449 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Eduardo Gonzalez 2fc6d4cfc5 Split placement from nova 5 months ago
  Scott Solkhon a781c64319 Support separate Swift storage networks 1 month ago
  caoyuan 16900c2e37 Add ceilometer_ipmi container into ceilometer role 11 months ago
  Erol Guzoglu 14ab9a7c4e Support the prometheus elasticsearch exporter 1 month ago
  Bai Yongjun ed2fd243d1 Add cyborg to kolla-ansible 4 months ago
  Mark Goddard 54965c878b Improve standalone ironic support 2 months ago
  binhong.hua 3d3f5f1613 add ulimit support for kolla_docker 3 months ago
  Jorge Niedbalski 6c64b7c732 [prometheus] Support the prometheus openstack exporter 3 months ago
  Patrick O'Neill f77cc87e81 Add support for Quobyte backend to Cinder and Nova 6 months ago
  ya.wang 1795ea8959 Add ironic_dnsmasq_interface parameter to globals.yml 4 months ago
  Nick Jones f704a78029 Add new option to perform an on-demand backup of MariaDB 1 year ago
  Eduardo Gonzalez cc9dae4dee Add glance-cache support 5 months ago
  caoyuan a5badc89f2 Add neutron metering role into kolla-ansible 2 years ago
  caoyuan 9223deeecd Use correct variable for default certificate paths 1 year ago
  Doug Szumski 712c89760c Add support for deploying Monasca Grafana 6 months ago
  Doug Szumski b7b45effed Support deploying the Monasca Agent 8 months ago
  Ha Manh Dong 4e5ae36c5b Apply Swift rolling upgrade 9 months ago
  Duong Ha-Quang ac5d5217fc Apply Neutron rolling upgrade logic 2 years ago
  Doug Szumski 516b0dd34e Support deploying an Apache Storm cluster 10 months ago
  Duong Ha-Quang c79c5d1f36 Apply Nova rolling upgrade logic 1 year ago
  Dai Dang Van 008d45b8de Add support Octavia network interface 7 months ago
  Will Szumski 4297cc34e2 Added kolla_inspector_extra_kernel_options 8 months ago
  pengdake 29142524f7 Add enable_monasca in global vars 8 months ago
  Will Miller 5dd080a130 Add networking-baremetal configuration 9 months ago
  Jorge Niedbalski 9d2770db11 [prometheus] Enable ceph mgr exporter 10 months ago
  yuqian 5f3cbd8360 Add support for onos 9 months ago
  Duong Ha-Quang 0152e51d7e Apply Ironic rolling upgrade logic 10 months ago
  Clint Byrum 6781c18134 Allow disabling nova-ssh 1 year ago
  caoyuan bc65fa51b2 Enable chrony container by default 1 year ago
  Lakshmi Prasanna Goutham Pratapa 297eb5e88f Add resource Constraints to Nova containers. 1 year ago
  Jorge Niedbalski 1596475db6 [prometheus] Initial implementation of prometheus-alertmanager 10 months ago
  chenxing f7e64beaed Add enable_ironic_ipxe option to globals.yml 9 months ago
  Joshua Harlow 6a331d4e37 Create and use keystone_admin[project|user] 1 year ago
  jing.liuqing a0f63b0341 Add missing `enable_horizon_fwaas` variable 10 months ago
  chenxing fd6c9f3882 Enable ceph dashboard by default 1 year ago
  zhulingjie 9ad2786428 Make neutron vpnaas dashboard configurable 10 months ago
  Mark Giles 18998f2876 Fix enabled state for some prometheus services 10 months ago
  Gary Kotton 0ef27dd076 Add support for NSXV3 11 months ago
  Zhangfei Gao ce809aea23 osprofiler support redis 1 year ago
  Mark Giles 41254b6c46 Add cAdvisor for Prometheus monitoring 1 year ago
  Doug Szumski c11f9f521d Support deploying the Monasca API 1 year ago
  Zhangfei Gao 4eaf397023 Adding ironic_dnsmasq_boot_file parameter to globals.yml 11 months ago
  Duong Ha-Quang 365e3d3a3f Apply Glance database migration 1 year ago
  Duong Ha-Quang 84aeff4e92 Remove uuid as keystone_token_provider 11 months ago
  Paul Bourke 36f33f089b Reduce the default values for Ceph pgs 1 year ago
  caoyuan 4b42434910 Add congress-dashboard into Horizon 1 year ago
  caoyuan 0460663296 Add blazar-dashboard into Horizon 1 year ago
  Mathias Ewald 4d1f37359d Add role to deploy prometheus 1 year ago
  Gerry Buteau 2f69b3cbc6 Configure Infoblox as an IPAM driver for neutron 1 year ago
  Doug Szumski 6647ed818a Add support for deploying Kafka 1 year ago