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Monty Taylor ea3bfb1beb
Migrate to stestr
ostestr has already updated to stestr. Update the files here to make
sure it works properly.

Change-Id: I172cbb158f728a74bcb976fa68b78c28589eaa0c
6 years ago
melissaml 885acfec57 Update URLs in documents according to document migration
Change-Id: I5afc149ab61e037cb3d9dd355975802a37342cf8
6 years ago
Eric Brown 049e2e6b9b Use https for * references
The pages now support https and our references to
the site should by default be one signed by the organization.

Change-Id: I8a0588259d7b3fc8bd10504ffba7129b840e2a0d
6 years ago
Morgan Fainberg f70d313def Initial Split of python-keystoneclient to keystoneauth
Change-Id: Ib33d022506072749e23caf6d9defbcc9a65c8b48
8 years ago
Joe Gordon bf8bb2fe15 Make HACKING.rst DRYer and turn into rst file
Rename HACKING to HACKING.rst since it is a rst file and
reference the OpenStack hacking guide and remove
duplicated entries.

Change-Id: I9994594c7f8cb0f011d949b273bea08c68985e16
10 years ago