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Guang Yee cd9922d318 update mailmap with gyee's new email 6 years ago
Brant Knudson c5ec1e4ea4 Update mailmap entry for Brant 7 years ago
Morgan Fainberg ab4200a250 Add mailmap entry 7 years ago
Dolph Mathews 421411ed10 reverse my preferred mailmap 8 years ago
Joe Gordon da13f56cd0 Update mailmap for Joe Gordon 8 years ago
Zhenguo Niu 10e0d20fe8 Update my mailmap 8 years ago
Chmouel Boudjnah ce0baf07c0 Allow request headers access in app context. 8 years ago
Zhongyue Luo 4f39aa2b94 Backslash continuation cleanup 9 years ago
Bhuvan Arumugam e72c276f9f Add .mailmap file. 9 years ago
Édouard Thuleau 45b68d9882 quantum_auth_token.py middleware fails on roles 10 years ago
James E. Blair ff30def889 Rename .keystone-venv to .venv. 10 years ago
Josh Kearney 29a5fa8e20 Added AUTHORS, .mailmap and generate_authors.sh. 10 years ago