OpenStack Identity (Keystone)
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Jamie Lennox 1d7c96d6a3 Require auth_context middleware in the pipeline
Keystone has shipped with the auth_context middleware in the pipeline
now for a number of releases. In newer parts of the code we rely on it
for auth information and in others we don't.

A prime example of this is the @protected handlers, if the auth_context
middleware isn't present it rebuilds this information. This is yet
another place where keystone validates a token.

Set a flag on the context to indicate that the request was validated by
auth_context middleware and raise Unauthenticated if not. This
essentially requires deployments to have the middleware enabled and
reduces validation to that point. This will help unify the code that is
behind a protected endpoint as we can rely on the context.

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7 years ago
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OpenStack Keystone

Keystone provides authentication, authorization and service discovery mechanisms via HTTP primarily for use by projects in the OpenStack family. It is most commonly deployed as an HTTP interface to existing identity systems, such as LDAP.

Developer documentation, the source of which is in doc/source/, is published at:

The API specification and documentation are available at:

The canonical client library is available at:

Documentation for cloud administrators is available at:

The source of documentation for cloud administrators is available at:

Information about our team meeting is available at:

Bugs and feature requests are tracked on Launchpad at:

Future design work is tracked at:

Contributors are encouraged to join IRC (#openstack-keystone on freenode):

For information on contributing to Keystone, see CONTRIBUTING.rst.