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Dmitry Tantsur d21c52867f Provide the default get_auth_ref implementation
osc-lib tries to call it, failing for e.g. http_basic.

Change-Id: Iacfba0940beda4dce2a9be0c863cb506d4013e2f
3 years ago
Dmitry Tantsur 981a19bba1 Correct major version discovery for non-keystone plugins
When a non-keystone plugin is used together with an unversioned endpoint,
we give up on discovery before figuring out both major version and
the correct endpoint. This is because get_endpoint_data is called with
discover_versions=False, so discovery assumes we have all information
already. It may be an issue in discovery itself, but I'm afraid to
touch that code. Instead, if get_endpoint_data returns no API version
with discover_versions=False, try with discover_versions=True, which
matches what the identity plugins do.

Also increase the unit test coverage.

Change-Id: Ie623931b150748d7759cf276e0023a2f06a8d4db
3 years ago
Monty Taylor b95a89e3ff Fix get_endpoint_data for non-keystone plugins
We expect endpoint_override, but these plugins won't necessary
have it, they have endpoint instead.

Co-Authored-By: Dmitry Tantsur <>
Change-Id: Iead4b95c1f5b8d84cec705da32f41049e2eea641
3 years ago
Monty Taylor 2585047ffc
Protect against endpoint_data not existing
It's possible in get_api_major_version that the endpoint in question is
not found at all. In that case, we are documented to return None, but
what we do instead is throw an exception trying to get data off of the
None object.

Change-Id: I06ad497854f4e95a1a2a4a93241b244fc476b139
5 years ago
Jenkins 89333b6fa0 Merge "Add version discovery support to BaseAuthPlugin" 6 years ago
Gage Hugo 65dffd87fa Correct docs usage of keystoneauth1 session
keystoneclient.session has been long deprecated in favor of
keystoneauth1.session. This change corrects entries in the
documentation to use the correct library's session.

Change-Id: I08f8989e335e442787fa4c75497ee4be3a1ec35a
6 years ago
Monty Taylor 46286b1cf9
Add version discovery support to BaseAuthPlugin
The new 'none' auth plugin and the old 'admin_token' plugin
are subclasses of BaseAuthPluign, not BaseIdentityPlugin.
That means if someone does:

  s = session.Session(noauth.NoAuth())
  a = adapter.Adapter(s, endpoint_override='')

to get an Adapter on an endpoint using the none plugin, then does




it will fail because the none plugin doesn't have those methods.

There is, however, nothing about those methods that necessarily needs
authentication. That is, they can work just fine in contexts without
a keystone token or without authentication of any sort.

Ironic/Bifrost is specifically a usecase here, as standalone Ironic
wants to use the 'none' plugin, but consuming the API still needs to
get microversion info from the given endpoint.

Add methods to BaseAuthPlugin that take less arguments since the ones
about finding services in catalogs make zero sense in none/admin_token

Change-Id: Id9bd19cca68206fc64d23b0eaa95aa3e5b01b676
6 years ago
Navid Pustchi 2e0c0030a9 Removing tox ignore D400.
Currently tox ignores D400 (D400: First line should end with a period).
This change removes D400 ignore.
All pep8 violatios are fixed.

Change-Id: I9190a15a36c90d3c60a9c520cb53d5f182b0c4e9
7 years ago
Brant Knudson 73b1e66a16 Improve usability of docs
There's several references to BaseAuthPlugin, unfortunately the
docs for BaseAuthPlugin didn't lead to anywhere useful. Added
links to the implementations so developers know what to do next.

Change-Id: I8cf0f54cdec358238774636ba1d42f11e7ace555
7 years ago
Brant Knudson d493e71070 Docstring corrections
Fixes some of the more obvious issues with docstrings.

Change-Id: I85faf10ecc99f3ab9f0d5670e32df74bedd02793
8 years ago
Jamie Lennox 55a39fc2d0 Allow saving and caching the plugin auth state
Particularly for allowing the CLI to store and reuse previous
authentication allow an application to extract and reinstall the
auth state from a plugin.

We provide a method that returns a dictionary of all of the identifiable
information that is used to create a plugin. This dictionary is hashed
to uniquely identify the plugin.

We then have a get_auth_state and set_auth_state function, the return of
which is intended to be opaque to the calling application. If the plugin
created returns an ID of an existing authentication you can call
set_auth_state to load that state. If the state is out of date it will
be refreshed as per normal otherwise it will be used instead of
authenticating again.

There is not support for caching federated tokens in this patch. They
will follow the exact same pattern and are not much harder they just
need a way for subclasses to signal they are cachable and so can be done
as a follow up.

Implements: bp cachable-auth
Change-Id: I4eebe7ff8060a37f19af5decfa3a8313cfb7c207
8 years ago
Jamie Lennox efcadd6937 Split plugin loading
One of the issues raised with keystoneclient plugins is the way that
loading of a plugin is mixed in with the definition of a plugin. Amongst
other things this really meant that there was only one way to utilize
each plugin class, to do another plugin that utilized an existing one
you would have to define a new class and proxy to it.

In this patch we split the concerns. There is a whole new section called
loading that is solely responsible for ways to load the auth plugin from
CLI or from argparse and other future methods.

This new section will likely be split into its own repository.

Change-Id: I8387b86fc0e3a8403f9806440196e8723eaf1ee4
8 years ago