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Simon Li 1a138049f7 fix: miss attr _discovery_cache in ServiceTokenAuthWrapper
Add the super method to the ServiceTokenAuthWrapper class
to get the _discovery_cache attribute of the parent class.

the error info is below while neutron is authenticated by
keystoneauth plug in task inspector enroll baremetal node:
ERROR oslo_messaging.rpc.server:
Exception during message handling: AttributeError:
'ServiceTokenAuthWrapper' object has no attribute '_discovery_cache'

Change-Id: Icc7c4e25a123b5565c94f43f932ee32f9f304a76
1 year ago
Jamie Lennox e69cff8654 Add a service token wrapper
There are cases from a service where you have to wrap and pass a User
and Service token together to make things work. Add a wrapper that adds
both the user and service token to requests.

This will be something we will handle differently in auth_token
middleware but should still provide for other implementations.

Change-Id: I284f799d1f9e8d33ff032376af02b64cd6bbf510
7 years ago