is_revoked check all viable subtrees

An indentation error coupled with an early return lead to cases
where a subtree containing a pertinent revocation event was not
searched, and a revoked token would report as unrevoked.

Closes-bug: #1294292
Change-Id: If56ae64d8a30b461563ee8be002544117fb14215
Yuriy Taraday 9 years ago committed by Adam Young
parent 2e720b5723
commit a96d87200d
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@ -171,32 +171,56 @@ class RevokeTree(object):
'consumer_id', 'access_token_id'
# Alternative names to be checked in token for every field in
# revoke tree.
alternatives = {
'user_id': ['user_id', 'trustor_id', 'trustee_id'],
'domain_id': ['identity_domain_id', 'assignment_domain_id']}
subnode = [self.revoke_map]
'domain_id': ['identity_domain_id', 'assignment_domain_id'],
# Contains current forest (collection of trees) to be checked.
partial_matches = [self.revoke_map]
# We iterate over every layer of our revoke tree (except the last one).
for name in _NAMES:
# bundle is the set of partial matches for the next level down
# the tree
bundle = []
wildcard = '%s=*' % (name,)
for tree in subnode:
# For every tree in current forest.
for tree in partial_matches:
# If there is wildcard node on current level we take it.
if name == 'role_id':
# Roles are very special since a token has a list of them.
# If the revocation event matches any one of them,
# revoke the token.
for role_id in token_data.get('roles', []):
bundle.append(tree.get('role_id=%s' % role_id))
# For other fields we try to get any branch that concur
# with any alternative field in the token.
for alt_name in alternatives.get(name, [name]):
tree.get('%s=%s' % (name, token_data[alt_name])))
bundle = filter(None, bundle)
if not bundle:
return False
subnode = bundle
for leaf in subnode:
issued_before = leaf.get('issued_before')
if issued_before is not None:
if issued_before > token_data['issued_at']:
return True
# tree.get returns `None` if there is no match, so `bundle.append`
# adds a 'None' entry. This call remoes the `None` entries.
partial_matches = [x for x in bundle if x is not None]
if not partial_matches:
# If we end up with no branches to follow means that the token
# is definitely not in the revoke tree and all further
# iterations will be for nothing.
return False
# The last (leaf) level is checked in a special way because we verify
# issued_at field differently.
for leaf in partial_matches:
if leaf['issued_before'] > token_data['issued_at']:
return True
except KeyError:
# If we made it out of the loop then no element in revocation tree
# corresponds to our token and it is good.
return False
def build_token_values_v2(access, default_domain_id):

@ -395,6 +395,18 @@ class RevokeTreeTests(tests.TestCase):
def test_by_project_and_user_and_role(self):
user_id1 = _new_id()
user_id2 = _new_id()
project_id = _new_id()
self._revoke_by_user_and_project(user_id2, project_id))
token_data = _sample_blank_token()
token_data['user_id'] = user_id2
token_data['project_id'] = project_id
def _assertEmpty(self, collection):
return self.assertEqual(0, len(collection), "collection not empty")