OpenStack Identity (Keystone)
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Colleen Murphy ba89d27793 Ensure OAuth1 authorized roles are respected 2 years ago
.placeholder Add reno for release notes management 6 years ago
Assignment_V9_driver-c22be069f7baccb0.yaml Release note cleanup 6 years ago
DomainSpecificRoles-fc5dd2ef74a1442c.yaml Release note cleanup 6 years ago
Role_V9_driver-971c3aae14d9963d.yaml Release note cleanup 6 years ago
V9ResourceDriver-26716f97c0cc1a80.yaml Release note cleanup 6 years ago
add-bootstrap-cli-192500228cc6e574.yaml Release note cleanup 6 years ago
add-description-to-role-88ab5bb8a96cc002.yaml Added support for a ``description`` attribute for Identity Roles 3 years ago
add-expires-at-int-to-trusts-60ae3c5d0c00808a.yaml Add expired_at_int column to trusts 4 years ago
add-limit-description-c1f42641d9c6c33d.yaml Limit description support 4 years ago
add-unified-limit-apis-c9ebc5116bc2cf93.yaml Add api-ref for unified limits 4 years ago
add_password_expires_at_to_user_response-22f14ab629c48bc2.yaml PCI-DSS Adds password_expires_at to API docs 5 years ago
admin_token-a5678d712783c145.yaml Release note cleanup 6 years ago
admin_token-c634ec12fc714255.yaml Disable Admin tokens set to None 6 years ago
bootstrap-update-endpoint-7a63a2329822b6e7.yaml Support endpoint updates in bootstrap 3 years ago
bp-allow-expired-f5d845b9601bc1ef.yaml Readability/Typo Fixes in Release Notes 5 years ago
bp-application-credentials-c699f1f17c7d4e2f.yaml Add a release note for application credentials 4 years ago
bp-basic-default-roles-4ff6502b6ac57d48.yaml Ensure default roles created during bootstrap 4 years ago
bp-domain-config-as-stable-716ca5ab33c0cc42.yaml Mark the domain config via API as stable 5 years ago
bp-domain-config-default-82e42d946ee7cb43.yaml Fix a typo in and bp-domain-config-default-82e42d946ee7cb43.yaml 5 years ago
bp-json-web-tokens-37ce3bcd1356cf1b.yaml Add JWS token provider documentation 3 years ago
bp-manage-migration-c398963a943a89fe.yaml Add expand, data migration and contract logic to keystone-manage 5 years ago
bp-mfa-auth-receipt-8b459431c1f360ce.yaml Implement auth receipts spec 3 years ago
bp-password-expires-validation-4b32fe7032595932.yaml clean up release notes for ocata 5 years ago
bp-pci-dss-notifications-808a205a637bac25.yaml Revert "Fix wrong links" 4 years ago
bp-pci-dss-password-requirements-api-87bc724b2aa554f7.yaml clean up release notes for ocata 5 years ago
bp-pci-dss-query-password-expired-users-a7c96a3843bb9abc.yaml clean up release notes for ocata 5 years ago
bp-per-user-auth-plugin-reqs-feb95fd907be4b40.yaml Add MFA Rules Release Note 5 years ago
bp-policy-in-code-722372a27291b9cd.yaml Revert "Fix wrong links" 4 years ago
bp-shadow-mapping-06fc7c71a401d707.yaml Revert "Fix wrong links" 4 years ago
bp-strict-two-level-model.yaml Address nits in strict-two-level implementation 3 years ago
bp-support-federated-attr-94084d4073f50280.yaml Fix some typo in releasenotes 5 years ago
bp-system-scope-7d236ee5992d4e20.yaml Grant admin a role on the system during bootstrap 4 years ago
bp-upgrade-checks-0dc692a392a96879.yaml Implement scaffolding for upgrade checks 3 years ago
bp-url-safe-naming-ad90d6a659f5bf3c.yaml Add support for strict url safe option on new projects and domains 6 years ago
bp-whitelist-extension-for-app-creds-90e5bcd7b2b78b02.yaml Update API version for access rules 2 years ago
bug-1017606-98313bb4c1edf250.yaml clean up release notes for ocata 5 years ago
bug-1291157-00b5c714a097e84c.yaml Validate identity providers during token validation 4 years ago
bug-1473292-c21481e6aec29ec2.yaml Add abstract method in trusts 3 years ago
bug-1490804-de58a9606edb31eb.yaml Add audit IDs to revocation events 6 years ago
bug-1519210-de76097c974f9c93.yaml Release note cleanup 6 years ago
bug-1523369-4d42c841b6e7e54e.yaml Move release note from /keystone/releasenotes to /releasenotes 5 years ago
bug-1524030-0814724d5c2b7c8d.yaml Validate disabled domains and projects online 4 years ago
bug-1524030-ccff6b0ec9d1cbf2.yaml clean up release notes for ocata 5 years ago
bug-1535878-change-get_project-permission-e460af1256a2c056.yaml Change get_project permission 6 years ago
bug-1542417-d630b7886bb0b369.yaml Release note cleanup 6 years ago
bug-1547684-911aed68a0d3df17.yaml clean up release notes for ocata 5 years ago
bug-1561054-dbe88b552a936a05.yaml Revert "Fix wrong links" 4 years ago
bug-1563101-134df5b99ea48f00.yaml clean up release notes for ocata 5 years ago
bug-1571878-1bcaea5337905af0.yaml clean up release notes for ocata 5 years ago
bug-1582585-a368ac5a252ec84f.yaml clean up release notes for ocata 5 years ago
bug-1590587-domain-specific-role-assignment-8f120604a6625852.yaml Project domain must match role domain for assignment 5 years ago
bug-1594482-52a5dd1d8477b694.yaml /services?name=<name> API fails when using list_limit 6 years ago
bug-1611102-e1348cbec9b1110a.yaml clean up release notes for ocata 5 years ago
bug-1613466-credential-update-ec2-type-8fb51ff3ad3a449c.yaml Fix credential update to ec2 type 5 years ago
bug-1615014-b30f606a2d202428.yaml Validate rolling upgrade is run in order 4 years ago
bug-1616424-c46ba773f7ac40ae.yaml clean up release notes for ocata 5 years ago
bug-1622310-c501cf77437fdfa6.yaml clean up release notes for ocata 5 years ago
bug-1636950-8fa1a47fce440977.yaml Fix some typo in releasenotes 5 years ago
bug-1638603-354ee4167e6e.yaml clean up release notes for ocata 5 years ago
bug-1641625-fe463874dc5edb10.yaml Add openstack_groups to assertion 2 years ago
bug-1641639-b9accc163e61ca15.yaml Replace UUID with id_generator for Federated users 3 years ago
bug-1641645-516709f9da3de26f.yaml clean up release notes for ocata 5 years ago
bug-1641654-8630ce7bcde43a7e.yaml clean up release notes for ocata 5 years ago
bug-1641660-f938267e1ec54071.yaml clean up release notes for ocata 5 years ago
bug-1641816-8b39f3f73359c778.yaml clean up release notes for ocata 5 years ago
bug-1642212-9964dfd3af0184bd.yaml Add --check to keystone-manage db_sync command 5 years ago
bug-1642348-83d4c86ad3984d75.yaml clean up release notes for ocata 5 years ago
bug-1642457-4533f9810a8cd927.yaml Handle disk write failure when doing Fernet key rotation 5 years ago
bug-1642687-5497fb56fe86806d.yaml Readability/Typo Fixes in Release Notes 5 years ago
bug-1642687-c7ab1c9be152db20.yaml clean up release notes for ocata 5 years ago
bug-1642692-d669c8fcf9e171d9.yaml clean up release notes for ocata 5 years ago
bug-1645487-ca22c216ec26cc9b.yaml PCI-DSS Force users to change password upon first use 5 years ago
bug-1649138-c53974f6bb0eab14.yaml Add anonymous bind to get_connection method 5 years ago
bug-1649446-efff94143823755d.yaml listing revoke events should be admin only 5 years ago
bug-1649616-b835d1dac3401e8c.yaml Fixing flushing tokens workflow 4 years ago
bug-1656076-c4422270f73b43b.yaml clean up release notes for ocata 5 years ago
bug-1659730-17834ba2dde668ae.yaml clean up release notes for ocata 5 years ago
bug-1659995-f3e716de743b7291.yaml Revise conf param in releasenotes 5 years ago
bug-1670382-ee851ba4f364d608.yaml Add group_members_are_ids to whitelisted options 5 years ago
bug-1676497-92271e25f642e2de.yaml Differentiate between dpkg and rpm for libssl-dev 5 years ago
bug-1684994-264fb8f182ced180.yaml Clarify LDAP invalid credentials exception 4 years ago
bug-1687593-95e1568291ecd70b.yaml Add a release note for bug 1687593 4 years ago
bug-1696574-15a728396350a95a.yaml Document and add release note for HEAD APIs 4 years ago
bug-1700852-de775d0eb2ddfdd1.yaml Cache list projects and domains for user 4 years ago
bug-1701324-739a31f38037f77b.yaml Remove duplicate roles from federated auth 4 years ago
bug-1702211-abb59adda73fd78e.yaml Add int storage of datetime for password created/expires 4 years ago
bug-1703369-9a901d627a1e0316.yaml fix identity:get_identity_providers typo 4 years ago
bug-1703666-b8a990f2bf5b62f0.yaml Fixing multi-region support in templated v3 catalog 4 years ago
bug-1704205-bc0570feeb3ec5c4.yaml Filter users and groups in ldap 4 years ago
bug-1705485-7a1ad17b9cc99b9d.yaml Replace URLs with URLs 3 years ago
bug-1718747-50d39fa87bdbb12b.yaml Delete SQL users before deleting domain 4 years ago
bug-1724645-a94659dfd0f45b9a.yaml Add new attribute to the federation protocol API 2 years ago
bug-1727099-1af277b35db34372.yaml Update the help message for unique_last_password_count 4 years ago
bug-1727726-0b47608811a2cd16.yaml Filter users/groups in ldap with whitespaces 4 years ago
bug-1728907-bab6769ab46bd8aa.yaml Handle empty token key files 4 years ago
bug-1729933-4a09201e9dface2a.yaml Region update extra support 3 years ago
bug-1733754-4d9d3042b8501ec6.yaml Add schema check for OS-TRUST:trust authentication 4 years ago
bug-1734244-1b4ea83baa72566d.yaml Fix 500 error when create trust with invalid role key 4 years ago
bug-1735250-b60332a7f288cf94.yaml Bump sqlalchemy minimum version to 1.1.0 3 years ago
bug-1736875-c790f568c5f4d671.yaml Add schema check for authorize request token 4 years ago
bug-1738895-342864cd0285bc42.yaml Fix list users by name 4 years ago
bug-1740951-82b7e4bd608742ab.yaml Expose a get_enforcer method for oslo.policy scripts 4 years ago
bug-1744195-a7154ac2e8556efc.yaml Enable foreign keys for unit test 3 years ago
bug-1746599-848a1163e52ac0a6.yaml Fix user email in federated shadow users 4 years ago
bug-1747694-48c8caa4871300e3.yaml Reorganize api-ref: v3-ext 4 years ago
bug-1748027-decc2e11154b97cf.yaml Add explicit testing for project users and the user API 3 years ago
bug-1748970-eb63ad2030e296f3.yaml Fix querying role_assignment with system roles 4 years ago
bug-1749264-676ca02902bcd169.yaml Delete system role assignments when deleting users 4 years ago
bug-1749267-96153d2fa6868f67.yaml Delete system role assignments when deleting groups 4 years ago
bug-1750415-95ede3a9685b6e0c.yaml Populate application credential data in token 4 years ago
bug-1750660-e2a360ddd6790fc4.yaml Implement domain admin functionality for projects 3 years ago
bug-1750669-dfce859550126f03.yaml Make system admin policies consistent for grants 3 years ago
bug-1750673-b53f74944d767ae9.yaml Add role assignment testing for project users 3 years ago
bug-1750676-cf70c1a27b2c8de3.yaml Implement system scope and default roles for token API 2 years ago
bug-1750678-88a38851ca80fc64.yaml Remove system EC2 credentials from policy.v3cloudsample.json 2 years ago
bug-1751045-f950e3fb85e2b573.yaml Allow cleaning up non-existant group assignments 4 years ago
bug-1753584-e052bc7805f001b4.yaml Fix formatting of ImportError 4 years ago
bug-1753585-7e11213743754999.yaml LDAP attribute names non-case-sensitive 3 years ago
bug-1754048-correct-federated-domain-47cb889d88d7770a.yaml Report correct domain in federated user token 3 years ago
bug-1755874-9951f77c6d18431c.yaml Allow blocking users from self-service password change 4 years ago
bug-1756190-0e5d86d334555931.yaml Make tags filter match subset rather than exact 4 years ago
bug-1757022-664d0b0db1242bf8.yaml Fix keystone-manage mapping_purge with --type option 3 years ago
bug-1757151-43eb3baaa175f904.yaml Add scope documentation for service developers 3 years ago
bug-1759289-466cdf4514de3498.yaml Log warning when using token_flush 4 years ago
bug-1760205-87dedd6d8812db3f.yaml Invalidate the shadow user cache when deleting a user 4 years ago
bug-1760521-fec5c88af214401f.yaml Fix list_limit doesn't work correctly for domain 4 years ago
bug-1760809-711df870a9d67c0d.yaml Fix 500 error when deleting domain 4 years ago
bug-1763824-3d2f5169af9d42f.yaml Fix json schema nullable to add None to ENUM 4 years ago
bug-1765193-b40318b9fb5d1c7b.yaml Expose endpoint to return enforcement model 3 years ago
bug-1773967-b59517a09e0e6141.yaml Allows to use application credentials through group membership 2 years ago
bug-1774229-cb968e95c9d81c4d.yaml Clarify scope responses in authentication api ref 4 years ago
bug-1776504-keystone-conversion-to-flask-372a5654a55675c6.yaml Remove pre-flask legacy code 3 years ago
bug-1778109-ea15ce6a8207f857.yaml Fix duplicate role names in trusts bug 3 years ago
bug-1778945-b7f2db3052525ca8.yaml Simplify the token provider API 3 years ago
bug-1779889-12eb5edf4cc93a1d.yaml Add release note for service token documentation 3 years ago
bug-1779903-f2b22cf23a9e01f9.yaml Delete project limits when deleting project 3 years ago
bug-1780159-095ffa0e53be2464.yaml Invalidate 'computed assignments' cache when creating a project. 3 years ago
bug-1780503-70ca1ba3f428dd41.yaml Set initiator id as user_id for auth events 3 years ago
bug-1782704-0b053eaf5d801dee.yaml Allow for more robust config checking with keystone-manage 3 years ago
bug-1782922-db822fda486ac773.yaml Fixing dn_to_id function for cases were id is not in the DN 2 years ago
bug-1784536-9d1d1e149c605a1d.yaml Fix a bug that issue token with project-scope gets error 3 years ago
bug-1785164-2b7ed29266eb4792.yaml Add a release note for bug 1785164 3 years ago
bug-1787874-13499ec227b8e26c.yaml Address nits 3 years ago
bug-1788415-3190279e9c900f76.yaml Implement scope_type checking for credentials 3 years ago
bug-1788694-4dc8b3ec47fc6084.yaml Expand implied roles in system-scoped tokens 3 years ago
bug-1789450-9dec1383ffd3de01.yaml Add releasenote for bug fix 1789450 3 years ago
bug-1792026-2de8345a89e2256b.yaml Update api-ref to include user options 3 years ago
bug-1794376-53ce14528f00f01d.yaml Implement system admin role in domains API 3 years ago
bug-1794527-866b1caff67977f3.yaml Allow an explicit_domain_id parameter when creating a domain 3 years ago
bug-1794864-3116bf165a146be6.yaml Allow project users to retrieve domains 3 years ago
bug-1796887-eaea84e3f9a8ff9f.yaml Add caching on trust role validation to improve performance 3 years ago
bug-1801095-6e28d7a86719da74.yaml Added request_id and global_request_id to basic notifications 3 years ago
bug-1801873-0eb9a5ec3e801190.yaml Delete shadow users when domain is deleted 3 years ago
bug-1804292-0107869c7029f79e.yaml Remove region policies from policy.v3cloudsample.json 3 years ago
bug-1804446-1a281eadbb044070.yaml Update region policies to use system admin 3 years ago
bug-1804462-59ad43f98242dea0.yaml Remove service policies from policy.v3cloudsample.json 3 years ago
bug-1804463-74537652166cf656.yaml Update service policies for system admin 3 years ago
bug-1804482-aa95619320d098fa.yaml Remove endpoint policies from policy.v3cloudsample.json 3 years ago
bug-1804483-1d9ccfcb24f25f51.yaml Update endpoint policies for system admin 3 years ago
bug-1804516-24b0b10ed6fe0589.yaml Update idp policies for system admin 3 years ago
bug-1804517-a351aec088fee066.yaml Remove idp policies from policy.v3cloudsample.json 3 years ago
bug-1804519-8384a9ead261d4c2.yaml Remove mapping policies from policy.v3cloudsample.json 3 years ago
bug-1804520-d124599967923052.yaml Remove service provider policies from v3cloudsample.json 3 years ago
bug-1804521-3c0d9f567e8f532f.yaml Update mapping policies for system admin 3 years ago
bug-1804522-00df902cd2d74ee3.yaml Update service provider policies for system admin 3 years ago
bug-1804523-d1768909b13b167e.yaml Implement system admin role in protocol API 3 years ago
bug-1805363-0b85d71917ad09d1.yaml Implement system admin for OAUTH1 consumers 2 years ago
bug-1805366-670867516c6fc4bc.yaml Remove system Domain Config from policy.v3cloudsample.json 2 years ago
bug-1805368-ea32c2db2ae57225.yaml Implement domain admin support for grants 2 years ago
bug-1805369-ed98d3fcfafb5c43.yaml Add domain scope support for group policies 3 years ago
bug-1805371-249c8c9b562ab371.yaml Remove implied roles policies from v3cloudsample 2 years ago
bug-1805372-af4ebf4b19500b72.yaml Update limit policies for system admin 3 years ago
bug-1805400-c192be936d277ade.yaml Implement system scope for domain role management 2 years ago
bug-1805402-75d0d93f31af620f.yaml Update role policies for system admin 3 years ago
bug-1805403-c003627a64768716.yaml Implement system admin role in project API 3 years ago
bug-1805406-252b45d443af20b3.yaml Implement domain admin functionality for user API 3 years ago
bug-1805409-8bc6cc9f1c5bc672.yaml Implement system admin for policy association 2 years ago
bug-1805880-3fc6b30309a4370f.yaml Remove registered limit policies from policy.v3cloudsample.json 3 years ago
bug-1805880-0032024ea6b83563.yaml Remove limit policies from policy.v3cloudsample.json 2 years ago
bug-1806713-cf5feab23fc78a23.yaml Remove role policies from policy.v3cloudsample.json 3 years ago
bug-1806762-0b7356ace200a5d3.yaml Remove obsolete grant policies from policy.v3cloudsample.json 2 years ago
bug-1806762-08ff9eecdc03c554.yaml Remove policy.v3cloudsample.json 2 years ago
bug-1806762-09f414995924db23.yaml Consolidate user protection tests 3 years ago
bug-1806762-2092fee9f6c87dc3.yaml Remove redundant policies from v3cloudsample 3 years ago
bug-1806762-c3bfc71cb9bb94f3.yaml DRY: Remove redundant policies from policy.v3cloudsample.json 3 years ago
bug-1806762-daed3e27f58f0f6d.yaml Remove protocol policies from v3cloudsample.json 3 years ago
bug-1809116-b65502f3b606b060.yaml Add expiring user group memberships on mapped authentication 2 years ago
bug-1810393-5a7d379842c51d9b.yaml Invalidate shadow_federated_user cache when deleting protocol 3 years ago
bug-1811605-9d23080d7e949c25.yaml populate request context with X.509 tokenless cred information 3 years ago
bug-1813085-cf24b204e95fd7f5.yaml Handle special cases with msgpack and python3 3 years ago
bug-1814589-f3e7f554bee1c317.yaml Fixes incorrect params 3 years ago
bug-1815771-ae0e4118c552f01e.yaml Adds caching of credentials 3 years ago
bug-1816076-ba39508e6ade529e.yaml Update api-ref for federated objects in user 2 years ago
bug-1816927-e17f4e596e611380.yaml Add hint for order of keys during distribution 3 years ago
bug-1817313-c11481e6eed29ec2.yaml Raise METHOD NOT ALLOWED instead of 500 error on protocol CRUD 3 years ago
bug-1818725-96d698e22e648764.yaml implement system scope for application credential 2 years ago
bug-1818734-d753bfae60ffd030.yaml Add tests for project users interacting with endpoint_groups 2 years ago
bug-1818736-98ea186a074056f4.yaml Add tests for project users interacting with limits 2 years ago
bug-1818845-05f8c3af5ea9abc7.yaml Deprecate identity:revocation_list policy for removal 2 years ago
bug-1818846-d1a8c77d20659ad6.yaml Implement system admin for trusts API 2 years ago
bug-1819036-e2d24655c70d0aad.yaml Only validate tokens once per request 3 years ago
bug-1820333-356dcc8bf9f73fed.yaml PY3: Ensure LDAP searches use unicode attributes 3 years ago
bug-1823258-9f93dbdc0fa8441d.yaml Add immutable roles status check 2 years ago
bug-1823258-9649b56a440b5ae1.yaml Default to bootstrapping roles as immutable 2 years ago
bug-1831918-c70cf87ef086d871.yaml Add cadf auditing to credentials 2 years ago
bug-1832265-cb76ccf505c2d9d1.yaml token: consistently decode binary types 2 years ago
bug-1833739-f962e8caf3e22068.yaml Fix PostgreSQL specifc issue with credentials encoding 2 years ago
bug-1836568-66d853a1f22c5530.yaml Consolidate policy deprecation warnings 2 years ago
bug-1839133-24570c9fbacb530d.yaml Honor group_members_are_ids for user_enabled_emulation 2 years ago
bug-1839577-1226d86ea0744055.yaml Add support for previous TOTP windows 2 years ago
bug-1840291-35af1ac7ba06e166.yaml Add retry for DBDeadlock in credential delete 2 years ago
bug-1841486-425f367925f5e03f.yaml Federation mapping debug should show direct_maps values 2 years ago
bug-1843609-8498b132222596b7.yaml Make system tokens work with domain-specific drivers 2 years ago
bug-1844157-7808af9bcea0429d.yaml Use correct repo for initial version check 2 years ago
bug-1844194-48ae60db49f91bd4.yaml Add default roles and scope checking to project tags 2 years ago
bug-1844207-x27a31f3403xfd7y.yaml Add remote_id definition in _perform_auth 2 years ago
bug-1844461-08a8bdc5f613b88d.yaml Allow system/domain scope for assignment tree list 2 years ago
bug-1844664-905cf6cad2e032a7.yaml Implement scope type checking for Project Endpoints 2 years ago
bug-1848238-f6533644f7907358.yaml Fix release note link formatting 2 years ago
bug-1848342-317c9e4afa65a3ff.yaml Stop adding entry in local_user while updating ephemerals 2 years ago
bug-1855080-08b28181b7cb2470.yaml Fix credential list for project members 2 years ago
bug-1856881-277103af343187f1.yaml Ensure bootstrap handles multiple roles with the same name 2 years ago
bug-1856904-101af15bb48eb3ca.yaml Always have username in CADF initiator 2 years ago
bug-1856962-2c87d541da61c727.yaml Fix token auth error if federated_groups_id is empty list 2 years ago
bug-1858012-584267ada7e33f2c.yaml Fix role_assignments filter 2 years ago
bug-1872737-f8e1ad3b6705b766.yaml Check timestamp of signed EC2 token request 2 years ago
bug-1873290-ff7f8e4cee15b75a.yaml Ensure OAuth1 authorized roles are respected 2 years ago
bug1828565-0790c4c60ba34100.yaml Allow to filter endpoint groups by name 2 years ago
bug_1526462-df9a3f3974d9040f.yaml Release note cleanup 6 years ago
bug_1543048_and_1668503-7ead4e15faaab778.yaml Support new hashing algorithms for securely storing password hashes 5 years ago
bug_1674415-e8a7345aa2b05ab7.yaml Error messages are not translating with locale. 5 years ago
bug_1688188-256e3572295231a1.yaml Handle auto-generated domains when creating IdPs 4 years ago
bug_1698900-f195125bf341d887.yaml Include a link in release note for bug 1698900 4 years ago
catalog-caching-12f2532cfb71325a.yaml Add release notes for mitaka thus far 6 years ago
catalog_project_id-519f5a70f9f7c4c6.yaml Allow project_id in catalog substitutions 6 years ago
convert-keystone-to-flask-80d980e239b662b0.yaml Add Flaskification release-note 4 years ago
deprecate-endpoint-policy-cfg-option-d018acab72a398a0.yaml fix up release notes, file deprecations under right title 6 years ago
deprecate-memcache-token-persistence-eac88c80147ea241.yaml Mark memcache and memcache_pool token deprecated 6 years ago
deprecate-policies-api-b104fbd1d2367b1b.yaml Deprecate policies API 4 years ago
deprecate-v2-apis-894284c17be881d2.yaml reorganize mitaka release notes 6 years ago
deprecated-as-of-mitaka-8534e43fa40c1d09.yaml reorganize mitaka release notes 6 years ago
deprecated-as-of-newton-be1d8dbcc6bdc68f.yaml Deprecate keystone.common.kvs 6 years ago
deprecated-as-of-ocata-a5b2f1e3e39f818e.yaml Merge "add additional deprecation warnings for KVS options" 5 years ago
deprecated-as-of-pike-506f9aca91674550.yaml Deprecate (and slate for removal) UUID tokens 5 years ago
deprecated-as-of-queens-8ad7f826e4f08f57.yaml Replace URLs with URLs 3 years ago
deprecated-as-of-rocky-60b2fa05d07d3a28.yaml Deprecate [token] infer_roles=False 3 years ago
deprecated-as-of-stein-0166965502cb3be2.yaml Deprecate eventlet related configuration 3 years ago
deprecated-as-of-train-de3fe41ff2251385.yaml Deprecate [federation] federated_domain_name 2 years ago
deprecated-socket_timeout-option-d3358b4f2310706c.yaml Deprecate keystone.conf.memcache socket_timeout 2 years ago
domain-level-limit-support-60e1e330d06227ed.yaml Release note for domain level limit 3 years ago
drop-project-id-fk-b683b414e1585be8.yaml Drop foreign keys 2 years ago
enable-filter-idp-d0135f4615178cfc.yaml Support `id` and `enabled` attributes when listing service providers 6 years ago
enable-inherit-on-default-54ac435230261a6a.yaml Release note cleanup 6 years ago
endpoints-from-endpoint_group-project-association-7271fba600322fb6.yaml Release note cleanup 6 years ago
extensions-to-core-a0d270d216d47276.yaml Replace URLs with URLs 3 years ago
federation-group-ids-mapping-6c56120d65a5cb22.yaml Add release notes for mitaka-1 6 years ago
filter-mappings-by-entity-77162a146d375385.yaml Filter by entity_type in get_domain_mapping_list 3 years ago
httpd-keystone-d51b7335559b09c8.yaml fix up release notes, file deprecations under right title 6 years ago
identity_driver_new_change_password_method-e8c0e06795bca2d8.yaml PCI-DSS Minimum password age requirements 5 years ago
immutable-resource-options-bug-1807751-acc1e3c689484337.yaml Implement resource options for roles and projects 2 years ago
impl-templated-catalog-1d8f6333726b34f8.yaml Removes KVS catalog backend 6 years ago
implied-roles-026f401adc0f7fb6.yaml Release note cleanup 6 years ago
implied-roles-stable-8b293e187c5620ad.yaml Mark the implied role API as stable 4 years ago
insecure_reponse-2a168230709bc8e7.yaml Release note cleanup 6 years ago
integrate-osprofiler-ad0e16a542b12899.yaml Revert "Fix wrong links" 4 years ago
is-admin-24b34238c83b3a82.yaml Cleans up code for `is_admin` in tokens 6 years ago
ldap-conn-pool-enabled-90df94652f1ded53.yaml Enable LDAP connection pooling by default 6 years ago
ldap-emulation-91c4d535eb9c3d10.yaml Release note cleanup 6 years ago
limits-api-refactor-05abf9e6c2e75852.yaml Unified limit update APIs Refactor 4 years ago
list_limit-ldap-support-5d31d51466fc49a6.yaml Add release note for list_limit support 6 years ago
list_role_assignment_names-33aedc1e521230b6.yaml Fix nits in include names patch 6 years ago
mapping_populate-521d92445505b8a3.yaml Add mapping_populate command 5 years ago
migration_squash-f655329ddad7fc2a.yaml Release note cleanup 6 years ago
no-default-domain-2161ada44bf7a3f7.yaml Release note cleanup 6 years ago
notify-on-user-group-membership-8c0136ee0484e255.yaml Add notifications to user/group membership 6 years ago
oauth1-headers-content-type-9a9245d9bbec8f8e.yaml Replace the content type with correct one 5 years ago
oslo.cache-a9ce47bfa8809efa.yaml Revert "Fix wrong links" 4 years ago
password-created_at-nullable-b3c284be50d93ef5.yaml Fixes migration where password created_at is nullable 5 years ago
policy_new_federated_projects_for_user-dcd7bd148efef049.yaml Concrete role assignments for federated users 5 years ago
pre-cache-tokens-73450934918af26b.yaml Pre-cache new tokens 5 years ago
project-tags-1e72a6779d9d02c5.yaml Add project tags api-ref documentation and reno 4 years ago
projects_as_domains-3ea8a58b4c2965e1.yaml Release note cleanup 6 years ago
python3-support-e4189e0a1a6e2e4f.yaml Add python 3 release note. 6 years ago
remove-token-auth-middleware-5ea3b3734ce1d9e6.yaml Remove the TokenAuth middleware 4 years ago
remove-trust-auth-support-from-v2-de316c9ba46d556d.yaml Fix release note of removal of v2.0 trusts support 6 years ago
removed-as-of-mitaka-9ff14f87d0b98e7e.yaml Removed deprecated revoke KVS backend 6 years ago
removed-as-of-newton-721c06b5dcb1b34a.yaml remove deprecated revoke_by_expiration function 6 years ago
removed-as-of-ocata-436bb4b839e74494.yaml clean up release notes for ocata 5 years ago
removed-as-of-pike-deadbeefdeadbeef.yaml Remove loading drivers outside of their expected namespaces 5 years ago
removed-as-of-queens-94c04e88c08f89aa.yaml Remove duplicated release note 4 years ago
removed-as-of-rocky-f44c3ba7c3e73d01.yaml Remove enable config option of trust feature 3 years ago
removed-as-of-stein-5eb23253b72ab54e.yaml Clean up the create_arguments_apply methods 3 years ago
removed-as-of-train-92b2942a680eb859.yaml Remove [signing] config 2 years ago
removed-as-of-ussuri-d2f6ef8901ef54ed.yaml Stop testing Python 2 2 years ago
request_context-e143ba9c446a5952.yaml Release note cleanup 6 years ago
resource-backend-sql-only-03154d8712b36bd0.yaml Resource backend is SQL only now 4 years ago
resource-driver-33793dd5080ee4d2.yaml Revert "Resource backend is SQL only now" 2 years ago
revert-v2-token-issued-for-non-default-domain-25ea5337f158ef13.yaml Add release note for revert of c4723550aa95be403ff591dd132c9024549eff10 6 years ago
s3-aws-v4-c6cb75ce8d2289d4.yaml Add release notes for mitaka thus far 6 years ago
scope-and-default-roles-a733c235731bb558.yaml Add release prelude about changing policies 3 years ago
support_encrypted_credentials_at_rest-93dcb67b3508e91a.yaml Document credential encryption 5 years ago
tenant_id_to_project_id-42d95d93011785cb.yaml Replace 'tenant_id' with 'project_id' 3 years ago
token-formatter-ec58aba00fa83706.yaml Move token_formatter to token 4 years ago
token-provider-refactor-a3a64146807daf36.yaml Remove needs_persistence property from token providers 4 years ago
totp-40d93231714c6a20.yaml Revert "Fix wrong links" 4 years ago
unified-limit-api-improvment-b34d18769d18a0a7.yaml Add release note for unified limit APIs changing 3 years ago
use-correct-inspect-8142e317c1e39c2a.yaml Use inspect instead of Inspector.from_engine() 2 years ago
use-pyldap-6e811c28bf350d6d.yaml Use PyLDAP instead of python-ldap 6 years ago
use-python-ldap-0318ff7798bdd98d.yaml Switch to python-ldap 3 years ago
v2-dep-d6e7ab2d08119549.yaml Give a prospective removal date for all v2 APIs 5 years ago
v3-endpoints-in-v2-list-b0439816938713d6.yaml Add release notes for mitaka thus far 6 years ago
v9FederationDriver-cbebcf5f97e1eae2.yaml Release note cleanup 6 years ago
x509-auth-df0a229780b8e3ff.yaml Release note cleanup 6 years ago