Deployment of containerised OpenStack to bare metal using kolla and bifrost
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Lukasz Zalewski 5a0206aef1 Ubuntu: Set MTU for veth in the network files 1 week ago
hooks Add ability to run playbooks before and after a kayobe command 1 year ago
inventory Adds support for configuring chrony 3 months ago
kolla Initial mega commit of Kayobe 5 years ago
apt.yml Ubuntu: update Apt cache before package installation 5 months ago
bifrost.yml Remove stale DIB_DISABLE_KERNEL_CLEANUP references 2 weeks ago
bmc.yml Add a BMC configuration file to consolidate IPMI credentials and BMC type 4 years ago
compute.yml Ubuntu: simplify OS distro selection 3 months ago
controllers.yml Ubuntu: simplify OS distro selection 3 months ago
dell-switch-bmp.yml Add README files for dell-switch and dell-switch-bmp roles 4 years ago
dnf.yml Remove support for deprecated Yum variables 11 months ago
dns.yml Allow resolv.conf configuration to be prevented 3 years ago
docker-registry.yml Make docker registry network mode configurable 3 months ago
docker.yml Switch default docker storage driver to overlay2 10 months ago
globals.yml Add os_release variable, build CentOS stream images 3 months ago
grafana.yml Organise and update grafana-conf role variables 4 years ago
idrac.yml Add missing Ansible bug 8743 workarounds to config samples 4 years ago
inspector.yml Allow to customise hardware inspection timeouts 1 year ago
ipa.yml Add ipa_build_upper_constraints_file variable 5 months ago
ironic.yml Add Ironic enabled_bios_interfaces and default_bios_interface settings 5 months ago
kolla.yml Merge "Support additional pass through host variables" 3 months ago
monasca.yml Define default variables for Monasca config 1 year ago
monitoring.yml Add support for encrypted block devices 1 year ago
networks.yml Remove ceph block device support 1 year ago
neutron.yml Use kolla-ansible's defaults for neutron ML2 mechanism drivers 4 years ago
nova.yml The default group doesn't need to be configurable 4 years ago
opensm.yml Add configuration of OpenSM Infiniband subnet manager in a Docker container 4 years ago
openstack.yml Add openstack_release and openstack_branch 2 years ago
overcloud.yml Remove CentOS 7 image resolv.conf workaround 6 months ago
pip.yml Allow setting pip_proxy 1 year ago
seed-hypervisor.yml Ubuntu: simplify OS distro selection 3 months ago
seed-vm.yml Ubuntu: simplify OS distro selection 3 months ago
seed.yml Ubuntu: simplify OS distro selection 3 months ago
ssh.yml Reconcile all 'Ansible control host' references 3 years ago
storage.yml Ubuntu: simplify OS distro selection 3 months ago
swift.yml Support for Ceph and Swift storage networks, and improvements to Swift 2 years ago
time.yml Remove default time sources from customisable configuration 3 months ago
users.yml Add a workaround for ansible bug 8743 for users.yml 4 years ago