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Clenimar Sousa b1f1e50a0d Add is_domain to keystoneauth token
This patch allows keystoneauth to handle the v3 project scoped token
'is_domain' flag, that represents whether the scoped project acts as a

Follow on patches will build on this to create policy rules to execute
domain scoped token operations with project tokens.

Change-Id: I28bea2aa1e1ab299eba1dfa9f0a8451a7846a5d5
Partially-Implements: add-isdomain-to-token
Depends-On: Ic0bd0c6cf2c47680063752820a067cf40d47b184
7 years ago
.. Make __all__ immutable 8 years ago Add is_domain to keystoneauth token 7 years ago Renamed endpoint to interface in docstring 7 years ago Move AccessInfo objects into own module 8 years ago