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  Mark Goddard b81a43418b Update quickstart instructions 1 week ago
  Doug Szumski c86ab7cf41 Update Monasca docs to use enable_openstack_core flag 1 week ago
  Scott Solkhon a781c64319 Support separate Swift storage networks 1 month ago
  Doug Szumski c8a22f1090 Support customising Fluentd formatting 1 month ago
  Arkadiy Shinkarev 1d9f4f9ff1 Added ability to skip enabled backends pre-check 4 months ago
  Mark Goddard fba5e1ce7d Update links in docs to latest 1 month ago
  Christian Berendt 3a5ef38f3b Add elasticsearch_datadir_volume 1 month ago
  Doug Szumski ecf0009608 Automate Monasca documentation for configuring Kafka 2 months ago
  Pedro Alvarez 6c6759e9a0 Fix link to Manila Guide 2 months ago
  caowei cce2c53ebb Option "scheduler_default_filters" from group "DEFAULT" is deprecated. 7 months ago
  Scott Solkhon 9dbd300786 updating Designate docs with Infoblox configuration 2 months ago
  binhong.hua 93e5e8e631 Link kolla_log volume dir to /var/log/kolla 2 months ago
  binhong.hua 3d3f5f1613 add ulimit support for kolla_docker 2 months ago
  zhangshj 199133a9cc Correct two wrong words 3 months ago
  Michal Nasiadka 03d27cb8d9 Add ceph docs note about rgw keystone integration. 3 months ago
  tone.zhang 4ff993c45e Doc: Update Kolla Ceph document for mixed Ceph OSD deployment 3 months ago
  Mark Goddard 91e17b23d4 Add documentation for bootstrap-servers command 4 months ago
  Patrick O'Neill f77cc87e81 Add support for Quobyte backend to Cinder and Nova 6 months ago
  João Feteira f8f9748120 Option neutron_plugin_agent: "opendaylight" added 4 months ago
  Paul Bourke a47f701035 Add note to external ceph docs for pools/keyrings 5 months ago
  Asharam Meena 33ee196118 Update the reference of External MariaDB 4 months ago
  ya.wang 1795ea8959 Add ironic_dnsmasq_interface parameter to globals.yml 4 months ago
  Eduardo Gonzalez 02295e7283 Rework documentation into more specific folder 4 months ago
  Nick Jones f704a78029 Add new option to perform an on-demand backup of MariaDB 1 year ago
  jacky06 377222bb00 Add YAML format into docs for policy file 4 months ago
  Eduardo Gonzalez a86834e01b Document glance service 4 months ago
  Doug Szumski 205df6949c Add missing steps to Vagrant instructions 5 months ago
  caoyuan 9223deeecd Use correct variable for default certificate paths 1 year ago
  jacky06 1f30414807 Update the openstack_release 5 months ago
  zhouxinyong a3da494883 Replacing the HTTP protocal with HTTPS 5 months ago
  letrangg 1c99957794 Edit document for cinder guide 5 months ago
  Doug Szumski 8935f28eb3 Update docs for monasca-grafana 5 months ago
  Doug Szumski 2e629ea866 Add Monasca quickstart guide 5 months ago
  Doug Szumski 712c89760c Add support for deploying Monasca Grafana 5 months ago
  Doug Szumski 58f5c9e032 Add documentation for Monasca standalone deployment 6 months ago
  Doug Szumski 8cd2a793b4 Add initial documentation for Monasca 6 months ago
  chenxing eaa9815ad2 Remove '.. end' comments 6 months ago
  Michal Nasiadka 55455cdde2 Rework ceph-guide bluestore/filestore sections 7 months ago
  Christian Berendt 1b4430314c Allow custom fluentd input configurations 1 year ago
  wangwei 4e5e28fff5 Fix bluestore disk naming format in kolla-ansible 7 months ago
  Will Szumski 4297cc34e2 Added kolla_inspector_extra_kernel_options 8 months ago
  caoyuan 0e66e81225 Remove the outdated note information 1 year ago
  Eduardo Gonzalez 6e17f942b5 Improve ODL configuration 10 months ago
  jacky06 96d2c8becf Bump ansible_version_min to 2.4 8 months ago
  Trinh Nguyen ce2a50843d Update Ubuntu dependencies of VagrantUp in docs 8 months ago
  Mohammed Salih Puthenpurayil de94eff534 Minor corrections in cinder-guide documentation. 9 months ago
  Mark Goddard 69c1bf2d82 Allow configuring a gateway for the inspection network 9 months ago
  Lakshmi Prasanna Goutham Pratapa 76210a2d85 Apply Resource Constraints to Openstack Services 9 months ago
  tone.zhang 2ce46e4767 Improve ceph-rgw compatibility with Swift API in Kolla-ansible 8 months ago
  Nguyen Hai c752d66a1c Update tacker CLI to openstack CLI in tacker demo 9 months ago