JavaScript API library for OpenStack.
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JS-OpenStack-lib is a Javascript library for interacting with OpenStack clouds. The project aims to provide a constistent and complete set of interactions with OpenStack's many services, along with documentations, examples, and tools. This library is compatible with both browser and server side Javascript.


The following example simply connects to an OpenStack cloud and list flavors in the Compute service:

import OpenStack from 'js-openstack-lib';

// Initialize cloud
// cloudConfig is a JSON object corresponding to clouds.yaml
// (It is your responsibility to load and parse it)
const openStack = new OpenStack({
  region_name: 'Region1',
  auth: {
    username: 'user',
    password: 'pass',
    project_name: 'js-openstack-lib',
    auth_url: ''
// List all flavors
  .then((networks) => {


Coming soon


If you're interested in contributing, the following will help you get started:

Bug Tracker!/project/844

Code Hosting

Code Review,n,z

Please read Developer's Guide before sending your first patch for review


Apache 2.0