bc56e83a651bbdb0.yaml [reno] update 4 years ago
fix-disk-identifier-overwrite-42b33a5a0f7742d8.yaml Release notes clean up for the next release 4 years ago
fix-do-not-tear-down-nodes-upon-cleaning-failure-a9cda6ae71ed2540.yaml Do not tear down node upon cleaning failure 2 years ago
fix-drac-job-state-8c5422bbeaf15226.yaml Fix idrac Job.state renamed to Job.status 3 years ago
fix-drives-conversion-before-raid-creation-ea1f7eb425f79f2f.yaml DRAC: Fix a failure to create virtual disk bug 2 years ago
fix-esp-grub-path-9e5532993dccc07a.yaml Fix GRUB config path when building EFI ISO 2 years ago
fix-fast-track-entry-path-467c20f97aeb2f4b.yaml Fix entry paths for cleaning and deployment 2 years ago
fix-fields-missing-from-next-url-fd9fddf8e70b65ea.yaml Fix up release notes for 14.0.0 2 years ago
fix-get-boot-device-not-persistent-de6159d8d2b60656.yaml Fix persistent information when getting boot device 4 years ago
fix-get-deploy-info-port.yaml Use correct iscsi portal port in continue_deploy 5 years ago
fix-gmr-37332a12065c09dc.yaml Fixes unusable Guru meditation report 2 years ago
fix-grub2-config-file-name-88e689a982a21684.yaml update grub2 file name 7 months ago
fix-ilo-drivers-log-message-c3c64c1ca0a0bca8.yaml Release notes clean up for the next release 4 years ago
fix-ilo-firmware-update-swift-path-with-pseudo-folder-0660345510ec0bb4.yaml File download fails with swift pseudo folder 6 years ago
fix-inspection-for-idrac-34b3ea09452af8be.yaml Prepare release 16.1 10 months ago
fix-instance-master-path-config-fa524c907a7888e5.yaml Allow disabling instance image cache 3 years ago
fix-ipa-ephemeral-partition-1f1e020727a49078.yaml Properly set ephemeral size in agent drivers 5 years ago
fix-ipmi-numeric-password-75e080aa8bdfb9a2.yaml Catch up release notes for Mitaka 6 years ago
fix-ipmitool-console-empty-password-a8edc5e2a1a7daf6.yaml Catch up release notes for Mitaka 6 years ago
fix-ipv6-option6-tag-549093681dcf940c.yaml Fix IPv6 Option Passing 3 years ago
fix-ipxe-interface-without-opt-enabled-4fa2f83975295e20.yaml Fix ipxe interface to perform ipxe boot without ipxe_enabled enabled 2 years ago
fix-ipxe-macro-4ae8bc4fe82e8f19.yaml Catch up release notes for Mitaka 6 years ago
fix-ipxe-template-for-whole-disk-image-943da0311ca7aeb5.yaml Fix iPXE template for whole disk image 6 years ago
fix-irmc-inspection-c9ae3864a96b2588.yaml Fix handling OctetString for pysnmp 1 year ago
fix-json-rpc-client-ssl-2438a731beb3d5f9.yaml Use TLS for json_rpc when configured 1 year ago
fix-keystone-parameters-cdb93576d7e7885b.yaml [reno] update 4 years ago
fix-mac-address-48060f9e2847a38c.yaml Normalize MAC OctetString to fix InvalidMAC exception 6 years ago
fix-mac-address-update-with-contrail-b1e1b725cc0829c2.yaml [reno] update for MAC address update fix 4 years ago
fix-mitaka-ipa-iscsi.yaml Gracefully degrade start_iscsi_target for Mitaka ramdisk 5 years ago
fix-multi-attached-volumes-092ffedbdcf0feac.yaml Release note clean-ups for ironic release 3 years ago
fix-net-ifaces-rebuild-1cc03df5d37f38dd.yaml Unbind tenant ports before rebuild 5 years ago
fix-network-data-e10f2bf9dc38ba1a.yaml Fix DHCP-less operations with the noop network interface 11 months ago
fix-network-data2-f2600afdcc182dc4.yaml Fix incorrect network_data.json location 11 months ago
fix-noop-net-vif-list-a3d8ecee29097662.yaml Fix VIF list for noop network interface 4 years ago
fix-not-exist-deploy-image-for-irmc-cb82c6e0b52b8a9a.yaml Follow-up to fix not exist deploy image of patch 592247 3 years ago
fix-oneview-deallocate-server-8256e279af837e5d.yaml Validation before perform node deallocation 5 years ago
fix-oneview-deploy-return-values-ab2ec6ae568d95a5.yaml Fix return values in OneView deploy interface 5 years ago
fix-oneview-periodics-0f535fe7a0ad83cd.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
fix-pagination-marker-with-custom-field-query-65ca29001a03e036.yaml Ensure pagination marker is always set 3 years ago
fix-path-a3a0cfd2c135ace9.yaml Fix up release notes for 14.0.0 2 years ago
fix-policy-checkers-1a08203e3c2cf859.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
fix-prepare-instance-for-agent-interface-56753bdf04dd581f.yaml Fix ``agent`` deploy interface to call ``boot.prepare_instance`` 4 years ago
fix-provisioning-port-cleanup-79ee7930ca206c42.yaml Remove provisioning network ports during tear down 4 years ago
fix-reboot-log-collection-c3e22fc166135e61.yaml Don't collect logs from powered off nodes 4 years ago
fix-redfish-bios-apply-configuration-error-handling-464695b09e4f81ac.yaml Fix redfish BIOS apply config error handling 12 months ago
fix-redfish-raid-interface-type-4b3566b637cc2301.yaml Fix Redfish RAID interface_type physical disk hint 4 months ago
fix-redfish-sadness-workaround-ed02cb310ff369f4.yaml Fix Redfish handle no continuous override boot src 1 year ago
fix-rpc-exceptions-12c70eb6ba177e39.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
fix-security-group-list-add-query-filters-f72cfcefa1e093d2.yaml Filter security group list on the ID's we expect 2 years ago
fix-sendfile-size-cap-d9966a96e2d7db51.yaml Workaround for sendfile size limit 3 years ago
fix-sensors-storage-ed5d5bbda9b46645.yaml Fix drive sensors collection in `redfish` mgmt interface 2 years ago
fix-shellinabox-console-subprocess-timeout-d3eccfe0440013d7.yaml Do not wait for console being started on timeout 2 years ago
fix-shellinabox-pipe-not-ready-f860c4b7a1ef71a8.yaml Read in non-blocking fashion when starting console 2 years ago
fix-socat-command-afc840284446870a.yaml Moved fix-socat-command release note 5 years ago
fix-swift-binary-upload-bf9471fca29290e1.yaml Fix binary file upload to Swift 2 years ago
fix-swift-ssl-options-d93d653dcd404960.yaml Fix swiftclient creation 4 years ago
fix-sync-power-state-last-error-65fa42bad8e38c3b.yaml Catch up release notes for Mitaka 6 years ago
fix-tftp-master-path-config-77face94f5db9af7.yaml Fix typo in release note 3 years ago
fix-updating-node-driver-to-classic-16b0d5ba47e74d10.yaml Fix updating node.driver to classic 5 years ago
fix-url-collisions-43abfc8364ca34e7.yaml Clean up release notes for 6.2.0 5 years ago
fix-vif-detach-fca221f1a1c0e9fa.yaml Walk over all objects when doing VIF detach 5 years ago
fix-virtualbox-localboot-not-working-558a3dec72b5116b.yaml Fix VirtualBox cannot set boot device when powered on 6 years ago
fix-vmedia-boot-method-label-8008f49ace96f1cc.yaml Always add 'boot_method' vmedia in redfish/ilo vmedia boot 7 months ago
fix-wsman-bios-async-step-error-handling-80cd30c54c71c595.yaml Fix idrac-wsman BIOS step async error handling 7 months ago
fix-wsman-raid-async-step-error-handling-f44e2001ac018d12.yaml Fix idrac-wsman RAID step async error handling 12 months ago
fix-xclarity-management-defect-ec5af0cc6d1045d9.yaml Fix XClarity driver management defect 3 years ago
fix_deploy_validation_resp_code-ed93627d1b0dfa94.yaml Make validation failure on node deploy a 4XX code 3 years ago
fix_pending_non_bios_job_execution-4b22e168ac915f4f.yaml Fix up release notes for 14.0.0 2 years ago
fix_raid0_creation_for_multiple_disks-f47957754fca0312.yaml DRAC : Fix issue for RAID-0 creation for multiple disks for PERC H740P 2 years ago
fixes-deployment-failure-with-fasttrack-f1fe05598fbdbe4a.yaml Fix fast_track + agent_url update fix 2 years ago
fixes-execution-of-out-of-band-deploy-steps-1f5967e7bfcabbf9.yaml Asynchronous out of band deploy steps fails to execute 2 years ago
fixes-get-boot-option-for-software-raid-baa2cffd95e1f624.yaml [Trivial]Fix some typos in docs 1 year ago
fixes-ilo5-redfish-firmware-update-issue-c6dfcd71a2f659a5.yaml Prepare 16.2 and clean up release note 8 months ago
fixes-noop-network-with-grub-8fd99a73b593ddba.yaml Enable no IP address to be returned 2 years ago
flag_always_reboot-62468a7058b58823.yaml Add a flag to always perform persistent boot on PXE interface 4 years ago
force-out-hung-ipmitool-process-519c7567bcbaa882.yaml Kill misbehaving `ipmitool` process 3 years ago
force-persistent-common-6ef2537f7ccd0dcb.yaml Apply force_persistent_boot_device to all boot interfaces 9 months ago
futurist-e9c55699f479f97a.yaml Switch to Futurist library for asynchronous execution and periodic tasks 6 years ago
get-bios-registry-aadc74800e0770f7.yaml Retrieve BIOS registry from sushy 5 months ago
get-commands-status-timeout-ecbac91ea149e755.yaml Add timeout when querying agent's command statuses 2 years ago
get-supported-boot-devices-manadatory-task-0462fc072d6ea517.yaml Catch up release notes for Mitaka 6 years ago
glance-deprecations-21e7014b72a1bcef.yaml Remove the deprecated glance authentication options 2 years ago
glance-keystone-dd30b884f07f83fb.yaml Fetch Glance endpoint from Keystone if it's not provided in the configuration 4 years ago
glance-v2-83b04fec247cd22f.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
gpu_dynamic_capabilities-b56b90549882b6c2.yaml Add runtime gpu capabilities to ilo inspection 7 months ago
grub-default-change-to-mac-1e301a96c49acec4.yaml Change PXE logic to always link macs with UEFI 3 years ago
handle-older-agent-command-5930124fd03bb327.yaml Handle an older agent with agent_token 1 year ago
handle-uefi-disk-pxe-persistance-0d871825591918b5.yaml IPMI: Handle vendor set boot device differences 10 months ago
hash-ring-6ce212ab86c2592d.yaml Fix a race condition in the hash ring code 1 year ago
hash-ring-algo-4337c18117b33070.yaml Add an option to choose the hash ring algorithm 1 year ago
hash-ring-race-da0d584de1f46788.yaml Fixes a race condition in the hash ring code 3 years ago
hctl-root-device-hints-0cab86673bc4a924.yaml Document HCTL for root device hints 5 years ago
heartbeat-locked-6e53b68337d5a258.yaml Release note clean-ups for ironic release 3 years ago
heartbeat_agent_version-70f4e64b19b51d87.yaml Clean up release notes before a release 4 years ago
hexraw-support-removed-8e8fa07595a629f4.yaml Remove support for 'hexraw' iPXE type 5 years ago
html-errors-27579342e7e8183b.yaml Prevent HTML from appearing in API error messages 3 years ago
http-basic-auth-f8c0536eba989918.yaml Prepare release notes and docs for release 15.1 1 year ago
http-local-4e8f32c6d5309f12.yaml Support caching http:// images locally in the direct deploy 1 year ago
hw-ifaces-periodics-af8c9b93ecca9fcd.yaml Collect periodic tasks from all enabled hardware interfaces 4 years ago
ibmc-38-169438974508f62e.yaml Fix incorrect ibmc_address parsing on Python 3.8 2 years ago
ibmc-driver-45fcf9f50ebf0193.yaml Add Huawei iBMC driver support 3 years ago
ibmcclient-fix-8c6cb49be0aef5f2.yaml Change ibmcclient compatible version 1 year ago
idrac-add-ehba-support-10b90c92b8865364.yaml DRAC: Fix a failure to create virtual disk 1 year ago
idrac-add-gpu-reporting-support-f4d80e2071f85f6a.yaml Add GPU reporting to idrac-wsman inspect interface 1 year ago
idrac-add-initial-redfish-support-27f27f18f3c1cd91.yaml Add first idrac HW type Redfish interface support 2 years ago
idrac-add-more-gpu-support-c3e24d8471ed6759.yaml More GPU support in idrac-wsman inspect interface 9 months ago
idrac-add-redfish-bios-support-3633d2fc94d31f62.yaml Add Redfish BIOS interface to idrac HW type 1 year ago
idrac-add-redfish-boot-support-036396b48d3f71f4.yaml Add Redfish vmedia boot interface to idrac HW type 2 years ago
idrac-add-redfish-inspect-support-ce74bd3d4a97b588.yaml Add Redfish inspect interface to idrac HW type 2 years ago
idrac-add-redfish-raid-support-414aad5e633a160f.yaml Update idrac-redfish RAID release note 7 months ago
idrac-advance-python-dracclient-version-01c6ef671670ffb3.yaml Advance python-dracclient version requirement 3 years ago
idrac-drives-conversion-jbod-to-raid-1a229627708e10b9.yaml Changed to bug fix to follow-on idrac job patch. 2 years ago
idrac-drives-conversion-raid-to-jbod-de10755d1ec094ea.yaml DRAC: Drives conversion from raid to jbod 2 years ago
idrac-fix-deprecated-idrac-interface-__init__-362696b389c86d5d.yaml Fix deprecated 'idrac' interface '__init__'s 1 year ago
idrac-fix-reboot-failure-c740e765ff41bcf0.yaml Fix issue where server fails to reboot 2 years ago
idrac-hardware-type-54383960af3459d0.yaml Add 'hardware type' for Dell EMC iDRACs 4 years ago
idrac-no-vendor-911904dd69457826.yaml Add no-vendor interface to the idrac hardware types 4 years ago
idrac-remove-commit_required-d9ea849e8f5e78e2.yaml Spruce up release notes for 12.2.0 release 2 years ago
idrac-uefi-boot-mode-86f4694b4247a1ca.yaml Fix iDRAC hardware type does not work with UEFI 3 years ago
idrac-wsman-bios-interface-b39a51828f61eff6.yaml Implement the bios-interface for idrac-wsman driver 2 years ago
ilo-async-bios-clean-steps-15e49545ba818997.yaml Make iLO BIOS interface clean steps asynchronous 3 years ago
ilo-automated-cleaning-fails-14ee438de3dd8690.yaml Fixes automated cleaning failure in iLO drivers 6 years ago
ilo-bios-settings-bc91524c459a4fd9.yaml iLO BIOS interface implementation 3 years ago
ilo-boot-from-iscsi-volume-41e8d510979c5037.yaml Clean up release notes before a release 4 years ago
ilo-boot-interface-92831b78c5614733.yaml Catch up release notes for Mitaka 6 years ago
ilo-boot-iso-696b57f44f29852d.yaml Rename ilo_boot_iso -> boot_iso 4 months ago
ilo-certificate-verification-enhancement-8eefd541cfc2a9da.yaml Enhance certificate verification for ilo harware type 1 year ago
ilo-deploy-iso-0c88edb5daff8a4e.yaml Bring boot_iso/deploy_iso handling in iLO closer to Redfish 3 months ago
ilo-do-not-power-off-non-deploying-nodes-0a3aed7c8ea3940a.yaml Follow-up to I244c3f31d0ad26194887cfb9b79f96b5111296c6 6 years ago
ilo-erase-device-priority-config-509661955a11c28e.yaml Clean up release notes for 6.1.0 5 years ago
ilo-firmware-update-manual-clean-step-e6763dc6dc0d441b.yaml Replace DOS line endings with Unix 5 years ago
ilo-fix-inspection-b169ad0a22aea2ff.yaml Fix iLO drivers to not clear local_gb if its not detected 5 years ago
ilo-fix-uefi-iscsi-boot-702ced18e28c5c61.yaml Release notes cleanup for 13.0.0 (mk2) 2 years ago
ilo-hardware-type-48fd1c8bccd70659.yaml Release notes clean up for the next release 4 years ago
ilo-inconsistent-default-boot-mode-ef5a7c56372f89f1.yaml Fix iLO drivers inconsistent boot mode default value 5 years ago
ilo-inject-nmi-f487db8c3bfd08ea.yaml Adds support for 'Inject NMI' to 'ilo' management interface 3 years ago
ilo-license-activate-manual-clean-step-84d335998d708b49.yaml Add clean step in iLO drivers to activate iLO license 6 years ago
ilo-managed-inspection-8b549c003224e011.yaml Implement managed in-band inspection boot for ilo-virtual-media 2 years ago
ilo-prefix-d5a65ac637f82f65.yaml Clean up vendor prefixes for iLO boot 4 months ago
ilo-remove-deprecated-power-retry-ba29a21f03fe8dbb.yaml Remove deprecated option [ilo]power_retry 2 years ago
ilo-soft-power-operations-eaef33a3ff56b047.yaml Adds support for soft power operations to 'ilo' power interface 3 years ago
ilo-support-boot-mode-management-apis-8173002daf79894c.yaml Adds boot mode support to iLO management interface 1 year ago
ilo-update-proliantutils-version-fd41a7c2a27be735.yaml Update proliantutils version for Pike release 4 years ago
ilo-vendor-e8d299ae13388184.yaml Add missing ilo vendor to the ilo hardware types 4 years ago
ilo5-oob-one-button-secure-erase-f55628f8aa767c20.yaml Release note updates for Victoria release 1 year ago
ilo5-oob-raid-a0eac60f7d77a4fc.yaml OOB RAID implementation for ilo5 based HPE Proliant servers. 3 years ago
ilo5-oob-sanitize-disk-erase-cc76ea66eb5fe6df.yaml Out-of-band `erase_devices` clean step for Proliant Servers 2 years ago
image-checksum-recalculation-sha256-fd3d5b4b0b757e86.yaml Prepare release notes/docs for 15.0 release 2 years ago
image-download-http-976c82f440c61c96.yaml Change [agent]image_download_source=http 1 year ago
image-no-data-c281f638d3dedfb2.yaml Handle case when a glance image contains no data 4 years ago
image_checksum_optional-381acf9e441d2a58.yaml Prepare release notes/docs for 15.0 release 2 years ago
image_download_source-842282c70b226e93.yaml Allow setting image_download_source per node 1 year ago
image_rootfs_uuid-1ea54ba043d1aeaf.yaml Allow passing rootfs_uuid for the standalone case 1 year ago
implement-policy-in-code-cbb0216ef5f8224f.yaml Clean up release notes for 6.1.0 5 years ago
improve-conductor-shutdown-42687d8b9dac4054.yaml Improve graceful shutdown of conductor process 4 years ago
improve-redfish-set-boot-device-e38e9e9442ab5750.yaml Prepare release notes/docs for 15.0 release 2 years ago
improves-node-retrieval-performance-cf5a02eb629bf32c.yaml Allow node_sanitize function to be provided overrides 3 months ago
in-band-steps-e4a1fe759029fea5.yaml agent_base: support inserting in-band deploy steps 1 year ago
inject-nmi-dacd692b1f259a30.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
inspection-agent-drivers-cad619ec8a4874b1.yaml Catch up release notes for Mitaka 6 years ago
inspection-boot-network-59fd23ca62b09e81.yaml Foundation for boot/network management for in-band inspection 2 years ago
inspection-fast-track-ab5165e11d3e9522.yaml Fix fast track following managed inspection 1 year ago
inspection-logging-e1172f549ef80b04.yaml Do not hide unexpected exceptions in inspection code 5 years ago
inspection-token-b3d9e8e34341d680.yaml Wipe agent tokens on inspection start and abort 6 months ago
inspector-enabled-f8a643f03e1e0360.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
inspector-for-cisco-bffe1d1af7aec677.yaml Enable Ironic Inspector for Cisco Drivers 6 years ago
inspector-kernel-params-6db82c633d7361e2.yaml Handle non-key-value params in [inspector]extra_kernel_params 4 months ago
inspector-periodics-34449c9d77830b3c.yaml Do not disable inspector periodic tasks if [inspector]enabled is False 3 years ago
inspector-pxe-boot-9ab9fede5671097e.yaml Wire in in-band inspection for PXE boot and neutron-based networking 2 years ago
inspector-session-179f83cbb0dc169b.yaml Clean up release notes for 6.2.0 5 years ago
instance-info-boot-mode-25732c767593f849.yaml Make boot_mode more consistent with other capabilities 9 months ago
instance-info-interface-override-287c7fcff1081469.yaml Revise release notes for 17.0 release 7 months ago
instance-info-root-device-0a5190240fcc8fd8.yaml Allow reading root_device from instance_info 2 years ago
intel-ipmi-hardware-30aaa65cdbcb779a.yaml Release notes cleanup for 13.0.0 2 years ago
invalid_cross_device_link-7ecf3543a8ada09f.yaml Improve logs when hard linking images fails 3 years ago
ipa-command-retries-and-timeout-29b0be3f2c21328c.yaml Follow-up Retries and timeout for IPA command 3 years ago
ipa-erase_devices-skip-read-only-9f8cd9278c35a84e.yaml Add knob for read-only and "erase_devices" 1 year ago
ipa-streams-raw-images-1010327b0dad763c.yaml Catch up release notes for Mitaka 6 years ago
ipmi-cipher-suite-499097740f7c86ee.yaml Allow configuring IPMI cipher suite 1 year ago
ipmi-cmd-for-ipmi-consoles-2e1104f22df3efcd.yaml Fix typo in release note filename 5 years ago
ipmi-console-port-ec6348df4eee6746.yaml honor ipmi_port in serial console drivers 3 years ago
ipmi-debug-1c7e090c6cc71903.yaml Move ipmi logging to a separate option 2 years ago
ipmi-disable-timeout-option-e730362007f9bedd.yaml Introduce configuration option [ipmi]ipmi_disable_timeout 3 years ago
ipmi-noop-mgmt-8fad89dc2b4665b8.yaml Add "noop" management and use it in the "ipmi" hardware type 3 years ago
ipmi-retries-min-command-interval-070cd7eff5eb74dd.yaml Use min_command_interval when ironic does IPMI retries 1 year ago
ipmi_command_retry_timeout-889a49b402e82b97.yaml Prepare release 16.1 10 months ago
ipmi_hex_kg_key-8f6caabe5b7d7a9b.yaml Kg key for IPMIv2 authentication 3 years ago
ipminative-bootdev-uefi-954a0dd825bcef97.yaml Update renos for fix to ipmi's set-boot-device 5 years ago
ipmitool-bootdev-persistent-uefi-b1181a3c82343c8f.yaml Update renos for fix to ipmi's set-boot-device 5 years ago
ipmitool-use_ipmitool_retries-b55b2b8ed5cab603.yaml New configuration parameter to use ipmitool retries 1 year ago
ipmitool-vendor-3f0f52240ebbe489.yaml Add ipmitool vendor interface to the ipmi hardware type 4 years ago
ipv6-provision-67bd9c1dbcc48c97.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
ipxe-and-uefi-7722bd5db71df02c.yaml Add UEFI support for iPXE 6 years ago
ipxe-boot-interface-addition-faacb344a72389f2.yaml ipxe boot interface 3 years ago
ipxe-command-line-ip-argument-4e92cf8bb912f62d.yaml Release note clean-ups for ironic release 3 years ago
ipxe-dhcp-b799bc326cd2529a.yaml Remove "dhcp" command from the iPXE template 5 years ago
ipxe-uefi-f5be11c7b0606a84.yaml Fix issues with uefi-ipxe booting 6 years ago
ipxe-use-swift-5ccf490daab809cc.yaml Clean up release notes for 6.2.0 5 years ago
ipxe-with-dhcpv6-2bc7bd7f53a70f51.yaml Fix IPv6 iPXE support 3 years ago
ipxe_retry_on_failure-e71fc6b3e9a5be3b.yaml ipxe: retry on failure 6 years ago
ipxe_timeout_parameter-03fc3c76c520fac2.yaml ipxe: add --timeout parameter to kernel and initrd 6 years ago
irmc-add-clean-step-reset-bios-config-a8bed625670b7fdf.yaml [reno] update 4 years ago
irmc-additional-capabilities-4fd72ba50d05676c.yaml Clean up release notes before a release 4 years ago
irmc-append-params-380a281db43e6013.yaml Clean up kernel_append_params for iRMC 5 months ago
irmc-boot-from-volume-4bc5d20a0a780669.yaml [releasenotes] update irmc's boot-from-volume support 4 years ago
irmc-boot-interface-8c2e26affd1ebfc4.yaml Catch up release notes for Mitaka 6 years ago
irmc-boot-iso-0e93f97acfa59778.yaml Clean up vendor prefixes for iRMC boot 4 months ago
irmc-dealing-with-ipxe-boot-interface-incompatibility-7d0b2bdb8f9deb46.yaml Release notes cleanup for 13.0.0 2 years ago
irmc-manual-clean-bios-configuration-1ad24831501456d5.yaml Follow-up changes to iRMC bios interface. 3 years ago
irmc-manual-clean-create-raid-configuration-bccef8496520bf8c.yaml Support RAID configuration for BM via iRMC driver 3 years ago
irmc-oob-inspection-6d072c60f6c88ecb.yaml Follow up nits of irmc oob inspection 6 years ago
irmc-support-ipmitool-power-a3480a70753948e5.yaml Release note clean-ups for ironic release 3 years ago
ironic-11-prelude-6dae469633823f8d.yaml spelling error 3 years ago
ironic-11.1-prelude-b5ba8134953db4c2.yaml Prepare for Rocky release 3 years ago
ironic-12.0-prelude-9dd8e80a1a3e8f60.yaml Add a prelude for ironic 12.0 3 years ago
ironic-cfg-defaults-4708eed8adeee609.yaml Add default configuration files to data_files 4 years ago
ironic-python-agent-multidevice-fix-3daa0760696b46b7.yaml Add a note regarding IPA multidevice fix 3 years ago
ironic-status-upgrade-check-framework-9cd216ddf3afb271.yaml Add ironic-status upgrade check command framework 3 years ago
iscsi-ansible-steps-817b52269d2455b0.yaml Decompose the core deploy step on iscsi and ansible deploy 1 year ago
iscsi-deprecation-eb184141f88e7182.yaml Deprecate the iscsi deploy interface 1 year ago
iscsi-inband-cleaning-bff87aac16e5d488.yaml Catch up release notes for Mitaka 6 years ago
iscsi-optional-cpu-arch-ebf6a90dde34172c.yaml Avoid cpu_arch None values in iscsi deployments 3 years ago
iscsi-verify-attempts-28b1d00b13ba365a.yaml Add a release note for iscsi_verify_attempts deprecation 2 years ago
iscsi-whole-disk-cd464d589d029b01.yaml Do not validate root partition size for whole disk images in iscsi deploy 4 years ago
issue-conntrack-bionic-7483671771cf2e82.yaml Add release note on conntrack issue on bionic 3 years ago
json-rpc-0edc429696aca6f9.yaml Support using JSON-RPC instead of oslo.messaging 3 years ago
json-rpc-bind-a0348cc6f5efe812.yaml Make the JSON RPC server work with both IPv4 and IPv6 3 years ago
json-rpc-ipv6-host-30eca350f34bc091.yaml Prepare release 16.1 10 months ago
json-rpc-timeout-ac30eea164b3a294.yaml Prepare release notes and docs for release 15.1 1 year ago
json_rpc_http_basic-42dfc6ca2471a30e.yaml Deprecate http_basic_username and http_basic_password in [json_rpc] 1 year ago
jsonrpc-logging-21670015bb845182.yaml Mask secrets when logging in json_rpc 2 years ago
jsonschema_draft04-1cb5fc4a3852f9ae.yaml Jsonschema 3.0.1: Binding the schema to draft-04 3 years ago
keystone-auth-3155762c524e44df.yaml Clean up release notes for 6.1.0 5 years ago
keystoneauth-adapter-opts-ca4f68f568e6cf6f.yaml Clean up release notes from the upcoming release 4 years ago
keystoneauth-config-1baa45a0a2dd93b4.yaml Clean up release notes before a release 4 years ago
kill-old-ramdisk-6fa7a16269ff11b0.yaml Remove support for the old ramdisk (DIB deploy-ironic element) 5 years ago
limit-memory-consumption-c7949a49853ba83d.yaml Guard conductor from consuming all of the ram 9 months ago
list-nodes-by-driver-a1ab9f2b73f652f8.yaml API to list nodes using the same driver 6 years ago
logging-keystoneauth-9db7e56c54c2473d.yaml Reduce amount of unhelpful debug logging in the API service 6 years ago
lookup-heartbeat-f9772521d12a0549.yaml Clean up release notes for 6.1.0 5 years ago
lookup-ignore-malformed-macs-09e7e909f3a134a3.yaml API: lookup() ignore malformed MAC addresses 5 years ago
make-terminal-session-timeout-configurable-b2365b7699b0f98b.yaml Release notes clean up for the next release 4 years ago
make-versioned-notifications-topics-configurable-18d70d573c27809e.yaml Make versioned notifications topics configurable 3 years ago
manual-abort-d3d8985a5de7376a.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
manual-clean-4cc2437be1aea69a.yaml Add manual cleaning to documentation 6 years ago
mask-configdrive-contents-77fc557d6bc63b2b.yaml Clean up release notes for 6.2.0 5 years ago
mask-ssh-creds-54ab7b2656578d2e.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
mdns-a5f4034257139e31.yaml Spruce up release notes for 12.2.0 release 2 years ago
messaging-log-level-5f870ea69db53d26.yaml Release notes clean up for the next release 4 years ago
metrics-notifier-information-17858c8e27c795d7.yaml Make metrics usable 3 years ago
migrate-to-pysnmp-hlapi-477075b5e69cc5bc.yaml Migrate ironic `snmp` driver to the latest pysnmp API 3 years ago
migrate_to_hardware_types-0c85c6707c4f296d.yaml Deprecate classic drivers 4 years ago
migrate_vif_port_id-5e1496638240933d.yaml Release note clean-ups for ironic release 3 years ago
min-sushy-version-change-3b697530e0c05dee.yaml Update sushy library version 2 years ago
minor-agent-version-cleanup-842e3919a366b9d6.yaml Minor agent version code cleanup 1 year ago
missing-sw-raid-b7fdc9259612970d.yaml Add missing agent RAID compatibility for ilo5 and idrac 1 year ago
multi-arch-deploy-bcf840107fc94bef.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
multiple-workers-for-send-sensor-data-89d29c12da30ec54.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
multitenant-networking-0a13c4aba252573e.yaml Refactor multitenant networking release notes 5 years ago
name-root-device-hints-a1484ea01e399065.yaml Extend root device hints to support device name 6 years ago
name-suffix-47aea2d265fa75ae.yaml Stop guessing mime types based on URLs 4 years ago
needs-agent-version-in-heartbeat-4e6806b679c53ec5.yaml Stop supporting incompatible heartbeat interfaces 2 years ago
net-names-b8a36aa30659ce2f.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
netboot-fallback-b208b2c3b40a0d01.yaml Prepare release notes and docs for release 15.1 1 year ago
network-flat-use-node-uuid-for-binding-hostid-afb43097e7204b99.yaml Clean up release notes before a release 4 years ago
network_data_schema-9342edf3c47b2a66.yaml Allow using per-site network_data schema 7 months ago
neutron-port-timeout-cbd82e1d09c6a46c.yaml Allow to set Neutron port setup delay from config 6 years ago
neutron-port-update-598183909d44396c.yaml Use auth values from neutron conf when managing Neutron ports 2 years ago
new_capabilities-5241619c4b46a460.yaml Clean up release notes from the upcoming release 4 years ago
newton-driver-deprecations-e40369be37203057.yaml Mark untested drivers as unsupported 5 years ago
next-link-for-instance-uuid-f46eafe5b575f3de.yaml Remove 'next' for GET /nodes?limit=1&instance_uuid= 4 years ago
no-classic-drivers-e68d8527491314c3.yaml Remove support for creating and loading classic drivers 3 years ago
no-classic-idrac-4fbf1ba66c35fb4a.yaml Remove the iDRAC classic drivers 3 years ago
no-classic-ilo-7822af6821d2f1cc.yaml Remove the ilo classic drivers 3 years ago
no-classic-ipmi-7ec52a7b01e40536.yaml Remove the ipmitool classic drivers 3 years ago
no-classic-irmc-3a606045e87119b7.yaml Remove the iRMC classic drivers 3 years ago
no-classic-oneview-e46ee2838d2b1d37.yaml Remove the OneView classic drivers 3 years ago
no-classic-snmp-b77d267b535da216.yaml Remove the deprecated pxe_snmp driver 3 years ago
no-classic-ucs-cimc-7c62bb189ffbe0dd.yaml Remove the deprecated classic drivers for Cisco UCS hardware 3 years ago
no-coreos-f8717f9bb6a64627.yaml Release notes cleanup for 13.0.0 (mk2) 2 years ago
no-downward-sql-migration-52279e875cd8b7a3.yaml Remove downgrade support from migrations 6 years ago
no-fake-308b50d4ab83ca7a.yaml Remove the remaining fake drivers 3 years ago
no-fake-bootif-505cc5bf48e7731f.yaml Do not pass BOOTIF=None if no BOOTIF can be guessed 1 year ago
no-glance-v1-d249e8079f46f40c.yaml Completely remove support for deprecated Glance V1 3 years ago
no-heartbeat-retries-d6837684e7257249.yaml Release note updates for Victoria release 1 year ago
no-instance-uuid-workaround-fc458deb168c7a8b.yaml Remove workaround for nova removing instance_uuid during cleaning 5 years ago
no-last-error-overwrite-b90aac3303eb992e.yaml Prevent overwriting of last_error on cleaning failures 4 years ago
no-more-legacy-auth-eeb32f907d0ab5de.yaml Release notes clean up for the next release 4 years ago
no-power-on-842b21d55b07a632.yaml Account for power interfaces that cannot power on 1 year ago
no-root-device-as-kernel-param-5e5326acae7b77a4.yaml Cleanup unused (i)PXE kernel parameters 5 years ago
no-sensors-in-maintenance-7a0ecf418336d105.yaml Release note clean-ups for ironic release 3 years ago
no-ssh-drivers-6ee5ff4c3ecdd3fb.yaml Remove SSH-based driver interfaces and drivers 4 years ago
no-tokenless-agents-c6c16d79ccc0da7a.yaml Remove token-less agent support 1 year ago
node-boot-mode-0662effa2a2644dc.yaml Prepare 18.1 and clean up release notes 3 months ago
node-credentials-cleaning-b1903f49ffeba029.yaml Do not pass credentials to the ramdisk on cleaning 4 years ago
node-deletion-update-resources-53862e48ab658f77.yaml Update resources only for specific node during deletion. 6 years ago
node-fault-8c59c0ecb94ba562.yaml Release note clean-ups for ironic release 3 years ago
node-in-maintenance-fail-afd0eace24fa28be.yaml Nodes in maintenance didn't fail, when they should have 2 years ago
node-lessee-4fb320a597192742.yaml Add node lessee field 2 years ago
node-name-remove-720aa8007f2f8b75.yaml Enable removing name when updating node 6 years ago
node-network-data-6f998aaa57020f4b.yaml Add `get_node_network_data` to Neutron NetworkInterface 1 year ago
node-owner-policy-d7168976bba70566.yaml Fix up release notes for 14.0.0 2 years ago
node-owner-policy-ports-1d3193fd897feaa6.yaml Allow node owners to administer associated ports 2 years ago
node-owner-provision-fix-ee2348b5922f7648.yaml Restrict ability to change owner on provisioned or allocated node 2 years ago
node-save-internal-info-c5cc8f56f1d0dab0.yaml Release notes clean up for the next release 4 years ago
node-storage-interface-api-1d6e217303bd53ff.yaml Enable cinder storage interface for generic hardware 4 years ago
node-stuck-when-conductor-down-3aa41a3abed9daf5.yaml Node gets stuck in ING state when conductor goes down 3 years ago
node-traits-2d950b62eea24491.yaml API: Node Traits API 4 years ago
node-update-instance-info-extra-policies-862b2a70b941cf39.yaml Clean up nits from adding additional node update policies 2 years ago
nodes-classic-drivers-cannot-set-interfaces-620b37c4e5c88b80.yaml No node interface settings for classic drivers 5 years ago
non-persistent-boot-5e3a0cd78e9dc91b.yaml [reno] update 4 years ago
noop-mgmt-a4b1a248492c7638.yaml Add the noop management interface to the manual-management hardware type 3 years ago
not-presistent-9c552f4209a84820.yaml Allow reboot to hard disk following iso ramdisk deploy. 3 months ago
notifications_driver_internal_info-3012f9834b6ade6b.yaml driver_internal_info in provision notifications 1 year ago
notify-node-storage-interface-7fd07ee7ee71cd22.yaml Release notes clean up for the next release 4 years ago
notify-topic-451493784ce45e73.yaml Route conductor notification RPC to the same conductor 1 year ago
notimplementederror-misspell-276a181afd652cf6.yaml Correct NotImplemented to NotImplementedError in rpcapi.py 6 years ago
ocata-summary-a70f995cb3b18e18.yaml Add a summary release note for ocata 5 years ago
oneview-agent-mixin-removal-b7277e8f20df5ef2.yaml Release notes clean up for the next release 4 years ago
oneview-hardware-type-69bbb79da434871f.yaml [reno] update 4 years ago
oneview-inspection-interface-c2d6902bbeca0501.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
oneview-node-free-for-ironic-61b05fee827664cb.yaml Ensures that OneView nodes are free for use by Ironic 5 years ago
oneview-onetime-boot-64a68e135a45f5e2.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
oneview-timeout-power-db5125e05831d925.yaml Follow-up for Switch OneView driver to hpOneView and ilorest libraries 4 years ago
oneview-timing-metrics-0b6c1b54e80eb683.yaml Timing metrics: OneView drivers 5 years ago
online_data_migration_update_versions-ea03aff12d9c036f.yaml Migration step to update objects to latest version 3 years ago
only_default_flat_network_if_enabled-b5c6ea415239a53c.yaml Only set default network interface flat if enabled in config 4 years ago
oob-power-off-7bbdf5947ed24bf8.yaml Agent: Out-of-band power off on deploy 6 years ago
opentack-baremetal-request-id-daa72b785eaaaa8d.yaml Append 'Openstack-Request-Id' header to the response 6 years ago
optimize-ramdisk-log-filename-270c401780b16e9c.yaml Prepare release 16.1 10 months ago
option-no-cache-http-ramdisk-62fc29cdd1d5b152.yaml Provide an option to not cache bootable iso ramdisks 5 months ago
optional-redfish-system-id-3f6e8b0ac989cb9b.yaml Prepare release notes/docs for 15.0 release 2 years ago
orphan-nodes-389cb6d90c2917ec.yaml Release note clean-ups for ironic release 3 years ago
oslo-i18n-optional-76bab4d2697c6f94.yaml Make oslo.i18n an optional dependency 2 years ago
oslo-proxy-headers-middleware-22188a2976f8f460.yaml Use HTTPProxyToWSGI middleware from oslo 2 years ago
oslo-reports-optional-59469955eaffdf1d.yaml Make oslo.reports an optional dependency 2 years ago
oslopolicy-scripts-bdcaeaf7dd9ce2ac.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
osprofiler-61a330800abe4ee6.yaml Bump osprofiler minimum requirement to 1.5.0 3 years ago
parallel-erasure-1943da9b53a2095d.yaml Passing thread pool size to IPA for parallel erasure 3 years ago
partprobe-retries-e69e9d20f3a3c2d3.yaml Add reno for new config [disk_utils]partprobe_attempts 4 years ago
pass-metrics-config-to-agent-on-lookup-6db9ae187c4e8151.yaml Pass agent metrics config via conductor 5 years ago
pass-region-to-swiftclient-c8c8bf1020f62ebc.yaml Pass region_name to SwiftAPI 6 years ago
pass_portgroup_settings_to_neutron-a6aec830a82c38a3.yaml Release notes clean up for the next release 4 years ago
periodic-tasks-drivers-ae9cddab88b546c6.yaml Deprecate putting periodic tasks on a driver object 5 years ago
persist-redfish-sessions-d521a0846fa45c40.yaml Reuse Redfish sessions 3 years ago
pin-api-version-029748f7d3be68d1.yaml Pin API version during rolling upgrade 4 years ago
port-0-is-valid-d7188af3be6f3ecb.yaml Add release note for fix to port 0 being valid 4 years ago
port-list-bad-request-078512862c22118e.yaml Fix rare HTTP 400 from port list API 4 years ago
port-list-by-project-8cfaf3b2cf0dd627.yaml Allow node lessee to see node's ports 1 year ago
port-local-link-connection-network-type-71103d919e27fc5d.yaml Prepare release notes/docs for 15.0 release 2 years ago
port-physical-network-a7009dc514353796.yaml [reno] update 4 years ago
port_delete-6628b736a1b556f6.yaml Prevents deletion of ports for active nodes 3 years ago
portgroup-crud-notifications-91204635528972b2.yaml Add ironic port group CRUD notifications 5 years ago
portgroup-mac-649ed31c3525e4f0.yaml Fixes the issue that instance bond port can't get IP address 11 months ago
power-fault-recovery-6e22f0114ceee203.yaml Release note clean-ups for ironic release 3 years ago
power-off-token-0403e8a054f31125.yaml Also wipe agent token on manual power off or reboot 1 year ago
poweroff-after-10-tries-c592506f02c167c0.yaml Poweroff server after 10 tries 3 years ago
prelude-for-seventeen-638544be837c54fa.yaml Add prelude for Ironic 17.0. 7 months ago
prelude-for-victoria-e65b4c63ce1e1a7a.yaml Trivial: fix formatting in the prelude 1 year ago
prelude-to-the-stein-f25b6073b6d1c598.yaml Add prelude and update release notes for 12.1.0 3 years ago
prevent-callback-url-from-being-updated-41d50b20fb236e82.yaml Block ability update callback_url 2 years ago
prevent-ports-with-vif-deletion-3edac3df5aa1becf.yaml Block port deletions where vif is present 1 year ago
project-scoped-rbac-063c44ba593bb82a.yaml Deprecate legacy policies, update project scoped docs 7 months ago
proliantutils_version_update-b6e5ff0e496215a5.yaml Clean up release notes for 6.2.0 5 years ago
protected-650acb2c8a387e17.yaml Support for protecting nodes from undeploying and rebuilding 3 years ago
protected-unset-0620b844afbb635e.yaml Handle patching node /protected value with None 1 year ago
provide_mountpoint-58cfd25b6dd4cfde.yaml Provides mount point as cinder requires it to attach volume 3 years ago
pxe-append-params-9cd5831959676371.yaml Clean up kernel_append_params for PXE/iPXE 5 months ago
pxe-boot-mode-9084ccf35e54bbc0.yaml Handle default_boot_mode during cleaning/inspection with PXE/iPXE 1 year ago
pxe-enabled-ports-check-c1736215dce76e97.yaml Release note clean-ups for ironic release 3 years ago
pxe-retry-762a00ba1089bd75.yaml Allow retrying PXE boot if it takes too long 2 years ago
pxe-snmp-driver-supported-9c559c6182c6ec4b.yaml Remove deprecation of snmp drivers 5 years ago
pxe-takeover-d8f14bcb60e5b121.yaml Clean up release notes for 7.0.0 5 years ago
queens-prelude-61fb897e96ed64c5.yaml Clean up release notes before a release 4 years ago
radosgw-temp-url-b04aac50698b4461.yaml Catch up release notes for Mitaka 6 years ago
raid-dell-boss-e9c5da9ddceedd67.yaml Fix for Unable to create RAID1 on Dell BOSS card 3 years ago
raid-hints-c27097ded0137f7c.yaml Allow specifying target devices for software RAID 2 years ago
raid-max-c0920cc44b9779ee.yaml Software RAID: don't try to set local_gb to MAX 1 year ago
raid-remove-root-hint-ec87efd18e894256.yaml Prepare release 16.1 10 months ago
raid-to-support-jbod-568f88207b9216e2.yaml RAID interface to support JBOD volumes 6 years ago
raise-bad-request-exception-on-validating-inspection-failure-57d7fd2999cf4ecf.yaml [reno] Clarify fix for inspect validation failures 4 years ago
ramdisk-boot-fails-4e8286e6a4e0dfb6.yaml Fix provisioning failure with `ramdisk` deploy interface 3 years ago
ramdisk-clean-2d3b033a401b911b.yaml Include HeartbeatMixin in the ramdisk deploy 10 months ago
ramdisk-configdrive-142149339dd00b47.yaml Follow-up for ramdisk deploy configdrive support 9 months ago
ramdisk-grub-use-user-kernel-ramdisk-7d572fe130932605.yaml grub configuration should use user kernel & ramdisk 2 years ago
ramdisk-image-download-source-7a071aba7890ba95.yaml Allow ramdisk_image_download_source in instance_info for ramdisk deploy 4 months ago
ramdisk-params-6083bfaa7ffa9dfe.yaml Fix up release notes for 14.0.0 2 years ago
ramdisk-validate-acbc4acdb71d10c2.yaml Ramdisk: do not require image_source 4 months ago
raw_image_growth_factor-cba37029650e67db.yaml Prepare 16.2 and clean up release note 8 months ago
reactive-ibmc-driver-d2149ca81a198090.yaml Implements: Reactive HUAWEI ibmc driver 1 year ago
reboot-do-not-power-off-if-already-1452256167d40009.yaml Clean up release notes from the upcoming release 4 years ago
rebuild-configdrive-f52479fd55b0f5ce.yaml Clean up release notes from the upcoming release 4 years ago
redfish-add-root-prefix-03b5f31ec6bbd146.yaml Prepare release notes/docs for 15.0 release 2 years ago
redfish-append-params-4d28d922484c2731.yaml Prepare 18.0 and clean up release note 5 months ago
redfish-autocreate-ports-53712a46dadd8203.yaml Use OOB inspection to fetch MACs for IB inspection 8 months ago
redfish-bios-interface-a1acd8122c896a38.yaml Add BIOS interface to Redfish hardware type 3 years ago
redfish-boot-mode-a44fc569f1baca8f.yaml Fix redfish-virtual-media boot mode handling ordering 9 months ago
redfish-boot-mode-override-not-present-handling-92e7263617e467c4.yaml Allow unsupported redfish set_boot_mode 7 months ago
redfish-config-usb-3e9a7543b2912ae7.yaml redfish-virtual-media: allow USB devices instead of floppies 7 months ago
redfish-deploy-iso-9671ae83108f6385.yaml Rename redfish_deploy_iso -> deploy_iso 5 months ago
redfish-deploy-iso-60873289278bf28f.yaml Support pre-built deploy/rescue ISO in Redfish 7 months ago