485 Commits (master)

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  Colleen Murphy 5f093bf5ee Add validation of app cred access rules 5 months ago
  Colleen Murphy d040cf67fb Remove Diablo compatibility tests 1 month ago
  Lance Bragstad 0c3b3f5ee2 Fix bandit warning 1 month ago
  Morgan Fainberg b3e84aafc0 Remove PKI/PKIZ support 8 months ago
  Jens Harbott f6037a3d50 Add a new option to choose the Identity endpoint 3 months ago
  ushen fe36fa6b7c print auth version for request strategy in debug 2 months ago
  Sean McGinnis 27b916ee1b
Fix string format error 3 months ago
  ZhongShengping caa899b93d Fix service_token_role_required option 5 months ago
  Yang Youseok 4e51cb8e6b Add auth invalidation in auth_token for identity endpoint update 5 months ago
  Leehom Li (feli5) 82707e15a5 Make sure audit middleware use own context 7 months ago
  Artem Vasilyev f2f5820c5f Added request_id and global_request_id to CADF notifications 8 months ago
  David Olorundare 67fc715838 Documentation Fix - auth_url Port Number 8 months ago
  Morgan Fainberg 7e1b536259 Stop supporting revocation list 8 months ago
  Michael Johnson 782729b6e9 Fix audit target service selection 9 months ago
  Guang Yee 6779838a24 Skip the services with no endpoints when parsing service catalog 8 months ago
  Tim Burke da5932affc Respect delay_auth_decision when Keystone is unavailable 10 months ago
  wangxiyuan 4fb7fef1ea No need to compare CONF content 10 months ago
  Tim Burke 86904543eb Handle DiscoveryFailure errors 1 year ago
  Morgan Fainberg c46f29278d Fix KeystoneMiddleware memcachepool abstraction 1 year ago
  Lance Bragstad 245c91f2e3 Introduce new header for system-scoped tokens 1 year ago
  OpenStack Proposal Bot c64c10640f Imported Translations from Zanata 1 year ago
  wangxiyuan a78a25ea23 Double quote www_authenticate_uri 1 year ago
  Tim Burke e503fbd941 Only include response body if there's a response 1 year ago
  Tim Burke 4cb87b7e84 Properly zero out max_retries in test_http_error_not_cached_token 1 year ago
  OpenStack Proposal Bot 4be4ae54d0 Imported Translations from Zanata 1 year ago
  wangxiyuan 33a712bed7 Fix the AttributeError: __exit__ error 1 year ago
  wangxiyuan ce06c0ce10 Add arguments for MemcacheClientPool init 1 year ago
  wangxiyuan 8e9255d56d Remove kwargs_to_fetch_token 1 year ago
  Chris Dent d3352ff422 Identify the keystone service when raising 503 1 year ago
  Stefan Nica e83bd0bc3c Add option to disable using oslo_message notifier 1 year ago
  Mehdi Abaakouk 4531809d60 cfg.CONF must not be used directly 1 year ago
  John Dennis 8b648488b2 Log TokenNotFound at INFO level instead of WARNING 1 year ago
  Mehdi Abaakouk a08bc44e04 rel-note and doc for lazy loading of oslo_cache 1 year ago
  Mehdi Abaakouk 35fa0e1da1 lazy loading of oslo_cache 1 year ago
  Abhishek Sharma 0c0eae3b1e Expect paste.deploy and gnocchi/panko options 1 year ago
  Jamie Lennox 9d8e2836fe Use oslo_cache in auth_token middleware 3 years ago
  OpenStack Proposal Bot 7dee31007b Imported Translations from Zanata 1 year ago
  Tin Lam 74455d8057 Fix py3 byte/string error 1 year ago
  Colleen Murphy 409b482253 Rename auth_uri to www_authenticate_uri 1 year ago
  Jamie Lennox 19e602c683 Issue a deprecation warning for validating PKI tokens 1 year ago
  Tin Lam 04735348de Fix gate error caused by mocked URLs 1 year ago
  Gage Hugo 204b21acea Correct docs usage of keystoneauth1 session 1 year ago
  Morgan Fainberg 6f63f09735 Remove use of positional decorator 1 year ago
  Matthew Edmonds efb1fb99d8 strip whitespace from token 2 years ago
  Lance Bragstad 13c2a15ae6 Update comment about fetch token kwargs 2 years ago
  Hangdong Zhang 4a72cd6c3b Update URLs in documentation 2 years ago
  Van Hung Pham 8c017470ad Replace six.iteritems() with .items() 2 years ago
  zlyqqq 1524300372 Redundant adminURL in test_gives_v2_catalog 2 years ago
  Van Hung Pham c415496c22 Using assertFalse(A) instead of assertEqual(False, A) 2 years ago
  Tin Lam e402c61cc5 Removing double spaces 2 years ago