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termie 700a397a64 add sql for import legacy tests
Change-Id: I778300970c12bff0c296e6551c1b4e9e079496dc
11 years ago
termie 48f2f650c8 change password hash
Change-Id: Idd5d09dc114cbb0cbd63e23e4178bb74d081c789
11 years ago
Jesse Andrews 05b2583dfa Add memcache token backend
* tests use a fake memcache client
* fixes bug 928040

Change-Id: I7c24e7829ee91fcf719eb4f338cf0ce2a0fa6bbd
11 years ago
Vishvananda Ishaya 3efce6da3a make pip requires match nova
Change-Id: Ie64d9571730f699d276fbf93241506e63053f0e0
11 years ago
Monty Taylor 3da657555d Normalize build files with current jenkins.
Change-Id: I528c3cc4e16dfa1465c8e3ac1062c65dc2ddc2f0
11 years ago
Joe Heck 080f523ff7 fixing up PIP requirements for testing and virtualenv 11 years ago
termie 4899210334 bcrypt the passwords 12 years ago
Jesse Andrews 71faa9f0e1 remove duplicate pycli from pip-requires 12 years ago
Joe Heck 67d4a7c624 updating dependencies for ksl 12 years ago
Joe Heck 393aedb7ac adding logging from configuration files, default logging per common 12 years ago
Joe Heck 9691c0f7c8 tweaking for running regular tests in jenkins 12 years ago
termie b4eba62b21 novaclient now requires prettytable 12 years ago
termie 17e03b82cb move noop to identity controller 12 years ago
termie 2bc437609d add and pep8 stuff 12 years ago
termie 29e4e54ce3 modify requirements 12 years ago
termie 158dfbac2a most bits working 12 years ago
termie 419c2cb95f initial 12 years ago