Include sample policy file in documentation

Since we're moving all policy into code and documenting it there we
should generate those docs automatically, so they are less likely to
be out-of-date.

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# sample config included in docs
# sample policy file included in docs

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config_generator_config_file = '../../config-generator/keystone.conf'
sample_config_basename = '_static/keystone'
policy_generator_config_file = '../../etc/keystone-policy-generator.conf'
sample_policy_basename = '_static/keystone'
todo_include_todos = True
# Add any paths that contain templates here, relative to this directory.

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Sample Configuration File
Sample Files
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Man Pages

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Keystone Sample Policy
The following is a sample keystone policy file that has been auto-generated
from default policy values in code. If you're using the default policies, then
the maintenance of this file is not necessary, and it should not be copied into
a deployment. Doing so will result in duplicate policy definitions. It is here
to help explain which policy operations protect specific keystone APIs, but it
is not suggested to copy and paste into a deployment unless you're planning on
providing a different policy for an operation that is not the default.
The sample policy file can also be viewed in `file form <_static/keystone.policy.yaml.sample>`_.
.. literalinclude:: _static/keystone.policy.yaml.sample