183 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Pierre Riteau c81772024c Reduce the use of SQLAlchemy connection pooling 2 months ago
  Mark Goddard 761ea9a333 Support TLS encryption of RabbitMQ client-server traffic 6 months ago
  Rafael Weingärtner f425c0678f Standardize use and construction of endpoint URLs 5 months ago
  James Kirsch d6251506f7 Add support for encrypting Nova API 6 months ago
  ramboman 0e9a81fdca Fix Barbican client (Castellan) with TLS 4 months ago
  Jeffrey Zhang 8523ab569d Manage nova scheduler workers count 7 months ago
  Mark Goddard 0edad7138c Remove default(omit) from openstack_cacert in templates 7 months ago
  James Kirsch c15dc20341 Configure services to use Certificate Authority 11 months ago
  Pierre Riteau 96590822de Use valid_interfaces instead of os_interface for placement 1 year ago
  yuchengde 44a302d7d2 Allow nova to delete volume with cinder auth 1 year ago
  Radosław Piliszek ebf88232dd [nova][train] Remove deprecated RetryFilter 1 year ago
  Doug Szumski 78a828ef42 Support multiple nova cells 1 year ago
  Radosław Piliszek bc053c09c1 Implement IPv6 support in the control plane 1 year ago
  Radosław Piliszek b4ef4638a6 Fix enforced horizon redirect to https 1 year ago
  Joseph M 096555dcf2 [nova] Fix service catalog lookup of Neutron endpoint 1 year ago
  Will Szumski 94d824dd0e Use secure websocket for nova serial console proxy when TLS enabled 1 year ago
  Krzysztof Klimonda b0ecd8b67c Implement TLS encryption for internal endpoints 1 year ago
  Rafael Weingärtner 22a6223b1b Standardize the configuration of "oslo_messaging" section 1 year ago
  Radosław Piliszek b166d2550e Do not require valid migration_interface for controllers 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard 177d6c72c2 Remove nova [DEFAULT]firewall_driver option 1 year ago
  Radosław Piliszek ce680bcfe2 Avoid parallel discover_hosts (nova-related race condition) 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard 002eec951f nova: Fix DBNotAllowed during compute startup 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard 40497507ee Use endpoint_override for nova-compute-ironic 1 year ago
  Jim Rollenhagen d1d1837c25 Allow ironic services to use independent hostnames 1 year ago
  Jim Rollenhagen 2e4e60503a Use keystone_*_url var in all configs 1 year ago
  Jim Rollenhagen 255fff02b7 Allow neutron services to use independent hostnames 1 year ago
  Jim Rollenhagen a819ef1215 Allow glance services to use independent hostnames 1 year ago
  Jim Rollenhagen 51c9e1b633 Allow nova services to use independent hostnames 1 year ago
  Christian Berendt 864e589803 nova: add support for a dedicated migration network 2 years ago
  Matt Riedemann e4a9d48f20 Remove usage of nova's RamFilter 2 years ago
  ZhongShengping ae246945a6 Deprecate auth_uri option 2 years ago
  Gary Kotton 0ef27dd076 Add support for NSXV3 2 years ago
  Zhangfei Gao ce809aea23 osprofiler support redis 2 years ago
  chenxing 1da05bd5be Update the deprecated vnc options 2 years ago
  Matt Riedemann bb61590399 Remove ironic_host_manager usage 2 years ago
  Kevin TIBI a81a5d5d5d Fix SSL api for multiple services 2 years ago
  Gerry Buteau 2f69b3cbc6 Configure Infoblox as an IPAM driver for neutron 2 years ago
  ZhongShengping a13b478a9a Deprecate os_region_name option 2 years ago
  Jianghua Wang 3b89a7d466 XenAPI: use dom0's hostname for nova-compute 2 years ago
  Dai Dang Van d77930373e Support policy.yaml file [part 2] 2 years ago
  Eduardo Gonzalez 31f7732aef Implement blazar ansible role 3 years ago
  Marcin Juszkiewicz dff7896d02 nova: set libvirt/cpu_mode on aarch64 to working value 2 years ago
  Marcin Juszkiewicz f5fcc868b2 nova: add an option for no console 2 years ago
  Jianghua Wang 0c8a033a03 XenAPI: support XenAPI in nova configuration 3 years ago
  Andrew Smith fd1d3af0df Add support for hybrid messaging backends 3 years ago
  Vladislav Belogrudov 7c448f39c2 Add Barbican section in Nova and Cinder to use disk encryption 3 years ago
  goldyfruit f82b6b5dc0 Wrong secure_proxy_ssl_header value in nova.conf.j2 template 3 years ago
  Paul Bourke 182cea7820 Update Nova to use Cinder v3 3 years ago
  guochao c9eaf9158b Add vSphere support to nova_compute 3 years ago
  Yotaro Konishi c1ed80fe84 Fix configuration for nova_compute_ironic 3 years ago