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Monty Taylor 7f843d7ecb Update babel, webpack, karma, jasmine and istanbul
Update to babel v7 and webpack v4

Remove runtime depend on corejs-2 which is
unsupported. Just switch to runtime which requires polyfills be
provided by the end user.

Remove NSP - the service is being shut down and the important bits
are built in to npm now.

istanbul has been replaced by the nyc runner. Update karma
to latest.

Update yaml-loader and json-loader

Disable browser testing for now - we'll bring it back in a followup.

Change-Id: I45d1f77bb43e5d67f4154c5149fac77b853e3686
3 years ago
Vitaly Kramskikh e33758f9db Use babel-plugin-transform-runtime instead of babel-polyfill
babel-plugin-transform-runtime allows to reduce size of the
resulting bundle dramatically (from 260kb to 24kb).

Change-Id: I3cceb1caddfb5b0b2048b7d4efc2cebfee26ab91
7 years ago
Michael Krotscheck effd5b100c Invoke babel to generate a ES5-compatible library.
This patch creates a very simple index.js file which uses
ES2015. It then creates a very simple Babel compile step
which converts this into a usable library.

Change-Id: I6a64843793297bcf784372002853d506f348c0d5
7 years ago