25 Commits (b3e47e05c6e49729869bf73967668a73bbb32b38)

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Gage Hugo 71e543152e Migrate to stestr 4 years ago
jolie cdfcac6e67 Update links in keystone 4 years ago
Eric Brown 30d9095d28 Use https for docs.openstack.org references 5 years ago
Steve Martinelli 0f61b11141 Use oslo.log instead of incubator 7 years ago
David Stanek b1b8cb2bb8 Details the proper way to call a callable 7 years ago
Haiwei Xu e505b49181 Fix assertEqual arguments order(catalog, cert_setup, etc) 8 years ago
Morgan Fainberg 559ba206d4 Make common log import consistent 8 years ago
Joe Gordon 29d9311eaa Make HACKING.rst DRYer 8 years ago
Dolph Mathews f64ca65ad4 remove refs to keystone.common.logging 8 years ago
Thomas Bechtold a56b82b0aa Replace openstack-common with oslo in docs 8 years ago
Zhongyue Luo 4cd7abaa35 Fixes 'not in' operator usage 9 years ago
Dolph Mathews c858c1b304 Only 'import *' from 'core' modules 9 years ago
Zhongyue Luo 4f39aa2b94 Backslash continuation cleanup 9 years ago
Dolph Mathews 8a84c03105 HACKING: Import by full module path 9 years ago
Dolph Mathews 379354b935 HACKING: Use single quotes 9 years ago
Dolph Mathews 678dcad410 Refactor keystone.common.logging use (bug 948224) 10 years ago
Mark McLoughlin e5a3e09d02 Update cfg from openstack-common 10 years ago
termie 83c793332c some additional style bits 10 years ago
termie e6a23e394a fix the style guide to match the code 10 years ago
termie f9a8827750 example in hacking was incorrect 10 years ago
Joe Heck 62a92c44ba fixing grammar, noting broken enable, adding hacking with prefs for project 10 years ago