Cache root urls with and without trailing slashes

The trailng slash on a pathless url is not meaningful, but we were
treating the url given to the discovery cache as if it were. In some
circumstances, such as an endpoint_override that didn't match the
found discovery document perfectly, a double-request could be made.
Normalize root urls in the caching code so that and would be the same.

Change-Id: I70a5911cf0f213a7816fe8d58c6cca4702ff71bb
Monty Taylor 5 years ago
parent 58ac4c059a
commit 106d91fb41
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@ -1415,6 +1415,18 @@ def get_discovery(session, url, cache=None, authenticated=False):
if session.auth and hasattr(session.auth, '_discovery_cache'):
# and should be treated the same
# for caching purposes.
parsed_url = urllib.parse.urlparse(url)
if parsed_url.path in ('', '/'):
url = urllib.parse.ParseResult(
for cache in caches:
disc = cache.get(url)

@ -341,6 +341,31 @@ class CommonIdentityTests(object):
self.assertIn(self.TEST_COMPUTE_ADMIN, discovery_cache.keys())
def test_discovery_trailing_slash(self):
# The discovery cache should treat root urls the same whether they have
# a slash or not. If the url is called a second time (meaning the cache
# didn't work, we'll hit the 500 error.
'', [
{'json': self.TEST_DISCOVERY},
{'status_code': 500}
sess = session.Session()
discovery_cache = {}
expected_url = ''
for test_endpoint in ('', ''):
disc = discover.get_discovery(
sess, test_endpoint, cache=discovery_cache)
url = disc.url_for(('2', '0'))
self.assertEqual(expected_url, url)
self.assertIn('', discovery_cache.keys())
self.assertNotIn('', discovery_cache.keys())
def test_discovering_with_no_data(self):
# which returns discovery information pointing to TEST_URL but there is
# no data there.

@ -0,0 +1,8 @@
- |
Fixed an issue where and were
being treated as different urls in the discovery cache resulting in a
second unneeded discovery call when someone sets an ``endpoint_override``
that didn't match the trailing-slash form given by that service's
discovery document.