OpenStack Identity (Keystone) Middleware
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Jorge Merlino e05466c5f4 Remove cache invalidation when using expired token
This can create a race condition for long running services that reuse
their token (eg. Kubernetes Cinder CSI plugin) in this case for

1 [user] Asks nova to attach a volume to a server
2 ...the user's token expires
3 [user] Asks cinder if the volume has been attached
4 [nova] Asks cinder to attach the volume

In step 3 the token is marked as invalid in the cache and step 4 fails
even if allow_expired is true

Closes-Bug: #1987355
Change-Id: Ice8e34440a5fe1baa370646ed70b5e085c4af70e
6 months ago
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Middleware for the OpenStack Identity API (Keystone)

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This package contains middleware modules designed to provide authentication and authorization features to web services other than Keystone <>. The most prominent module is keystonemiddleware.auth_token. This package does not expose any CLI or Python API features.

For information on contributing, see CONTRIBUTING.rst.

For any other information, refer to the parent project, Keystone: