User-friendly error message for DiscoveryFailure

The passage about discovery document and allow_version_hack makes little
sense for people unfamiliar with keystoneauth internals. What it
actually means in most cases is that the remote service is not
available. Rephrase the error message and add some debug logging.

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Dmitry Tantsur 2022-01-20 16:56:00 +01:00
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@ -1216,7 +1216,8 @@ class EndpointData(object):
except (exceptions.DiscoveryFailure,
exceptions.ConnectionError) as exc:
_LOGGER.debug('No version document at %s: %s', vers_url, exc)
if not self._disc:
# We couldn't find a version discovery document anywhere.
@ -1247,8 +1248,10 @@ class EndpointData(object):
# date enough to properly specify a version and keystoneauth
# can't deliver.
raise exceptions.DiscoveryFailure(
"Version requested but version discovery document was not"
" found and allow_version_hack was False")
"Unable to find a version discovery document at %s, "
"the service is unavailable or misconfigured. "
"Required version range (%s - %s), version hack disabled."
% (self.url, min_version or "any", max_version or "any"))
def _get_discovery_url_choices(
self, project_id=None, allow_version_hack=True,