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Alex Oughton e3009ab365 Disables TCP_KEEPCNT when using Windows Subsystem for Linux
The Windows Subsystem for Linux is not a complete implementation
of the Linux APIs, and setting TCP_KEEPCNT is currently
unimplmenented. Attempting to use this option will cause HTTP
connections to fail. This change checks if we are running under
WSL, and disables changing TCP_KEEPCNT parameters if so.

Change-Id: Ic8b41dea2a75660d9adbce88a00a0fe703a4d120
Closes-Bug: #1614688
7 years ago
Navid Pustchi 2caee11017 Fixing D301 docstring.
Currently tox ignores D301 (D301: Use r”“” if anybackslashes in a
docstring). This change removes D301 ignore.
All pep8 violatios are fixed.

Change-Id: Icfe41f21ce26e687c322daca4a927de2ebdb9848
7 years ago
Jamie Lennox f21def7061 Use positional library instead of our own copy
The positional library was spun directly out of what keystoneauth1 was
using so this is a fairly trivial change.

Change-Id: I7931ed1547d2a05e2d248bc3240a576dc68a0a40
7 years ago
TerryHowe 36ef23591d Keep a consistent logger name for keystoneauth
As keystoneauth comes out with new releases, it would be
convenient if the logger name did not change.

Change-Id: Ica4102db27fa6cd2a3eaa1dac647abe02b4543a2
8 years ago
Morgan Fainberg a0000e4e9a Move to the keystoneauth1 namespace
Conver from the keystoneauth namespace to keystoneauth1. This is to
ensure that is is possible to install all versions of keystoneauth

Change-Id: Ibbaf11525980c8edb5968d8b8ee19c55094e77d8
8 years ago