5113 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Radosław Piliszek 44f88d16ac Allow to configure docker for Zun 4 days ago
  Radosław Piliszek de2f7be981 TrivialFix: remove unused template var 5 days ago
  Rafael Weingärtner 22a6223b1b Standardize the configuration of "oslo_messaging" section 3 weeks ago
  Kien Nguyen 577bb50a04 Add Masakari Ansible role 9 months ago
  Radosław Piliszek 03b4c706fa Allow cinder coordination backend to be configured 5 days ago
  chenxing 673bbd5678 update horizon configuration for python3 migrating 2 weeks ago
  Scott Solkhon 8acbb32b95 Add missing when condition for swift config files 5 days ago
  Scott Solkhon dcaa5f0b3d Fix idempotency of fluentd customisations 6 days ago
  Scott Solkhon b3d07a4b52 Add missing Octavia policy file to Horizon 6 days ago
  Scott Solkhon d72b27f2d1 Add support for Swift S3 API 6 days ago
  Scott Solkhon dea87cde97 Fix swift log level configuration 6 days ago
  Keith Plant b95ff2d1db Configure Telegraf to monitor Docker containers 1 week ago
  Marcin Juszkiewicz bf7ed6be04 Set 'distro_python_version' variable 1 week ago
  Radosław Piliszek 85a5fb55c4 Fix FWaaS service provider (v2, Stein issue) 1 week ago
  Doug Szumski 339ea2bdeb Support namespacing RabbitMQ logs 1 week ago
  Mark Goddard a13bc55042 Use default BGP speaker driver in bgp_dragent.ini 1 week ago
  Michal Nasiadka ad9e8786a3 Add support for sha256 in ceph key distribution 3 months ago
  Marcin Juszkiewicz 35941738d5 Stop using MountFlags=shared in Docker configuration 2 weeks ago
  Mark Goddard ec07524054 Enable iscsid on cinder-backup hosts 1 week ago
  Mark Goddard f63e36780b Remove support for Docker legacy packages 1 week ago
  wangwei cd519db139 Support mon and osd to be named with hostname 3 months ago
  pangliye 93e868360d Add Kafka input to telegraf config 2 months ago
  Radosław Piliszek 67cedb7ad5 Do not require EPEL repo on RHEL-based target hosts 2 weeks ago
  Radosław Piliszek 826f6850d0 ceph: fixes to deployment and upgrade 3 weeks ago
  chenxing a1ab06d244 Remove unnecessary option from group_vars/all.yml 2 weeks ago
  Radosław Piliszek 19b345de3e Fix fluentd monasca pos path for Debian/Ubuntu x86_64 2 weeks ago
  Jeffrey Zhang 1537f6ed66 Remove FWaaS v1 related options 1 month ago
  Jason 7d28476177
Do not recreate Blazar DB if using preconfigured 5 months ago
  Jason Anderson 464fefb1ef
[gnocchi] Don't recursively modify file perms on start 1 month ago
  Mark Goddard 1abd15d4a6 Fix glance bootstrap with file backend 1 month ago
  Radosław Piliszek 6a737b1968 Fix handling of docker restart policy 1 month ago
  Michal Nasiadka efcaf400b8 ceph-nfs: Add rpcbind to Ubuntu host bootstrap 1 month ago
  Mark Goddard 7b9397566a Fix ironic inspector iPXE boot with UEFI 1 month ago
  Mark Goddard d5e5e885d1 During deploy, always sync DB 4 months ago
  Mark Goddard 602f89baa6 Fix glance with file backend 1 month ago
  Radosław Piliszek b166d2550e Do not require valid migration_interface for controllers 1 month ago
  Radosław Piliszek 0c00915c41 Enhance merge_* action plugins to allow expected relative includes 1 month ago
  Michal Nasiadka 4e3054b5da Add 'allow *' to getting ceph mds keyring 1 month ago
  Mark Goddard 5be093ac5a Fix nova deploy with Ansible<2.8 1 month ago
  Mariusz c68ed4dd51 Handle more return codes from nova-status upgrade check 1 month ago
  Mark Goddard 86f373a198 Fixes for MariaDB bootstrap and recovery 1 month ago
  Michal Nasiadka b2c17d6051 Add mon address to ceph release version check 1 month ago
  Mark Goddard e6d0e610c5 Deprecate Ceph deployment 1 month ago
  Christian Berendt dc3489df18 Add parameters to configure number of processes and threads of horizon 1 month ago
  Mark Goddard c38dd76711 Wait for all compute services before cell discovery 1 month ago
  Rafael Weingärtner 97cb30cdd8 Cloudkitty InfluxDB Storage backend via Kolla-ansible 3 months ago
  Mark Goddard 9cac1137d0 Add upgrade-bifrost command 1 month ago
  Mark Goddard 0a769dc30b Bump minimum Ansible version to 2.5 1 month ago
  Will Szumski 9074da56a7 Specify endpoint when creating monasca user 1 month ago
  Mark Goddard 177d6c72c2 Remove nova [DEFAULT]firewall_driver option 1 month ago