11 Commits (d2ee07b8e7654069ca549d2737de801c403f0f19)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Dolph Mathews d2ee07b8e7 Add debug logging to revocation event checking 6 years ago
Dolph Mathews e9b0f2f52e Refactor revoke matcher 6 years ago
Brant Knudson 4c351c57b8 Add debug logging for RevokeEvent deserialize problem 6 years ago
Dave Chen 9df02bfb55 Fix the wrong check condition 6 years ago
Dave Chen 25e5227d23 Return `revoked_at` for list revoke events 6 years ago
Lance Bragstad 510f00f365 Refactor revoke_model to remove circular dependency 6 years ago
Adam Young 75abc21ecf Replace revoke tree with linear search 6 years ago
Navid Pustchi 2c4f948db0 Fix D400 PEP257 6 years ago
Navid Pustchi aabc213040 Fix D401 PEP8 violation. 6 years ago
henriquetruta 5d6a088455 Projects acting as domains 7 years ago
Morgan Fainberg 0eba0e0477 Use requst local in-process cache per request 7 years ago
Raildo Mascena d32d9de2aa Avoid `None` as a redundant argument to dict.get() 7 years ago
Steve Martinelli 32b70d15c4 Move revoke extension into core 7 years ago
Dolph Mathews 9450cd9699 Handle tokens created and quickly revoked with insufficient timestamp precision 7 years ago
Alexander Makarov a1e4ada9a4 Revocation engine refactoring 7 years ago
Brant Knudson 386054847e Switch from deprecated isotime 7 years ago
David Stanek 853ca56771 Handles Python3 builtin changes 7 years ago
ChangBo Guo(gcb) d988d14801 Use dict comprehensions instead of dict constructor 8 years ago
Brant Knudson fc009d7e8f Change oslo.utils to oslo_utils 8 years ago
Morgan Fainberg 37f59f4b0b Update AuthContextMiddleware to not use token_api 8 years ago
Morgan Fainberg ea185a25a2 Revoke by Audit Id / Audit Id Chain instead of expires 8 years ago
Brant Knudson b763d613b4 Use functions in oslo.utils 8 years ago
Brant Knudson 7aee6304f6 Fix revocation event handling with MySQL 8 years ago
Brant Knudson da00da732d Fix revoking a scoped token from an unscoped token 8 years ago
Brant Knudson 3e035ebb72 Fix revoking domain-scoped tokens 8 years ago
Yuriy Taraday a96d87200d is_revoked check all viable subtrees 9 years ago
Adam Young 2e51473138 Token Revocation Extension 9 years ago