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OAuth 2.0 Mutual-TLS Support
4 weeks ago
.placeholder Add release notes for keystonemiddleware 7 years ago
allow-expired-5ddbabcffc5678af.yaml Pass ?allow_expired 6 years ago
authprotocol-accepts-oslo-config-config-a37212b60f58e154.yaml Fix typo 'olso' to 'oslo' 7 years ago
bp-oauth2-client-credentials-ext-19a40c655ee43f57.yaml OAuth2.0 Client Credentials Grant Flow Support 7 months ago
bp-support-oauth2-mtls-2d2686c9d5b1fe1f.yaml OAuth 2.0 Mutual-TLS Support 4 weeks ago
bp-whitelist-extension-for-app-creds-badf088c8ad584bb.yaml Add validation of app cred access rules 4 years ago
bug-1490804-87c0ff8e764945c1.yaml auth_token verify revocation by audit_id 7 years ago
bug-1544840-a534127f8663e40f.yaml Adding audit middleware specific notification driver conf 7 years ago
bug-1583690-da67472d7afff0bf.yaml Determine project name from oslo_config or local config 7 years ago
bug-1583699-dba4fe6c057e2be5.yaml Make sure audit can handle API requests which does not require a token 7 years ago
bug-1583702-a4469dc1556878b9.yaml use local config options if available in audit middleware 7 years ago
bug-1649735-3c68f3243e474775.yaml Remove PKI/PKIZ support 4 years ago
bug-1677308-a2fa7de67f21cd84.yaml Replace pycrypto with cryptography 6 years ago
bug-1695038-2cbedcabf8ecc057.yaml Add option to disable using oslo_message notifier 5 years ago
bug-1737115-fa3d41e3d3cd7177.yaml rel-note and doc for lazy loading of oslo_cache 5 years ago
bug-1737119-4afe548d28fbf8bb.yaml cfg.CONF must not be used directly 5 years ago
bug-1747655-6e563d9317bb0f13.yaml Identify the keystone service when raising 503 5 years ago
bug-1762362-3d092b15c7bab3a4.yaml Double quote www_authenticate_uri 5 years ago
bug-1766731-3b29192cfeb77964.yaml Introduce new header for system-scoped tokens 5 years ago
bug-1782404-c4e37bbc83756a89.yaml Fix KeystoneMiddleware memcachepool abstraction 5 years ago
bug-1789351-102e2e5119be38b4.yaml No need to compare CONF content 5 years ago
bug-1800017-0e5a9b8f62b5ca60.yaml Skip the services with no endpoints when parsing service catalog 4 years ago
bug-1803940-9a39c66014763af0.yaml Added request_id and global_request_id to CADF notifications 4 years ago
bug-1809101-6b5088443d5970ba.yaml Make sure audit middleware use own context 4 years ago
bug-1813739-80eae72371903119.yaml trivial: fix convention in release note 4 years ago
bug_1540115-677cf5016bc46348.yaml Use extras for oslo.messaging dependency 7 years ago
change-default-identity-endpoint-fab39579255c31bb.yaml Change the default Identity endpoint to internal 3 years ago
delay_auth_instead_of_503-f9b46bf4fbc11455.yaml Respect delay_auth_decision when Keystone is unavailable 5 years ago
deprecate-caching-tokens-in-process-a412b0f1dea84cb9.yaml Deprecate in-process cache 7 years ago
deprecate-eventlet-unsafe-memcacheclientpool-f8b4a6733513d73e.yaml Switch to eventlet-safe oslo.cache's MemcacheClientPool 2 years ago
drop-py-2-7-6655f421a9cac0a2.yaml [ussuri][goal] Drop python 2.7 support and testing 3 years ago
drop-python-3-6-and-3-7-c407d5898c5eafec.yaml Update python testing as per zed cycle teting runtime 10 months ago
ec2-v2-removal-6a886210cbc9d3e9.yaml Change ec2 URLs to v3 3 years ago
fix-audit-no-service-endpoint-ports-72b2009d631dcf19.yaml Fix audit target service selection 4 years ago
interface-option-ed551d2a3162668d.yaml Add a new option to choose the Identity endpoint 4 years ago
ksm_4.1.0-3cd78446d8e63616.yaml create release notes for ksm 4.1.0 7 years ago
remove_kwargs_to_fetch_token-20e3451ed192ab6a.yaml Remove kwargs_to_fetch_token 5 years ago
removed-as-of-ussuri-4e1ea485ba8801c9.yaml Remove v2.0 functionality 3 years ago
rename-auth-uri-d223d883f5898aee.yaml Rename auth_uri to www_authenticate_uri 6 years ago
s3token_auth_uri-490c1287d90b9df7.yaml s3token config with auth URI 7 years ago
x-is-admin-project-header-97f1882e209fe727.yaml Pass X_IS_ADMIN_PROJECT header from auth_token 7 years ago