491 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Mark Goddard 33564a0097 Remove RabbitMQ support from Bifrost 1 month ago
  Mark Goddard 86e83faeb1 Use ironic inspector 'dnsmasq' PXE filter by default 1 month ago
  Mark Goddard bb9d51e25b Do some Train TODOs 1 month ago
  OpenStack Release Bot ce6222ae8b Update master for stable/stein 1 month ago
  Mark Goddard 3a6a9384cb Tidy up release notes for Stein release 1 month ago
  Scott Solkhon a781c64319 Support separate Swift storage networks 2 months ago
  caoyuan 16900c2e37 Add ceilometer_ipmi container into ceilometer role 1 year ago
  Erol Guzoglu 14ab9a7c4e Support the prometheus elasticsearch exporter 2 months ago
  Doug Szumski c8a22f1090 Support customising Fluentd formatting 2 months ago
  Bai Yongjun ed2fd243d1 Add cyborg to kolla-ansible 5 months ago
  Mark Goddard 1c22da32ff Use new cinder target_helper option 4 months ago
  Mark Goddard 54965c878b Improve standalone ironic support 3 months ago
  binhong.hua 93e5e8e631 Link kolla_log volume dir to /var/log/kolla 4 months ago
  binhong.hua 3d3f5f1613 add ulimit support for kolla_docker 4 months ago
  Jorge Niedbalski 6c64b7c732 [prometheus] Support the prometheus openstack exporter 4 months ago
  binhong.hua 023334dfcb optimize qemu.conf 4 months ago
  weiyj 7ace98d975 hinese quotes 5 months ago
  Martin Chlumsky 18dd74ac8d Allow custom horizon policy files for disabled openstack projects. 6 months ago
  Mark Goddard 48aea5637f Support Docker CE in bootstrap-servers 10 months ago
  Patrick O'Neill f77cc87e81 Add support for Quobyte backend to Cinder and Nova 8 months ago
  Kien Nguyen 835368524e Add Prometheus as Vitrage datasource 5 months ago
  Eduardo Gonzalez 846c15d8e1 Allow set tty for containers 5 months ago
  Paul Bourke a16d78711f Allow operators to customise Nova vendor info 5 months ago
  Eduardo Gonzalez 1a682fab28 Support stop specific containers 6 months ago
  Nick Jones f704a78029 Add new option to perform an on-demand backup of MariaDB 1 year ago
  Eduardo Gonzalez cc9dae4dee Add glance-cache support 6 months ago
  caoyuan a5badc89f2 Add neutron metering role into kolla-ansible 2 years ago
  Mark Goddard 4418c1641b Support Ironic Inspector dnsmasq PXE filter 10 months ago
  caoyuan 9223deeecd Use correct variable for default certificate paths 1 year ago
  Paul Bourke cf609ba3cc Remove deprecated compute groups 6 months ago
  Mark Goddard 7ebf548ff3 Set ramdisk logs path for ironic inspector 1 year ago
  Doug Szumski 712c89760c Add support for deploying Monasca Grafana 7 months ago
  Doug Szumski b7b45effed Support deploying the Monasca Agent 10 months ago
  Will Szumski 28287826e8 Make tunnel timeout for nova_serialconsole_proxy configurable 6 months ago
  Ha Manh Dong 4e5ae36c5b Apply Swift rolling upgrade 10 months ago
  Duong Ha-Quang ac5d5217fc Apply Neutron rolling upgrade logic 2 years ago
  wangqiangbj b37cc17759 fix misspelling of "configuration" 6 months ago
  Christian Berendt 864e589803 nova: add support for a dedicated migration network 1 year ago
  Christian Berendt c96633d454 Make custom kibana configuration files possible 1 year ago
  ZhijunWei 155a16f6ce fix misspelling of "configuration" 7 months ago
  Doug Szumski bd54b99132 Constrain the size of Docker logs 7 months ago
  Cédric Jeanneret 778dba94a4 Load known, standard kernel modules from the host, not within containers 8 months ago
  Dai Dang Van 22bf7997b9 Support Octavia custom policy 8 months ago
  Doug Szumski fddbbbbdc4 Support deploying Monasca Persister 11 months ago
  Doug Szumski da1fa3f578 Support deploying Monasca Notification engine 10 months ago
  Doug Szumski b6cce3e3f3 Support deploying Monasca Thresh 11 months ago
  Adam Harwell f1c8136556 Refactor haproxy config (split by service) V2.0 11 months ago
  Doug Szumski 1ae10375f7 Support deploying Monasca Log Metrics 11 months ago
  Mick Thompson 331d2f053f Add swift as gnocchi storage option 1 year ago
  Paul Bourke b163cb02d1 Update rabbitmq to use new conf & clustering 10 months ago