OpenStack Identity (Keystone)
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Welcome to Keystone, the OpenStack Identity Service!

Keystone is an OpenStack project that provides Identity, Token, Catalog and Policy services for use specifically by projects in the OpenStack family. It implements OpenStack's Identity API.

This document describes Keystone for contributors of the project, and assumes that you are already familiar with Keystone from an end-user perspective.

This documentation is generated by the Sphinx toolkit and lives in the source tree. Additional documentation on Keystone and other components of OpenStack can be found on the OpenStack wiki. Also see the community page for other ways to interact with the community.

Getting Started

setup installing configuration configuringservices community

Man Pages

man/keystone-all man/keystone-manage

Developers Documentation

developing architecture middlewarearchitecture api_curl_examples apache-httpd external-auth event_notifications EXTENSIONS_HOWTO

Code Documentation


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