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Jamie Lennox 3f12f9e562 Update coverage to keystoneauth1
The .coveragerc file was pointing to the keystoneauth directory which no
longer exists. Update this to keystoneauth1.

Also remove the keystoneauth/openstack directory. This doesn't exist as
we don't have anything from oslo.incubator.

Change-Id: Icc4a4680bb9af5c2bfa230a5ffcf508740c06aae
2015-12-09 11:46:00 +11:00
Monty Taylor 3915102963 Change ignore-errors to ignore_errors
Needed for coverage 4.0

Change-Id: I9ebe49e2660ba50a1b4b9e0cc30181d12099e8b9
2015-09-21 14:28:05 +00:00
Morgan Fainberg f70d313def Initial Split of python-keystoneclient to keystoneauth
Change-Id: Ib33d022506072749e23caf6d9defbcc9a65c8b48
2015-04-20 14:49:59 -07:00
Jamie Lennox 0dc75163d8 Move tests in keystoneclient
This is the suggested location for tests and is adopted by most
projects. As part of this change relative imports to package imports.

Fix all the test running and coverage code to point to the new location.

Change-Id: I01264aed14f396ab9a7242e3e72b71e1bc332675
2013-09-24 12:34:17 +10:00
Alessio Ababilov f4f0cdf310 Update .coveragerc
Set up proper source and omit options.

Change-Id: Ieb6e514849e6fc054ce563806243d29f4ff2075c
Implements: blueprint update-coveragerc
2013-02-06 16:47:06 +02:00
Monty Taylor 19c6787575 Update to latest openstack.common setup code.
Change-Id: I044447b162e97d7464e49ba7fed0d41a757a3210
2012-06-14 14:36:27 -04:00