Remove the redundant verification in OAuth1 authorization

The code verify the assignment filtered by `user_id` after
verifying the assignment filtered by `user_id` and `project_id`.

The latter should be a subset of the former.

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Dave Chen 2016-07-31 16:49:41 +08:00
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commit b26200beb8
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@ -394,16 +394,6 @@ class OAuthControllerV3(controller.V3Controller):
# create list of just the id's for the backend
role_ids = list(authed_roles)
# verify the user has the project too
req_project_id = req_token['requested_project_id']
user_projects = self.assignment_api.list_projects_for_user(user_id)
for user_project in user_projects:
if user_project['id'] == req_project_id:
msg = _("User is not a member of the requested project")
raise exception.Unauthorized(message=msg)
# finally authorize the token
authed_token = self.oauth_api.authorize_request_token(
request_token_id, user_id, role_ids)