Renamed endpoint to interface in docstring

The parameter was called 'endpoint_type' in keystoneclient. Moving to
keystoneauth1 the parameter was renamed to 'interface'. Updated the
docstring in service_catalog to reflect that.

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Kristi Nikolla 2016-03-17 15:47:25 -04:00
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@ -175,9 +175,9 @@ class ServiceCatalog(object):
a particular endpoint attribute. If no attribute is given, return
the first endpoint of the specified type.
Valid endpoint types: `public` or `publicURL`,
`internal` or `internalURL`,
`admin` or 'adminURL`
Valid interface types: `public` or `publicURL`,
`internal` or `internalURL`,
`admin` or 'adminURL`
:param string service_type: Service type of the endpoint.
:param string interface: Type of endpoint.