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Steve Martinelli e9c602689a Add release notes for keystoneauth
as mentioned in the mailing list, we need to include release notes
for libraries, note that we do not include changes for liberty.

Change-Id: I203a1c7d64fbf65492c7f4fd4cbf7c8970be561d
8 years ago
Brant Knudson 4465131953 Update .gitignore
There were some references to keystoneclient in .gitignore.

Change-Id: I6e0d64853820008a45d4f8b1cd66847e63e82d46
8 years ago
Florent Flament 7fb78add9d Fix auth_token middleware test invalid cross-device link issue
Fixes path of temporary files, containing token revocation lists,
which weren't in the appropriate directory. File renaming now works
properly since source and destination files are in the same directory,
and therefore on the same partition.

Added to .gitignore temporary files generated during tests, that are
not being removed at the end of test.

Change-Id: I21ff81419313f4205ebe552556e27b86135fd096
Closes-Bug: #1265190
10 years ago
Jenkins 5e9f2a887b Merge "Updates .gitignore" 10 years ago
Sushil Kumar 4ac3199b06 Updates .gitignore
Adding ignore for Eclipse IDE environment files
These files .project and .pydevproject should be
ignored while pushing to repositories.

Change-Id: If249ec02eb770ab66d2216939a0747dfa51e701a
Closes-Bug: #1256043
10 years ago
Zhenguo Niu 000fc603e8 Updates .gitignore
To ignore swap files from getting into repository
currently the implemented ignore is *.swp
however vim adds more swap files if these files exists,
so improving this with *.sw?

Change-Id: Iff581457cabe936b8b285142caff92fcc849f04a
Closes-Bug: #1255876
10 years ago
Monty Taylor a985862ad3 Migrate to pbr.
Fixes bug 1179007

Change-Id: Iceb63c223faab49be01baa36c035f703ddf59fc0
10 years ago
Monty Taylor d7f57cf83f Use testr instead of nose.
Part of blueprint grizzly-testtools

Change-Id: I76dee19781eaac21901b5c0258e83a42180c1702
10 years ago
Sascha Peilicke 943ddcf991 Add file 'ChangeLog' to
The file is missing from tarballs released at

Change-Id: I5c4f53f32b2e6b3741b03658d9c9472fca4226dd
11 years ago
Joe Heck b4376fc1c6 updating keystoneclient doc theme
adding in openstack theming
enabling last update from git
removing old manual references to API, converted entirely to autodoc
updated .gitignore
fixed docstring warnings and errors

Change-Id: Id22ddc446331d52cbf56c3462d8b532fc37f64ac
11 years ago
Monty Taylor 3e9c523741 Add post-tag versioning.
Change-Id: Ic6cff31681b77e865ea0f1715e882cf7f191f7cd
11 years ago
Bhuvan Arumugam a393258a66 Auto generate AUTHORS for python-keystoneclient.
Bug: 976267

Now that git commits are gated by CLA, we shouldn't enforce
committers to add an entry in AUTHORS file. The AUTHORS file
should be generated automatically, based on git commits.

This commit fixes the problem.

  Remove this file.

* .gitignore
  Add AUTHORS file.

* keystoneclient/openstack/common/
  generate_authors(): New method to create AUTHORS file. If file exists, append it's content to AUTHORS file.

  Import the new method.
  Generate AUTHORS file before creating the package.

* openstack-common.conf
  Add config file to copy libraries from openstack-common project,
  using script.

* keystoneclient/openstack/
* keystoneclient/openstack/common/
  Add new placeholders.

Change-Id: I1a17ee8f1e19e8ad522f0d2e37c04fffba5e16cb
11 years ago
Gabriel Hurley 3979af35cf Updates client to work with keystone essex roles API routes.
Also adds pep8 to requirements since it was missing, and adds the
automatically-created venv to the gitignore list.

Change-Id: Iafa05c1889d7706b79d0f9392a9ac24f2f5a1719
12 years ago
Gabriel Hurley ef3fc35038 Initial commit. 12 years ago