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Monty Taylor 09934718f7 Add support for client-side rate limiting
shade/openstacksdk has implemented client-side rate limiting on top of
keystoneauth for ages and uses it extensively in nodepool. As part of an
effort to refactor that code a new approach was devised which was much
simpler and therfore suitable for inclusion in keystoneauth directly.

The underlying goal is two-fold, but fundamentally is about allowing a
user to add some settings so that they can avoid slamming their cloud.
First, allow a user to express that they never want to exceed a given
rate. Second, allow a user to limit the number of concurrent requests
allowed to be in flight.

The settings and logic are added to Adapter and not Session so that the
settings can easily be per-service. There is no need to block requests
to nova on a neutron rate limit, after all.

Co-Authored-By: Ian Wienand <>
Change-Id: Ic831e03a37d804f45b7ee58c87f92fa0f4411ad8
2019-02-28 22:14:24 +00:00