709 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Mark Goddard c23c9b2c25 Test upgrades in CI 5 months ago
  Eduardo Gonzalez 2fc6d4cfc5 Split placement from nova 5 months ago
  Mark Goddard c41c9a0ce0 Add cinder-lvm CI job 3 months ago
  Christian Berendt 3a5ef38f3b Add elasticsearch_datadir_volume 1 month ago
  binhong.hua 93e5e8e631 Link kolla_log volume dir to /var/log/kolla 2 months ago
  Mark Goddard 65aa706a44 Use kolla-ansible version to tag images 3 months ago
  ZijianGuo 6d876934ea Add customizable gnocchi volume 3 months ago
  Eduardo Gonzalez 535aba79a9 Add NFV orchestration services CI job 5 months ago
  Eduardo Gonzalez 362b6ee40e Test zun container creation in gates 5 months ago
  wu.chunyang 4deefe3e92 remove unused library 4 months ago
  Eduardo Gonzalez 1a682fab28 Support stop specific containers 4 months ago
  Nick Jones f704a78029 Add new option to perform an on-demand backup of MariaDB 1 year ago
  Dat Le 5bbecaa3ed Fix "Error: Connection activation failed: Failed to find a compatible device for this connection" 5 months ago
  Eduardo Gonzalez 26af377a3b Refactor tests/templates/globals.yml 5 months ago
  Michal Nasiadka 9257c18469 Add logs_dir to kolla-ansible CI jobs 5 months ago
  Mark Goddard f92de48c28 Refactor CI testing scripts 9 months ago
  Hongbin LU f57c1aec6c Add Zun scenario job for ubuntu 11 months ago
  Hongbin Lu 9691d53009 Use openstackclient instead of neutronclient 6 months ago
  Mark Goddard 8399fc7813 Don't use 'become' in CI tests 6 months ago
  confi-surya dfd372b6e2 Revert commit of fixing ceph gates 8 months ago
  Paul Bourke b163cb02d1 Update rabbitmq to use new conf & clustering 9 months ago
  Mark Goddard 354894e2e9 Add check.yml for prometheus and vitrage 7 months ago
  Paul Bourke 0d03fc2789 Temporarily remove the rabbitmq clusterer plugin 9 months ago
  Mark Goddard c71de0e2c9 Fix the name of the CI log for reconfigure 8 months ago
  Eduardo Gonzalez 8998877021 Fix ceph gates 8 months ago
  Eduardo Gonzalez cc5cdba7c8 Fix depends on kolla changes 8 months ago
  chenxing 380647ffb5 Update the help text of init-runonce 8 months ago
  Jeffrey Zhang b51eeed89e Use include_tasks instead of include 9 months ago
  Clint Byrum d648be03ec Add safe shutdown systemd jobs to tools 9 months ago
  Clint Byrum 7321fe772d Allow passing forks to kolla-ansible script 10 months ago
  MinSun f692b4c9ac Make nova nova_instance_datadir_volume configurable. 9 months ago
  yuqian 8f156691ce fixed destroy confirmation no properly evaluated 10 months ago
  Liping Mao (limao) 6531dc9668 Fix pre-commit-hook can't work 10 months ago
  Mark Goddard 45a4f9c075 Add a job for testing deployment of bifrost 1 year ago
  Borne Mace c7c61fca06 Avoid removing kolla-cli directories on destroy 10 months ago
  Jeffrey Zhang 4ab76ed9e1 Put upper limit on cmd2 in kolla-toolbox 10 months ago
  johjuhyun 6f398cefb6 ovs-dpdkctl.sh syntax error 11 months ago
  Jeffrey Zhang c567055176 Fix ansible warning 1 year ago
  Jorge Niedbalski 6c5a6c65f1 Enforce removal of container network namespace. 11 months ago
  ZhijunWei 44b49adda1 Add test for credentials set 11 months ago
  Paul Bourke e5a8481847 Simplify init-runonce boot command 1 year ago
  Jeffrey Zhang def7d35404 Implement ARA sqlite databases over http feature 1 year ago
  Eduardo Gonzalez ea1a1dee0d Verify YAML syntax in gates 1 year ago
  Eduardo Gonzalez e0d37de9d0 Fixes ceph deploy gates 1 year ago
  Charlie Kang 26682ea78a ovs-dpdkctl.sh function list_dpdk_nics only grabs the first nic 1 year ago
  Pengfei Zhang 88e5a440a5 Fixed misspelling in Kolla-ansible 1 year ago
  Dai Dang Van 6d49dbb48a Support policy.yaml file [part 8] 1 year ago
  Martin André 84473bec5f Use local cirros image if available 1 year ago
  caoyuan 8cb57f54fa Ensure docker running before execute the destroy action 1 year ago
  Marcin Juszkiewicz 750d6ff65f init-runonce: use UEFI on aarch64 1 year ago