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Monty Taylor 346f7eeda0 Update eslint and switch to standard
The openstack eslint package is just really not needed at this
point. Use standardjs and run --fix on it.

Switch away from using node 8 to run linters and tests.

Change-Id: I51f68d4ec30c8da5d1601ef00045e53f90d0554b
2020-06-12 13:04:59 -05:00
msmol 7c544e1460 Updates linting rules
New linting rule to disable spaces after functions, before parens
Fixed all new linting errors

I suppose I'd like this to eventually get landed in official
`eslint-config-openstack` project, but for now it is here

Change-Id: I6c77524c5679117ce3b211db0bd9943c5ad5e646
2016-09-23 13:46:04 -04:00
Vitaly Kramskikh 348b5927e6 Update eslint and eslint-config-openstack to latest versions
The newest eslint-config-openstack provides all the
ES2015-related extra rules we had in the local .eslintrc,
so that they can be removed.

Also, cloudsYamlPath.js was modified to adapt to
`keyword-spacing` rule modifications in eslint v3.

Change-Id: I55198a323a0ada7a74f425d21db42306d9548cb7
2016-08-10 17:44:02 +03:00
Vitaly Kramskikh 58c28cb158 Enforce ES2015 syntax
The whole project is going to use ES2015, so it's important to
enforce usage of the new syntax to the project code homogeneous.
This commit enforces usage of arrow functions where possible,
let/const instead of var and rest/spread operator instead of
arguments and call/apply.

Change-Id: I2fd33400d7d4a3ed23363ceaaf0c2d2f1bd55c47
2016-07-20 17:46:28 +03:00
Michael Krotscheck effd5b100c Invoke babel to generate a ES5-compatible library.
This patch creates a very simple index.js file which uses
ES2015. It then creates a very simple Babel compile step
which converts this into a usable library.

Change-Id: I6a64843793297bcf784372002853d506f348c0d5
2016-07-13 16:32:56 +03:00
Michael Krotscheck 0e09469508 Updated eslint
Eslint has been moved from dependencies to devDependencies. The
.eslintrc file has been updated to enable ecma 2015 features,
and a .eslintignore file has been added with common file exclusions.

Change-Id: Icb12699bc1517bd4d1ab7e8632d57dc8e32524e5
2016-06-22 06:24:41 -07:00
Michael Krotscheck 9003076f2c
Initial commit of project.
An initial commit of the project, with the OpenStack's CTI elements
enabled. No actual code has been added yet.
2016-05-20 12:12:21 -07:00