RETIRED, Application Data Protection as a Service in OpenStack
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Application Data Protection as a Service for OpenStack


Mission Statement

To protect the Data and Metadata that comprises an OpenStack-deployed Application against loss/damage (e.g. backup, replication) by providing a standard framework of APIs and services that allows vendors to provide plugins through a unified interface

Open Architecture

Design for multiple perspectives:

  • User: Protect App Deployment
    • Configure and manage custom protection plans on the deployed resources (topology, VMs, volumes, images, ...)
  • Admin: Define Protectable Resources
    • Decide what plugins protect which resources, what is available for the user
    • Decide where users can protect their resources
  • Vendors: Standard API for protection products
    • Create plugins that implement Protection mechanisms for different OpenStack resources


Version 0.1

  • Resource API
  • Plan API
  • Bank API
  • Ledger API
  • Cross-resource dependencies


  • Only 1 Bank plugin per Protection Plan
  • Automatic object discovery not supported