Adding authentication compatibility for OpenStackClient

In ksa, plugins loading is managed by ksa.
OpenStackClient token_endpoint plugin expects get_auth_ref[1],
(a method consistent with ksa auth plugins) which is not implemented
in ksa token_endpoint.

This change will not change overall ksa behavior, as it only makes
OpenStackClient to be able to provide its token_endpoint plugin,
necessary for authentication migration in osc from ksc to ksa[2].


Change-Id: I7d8f9a9f071a0d37244f8985bd7d09d49ba79eb8
Closes-Bug: 1533369
Navid Pustchi 7 years ago
parent 943fde7d50
commit e066afd4c0

@ -36,3 +36,13 @@ class Token(plugin.BaseAuthPlugin):
parameters passed to the plugin.
return self.endpoint
def get_auth_ref(self, session, **kwargs):
"""Return the authentication reference of an auth plugin.
:param session: A session object to be used for communication
:type session: keystoneauth1.session.session
# token plugin does not have an auth ref, because it's a
# "static" authentication using a pre-existing token.
return None