Ansible deployment of the Kolla containers
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wu.chunyang be9454ab71 Fix wrong opts in cyborg.conf 8 months ago
add-alertmanager-metrics-a8d87b0793f2255a.yaml Add Alertmanger metric target(s) 1 year ago
add-aodh-a5de8a339f25c1a2.yaml Add aodh role 6 years ago
add-barbican-8f0636668001de73.yaml Add Barbican ansible role 6 years ago
add-barbican-p11-password-a05ed037fe84d1f4.yaml Change Barbican default secret store to pkcs11 5 years ago
add-blazar-dashboard-g6595d27c034f8xc.yaml Fix "tox -e pep8" warning 4 years ago
add-ceilometer-a4759f21564de7eb.yaml Add releasenotes for ceilometer 6 years ago
add-ceilometer-ipmi-b646f886666889a1.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
add-ceph-disk-init-protection-5b38ce8f1502ff69.yaml Add a check before wiping Ceph disks in bootstrap 6 years ago
add-cinder-quobyte-support-0de697a0800fb962.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
add-cinder-vg-check-c70d9f79d8cfd09b.yaml Check volume group exists for Cinder in prechecks 6 years ago
add-cleanup-images-cli-options-dd5c43fcc683b8e0.yaml Fix add cleanup images cli options release note folder 5 years ago
add-cloudkitty-10eb09a96de60144.yaml Add cloudkitty ansible role 6 years ago
add-collectd-6e3387dfff75040a.yaml Ansible roles for collectd Container 6 years ago
add-congress-877644b4b0e2ed0a.yaml Verify YAML syntax in gates 4 years ago
add-congress-dashboard-q65x5d27c034f8xc.yaml Fix the pep8 warning 4 years ago
add-container-deploy-action-1673f3b6eb330c74.yaml Add a job that *only* deploys updated containers 3 years ago
add-custom-elasticsearch-conf-6fc34fbc3b471997.yaml Support custom elasticsearch configuration files 2 years ago
add-cyborg-c7ee957a2cbe8e99.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
add-designate-bind-mdns-123e79587bb06072.yaml Change listen for mdns 5 years ago
add-designate-producer-b6e94153ff9bc45c.yaml CI: Add doc8 linting of release notes 2 years ago
add-dumb-init-manage-root-process-e25a529b322d4fac.yaml Use dumb-init to manage the pid 1 process 6 years ago
add-elasticsearch-curator-88089d04f7ccd549.yaml Support deploying Elasticsearch Curator 3 years ago
add-extra-network-node-4b6e4e2663950b9c.yaml Add an extra network node for HA 5 years ago
add-fernet-support-54ccb88b901d8d8b.yaml Add full support for fernet 6 years ago
add-flag-for-provider-networks-3fb5de28ba89b128.yaml CI: Add doc8 linting of release notes 2 years ago
add-fluentd-role-bc3f4976c807a50b.yaml CI: Add doc8 linting of release notes 2 years ago
add-forks-flag-faf0d27618265bd4.yaml Allow passing forks to kolla-ansible script 4 years ago
add-freezer-74c9b538348cd62a.yaml CI: Add doc8 linting of release notes 2 years ago
add-freezer-sceduler-b646fba6666889a1.yaml Add freezer-scheduler role 4 years ago
add-glance-swift-backend-support-6f48573601991b5b.yaml Add Swift backend support to Glance 5 years ago
add-gnocchi-94296c3ed6e979a8.yaml Add gnocchi ansible role 6 years ago
add-graceful-timeout-argument-a8b71a389351599b.yaml Add graceful_timeout argument to kolla_docker 5 years ago
add-grafana-in-heka-6397498442c00670.yaml add grafana log in heka 6 years ago
add-hacluster-role-5f0094aa4715134b.yaml Add HAcluster Ansible role 1 year ago
add-header-blocks-9ac76254e5f5ab20.yaml Add header blocks to all Dockerfiles 6 years ago
add-hnas-nfs-as-cinder-volume-backend-7b860e17c70dcb2c.yaml Allow cinder-volume to be configured to use HNAS nfs 6 years ago
add-horizon-apache-wsgi-parameters-282d4e07126663a6.yaml Tidy up release notes for Train 3 years ago
add-horizon-custom-settings-file-d5dfab8a1a3b4ee7.yaml CI: Add doc8 linting of release notes 2 years ago
add-httpd-timeout-717050ffdc4ea9e8.yaml Add variable for changing Apache HTTP timeout 1 year ago
add-hybrid-messaging-2a5eb6aae5f2c2f6.yaml Add support for hybrid messaging backends 5 years ago
add-internal-network-tls-configuration-cf9704812f113281.yaml Tidy up release notes for Train 3 years ago
add-kafka-role-ec7a9def49e06e51.yaml Add support for deploying Kafka 4 years ago
add-kafka-topic-creation-for-monasca-c8fccf0b6117eca5.yaml Support explicit creation of Monasca Kafka topics 2 years ago
add-karbor-role-96e8956cce8a7175.yaml Add karbor ansible role 6 years ago
add-keep-alive-timeout-for-httpd-0d51a9d139c50f66.yaml Update release note for httpd keep alive 2 years ago
add-keystone-support-to-openid-connect-859b12492f8347fe.yaml Add support to OpenID Connect Authentication flow 1 year ago
add-kolla-ansible-bash-completion-script-74d39268a829e1a2.yaml Add kolla-ansible bash completion script 5 years ago
add-logrotate-configurable-variables-05cb3c5ede5c14fd.yaml Configurable logrotate rotation interval and count 2 years ago
add-manila-cephfs-backend-31437ae72d9adee2.yaml Add CephFS backend in Manila 5 years ago
add-masakari-hostmonitor-c9b1b6872deef4b1.yaml masakari: support host monitor 1 year ago
add-mechanism-for-prometheus-customization-0b173ff7c63ca30f.yaml Tidy up release notes for Ussuri 2 years ago
add-migration-interface-b53da3ff04c2a7fe.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
add-monasca-api-eb536dd5a6d77563.yaml Support deploying the Monasca API 4 years ago
add-monasca-grafana-c31d4407c33939e4.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
add-monasca-grafana-security-warning-0d3743122ccec331.yaml Add Monasca Grafana security note 1 year ago
add-monasca-log-api-d47662a4e643cd7f.yaml Support deploying the Monasca Log API 4 years ago
add-monasca-log-metrics-370846df015ff96a.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
add-monasca-log-persister-f4da4370a0c5777e.yaml Support deploying Monasca Log Persister 4 years ago
add-monasca-log-transformer-80d985fc77603478.yaml Support deploying Monasca Log Transformer 4 years ago
add-monasca-notification-03283c42a8df3d71.yaml Support deploying Monasca Notification engine 4 years ago
add-monasca-persister-c8fdd3d127b2438e.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
add-monasca-thresh-f7a860ce996684f9.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
add-multipath-9ee29be1fcea6d94.yaml Add multipathing support to docker container 6 years ago
add-multiple-globals-files-support-a75bde9f02b7b022.yaml Adding support for multiple globals files 2 years ago
add-mysql-ceilometer-backend-9ffdc4c0495fb801.yaml Allow mysql to be used as a database for Ceilometer 6 years ago
add-network-interface-checks-0e789f3f93cbdb09.yaml Add basic checking for network_interface to prechecks 6 years ago
add-networking-sfc-62ae433ed7aa4e33.yaml Add Networking-SFC role 6 years ago
add-neutron-bgp-dragent-26838f8e8c8d37b2.yaml Add neutron-bgp-dragent playbooks and sensible defaults. 5 years ago
add-neutron-custom-dnsmasq-conf-bba1ac18df0dccd4.yaml Tidy up release notes for Train 3 years ago
add-neutron-dvr-f1b3541e22c0fbc3.yaml Allow Neutron to be run in DVR mode 6 years ago
add-neutron-dvr-no-external-0a8e0f2d967cf078.yaml Add dvr_no_external l3 dvr agent mode 5 years ago
add-neutron-ipam-driver-infoblox-3621f44bb0017e91.yaml Configure Infoblox as an IPAM driver for neutron 4 years ago
add-neutron-lbaas-dbb92dada9d34ceb.yaml Adds Neutron LBaaS Support 6 years ago
add-neutron-metering-support-4266364hudc5l80c.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
add-neutron-sriov-agent-131816aa1b32874b.yaml Add support for Neutron SRIOV agent container 5 years ago
add-neutron-vpnaas-88e0780326100e36.yaml Fix typo 6 years ago
add-new-senlin-services-b53a9dc26453f947.yaml Added senlin-conductor and senlin-health-manager 3 years ago
add-nodename-to-etc-hosts-6360acc642ee3d49.yaml Add ansible_nodename (system hostname) to /etc/hosts 3 years ago
add-octavia-custom-policy-6a55d8cd951ce639.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
add-octavia-dashboard-f6595d27c034f89c.yaml Add Octavia Horizon plugin 4 years ago
add-octavia-network-interface-4e54077c1ca2a2f4.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
add-openstack-exporter-scrape-timeout-af5dcd5d988ae12b.yaml Tidy up Wallaby renos 1 year ago
add-option-to-configure-nova-serial-console-timeout-7cfc764a0c19eb01.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
add-panko-role-b76b2b3b1f758e21.yaml add panko role 6 years ago
add-parameter-enable_neutron_trunk-1bca43f6c5c36aea.yaml Add support for the Neutron service plugin "trunk" 2 years ago
add-placement-auth-into-cyborg-conductor-54b452e218bfb9ab.yaml Fix that cyborg conductor failed to communicate with placement 2 years ago
add-privileged-capability-to-cyborg-agent-14db36a5818847d1.yaml Fix that cyborg agent failed to start privsep daemon. 2 years ago
add-prometheus-as-vitrage-datasource-3439b3f9925b8e8e.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
add-prometheus-elasticsearch-exporter-4d9b75b5cb8801d1.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
add-prometheus-extras-57bd14856afc893d.yaml Add extras directory to prometheus config 2 years ago
add-prometheus-openstack-exporter-8fd7b0e6c8e71649.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
add-prometheus-v2-9f10c79986d3faf3.yaml Add Prometheus 2.x deployment 2 years ago
add-py35-f0ddb519029f5ee3.yaml Add Python 3.5 classifier and venv 6 years ago
add-qdrouterd-role-3bb4c184804e1f98.yaml Add qdrouterd role for messaging infrastructure component 5 years ago
add-qinling-role-99d96102837b21f4.yaml Tidy up release notes for Train 3 years ago
add-rally-c6d1468accfb1da6.yaml Implement Ansible rally role 6 years ago
add-region-name-for-octavia-292594e29ef36bf2.yaml [octavia] Adds region_name if enable_barbican 2 years ago
add-reno-f5e9ff4d9ccfa785.yaml Add reno support 6 years ago
add-sahara-f2be7bf79935792e.yaml Add sahara ansible role 6 years ago
add-solum-aa448921b2b58989.yaml Change Dockerfile to ansible role in the release note. 6 years ago
add-state-for-selinux-3ab41a8d1c3b099e.yaml Update task about selinux set. 4 years ago
add-support-GlusterFS-NFS-Manila-backend-fa8a54e06adb0714.yaml Add support for GlusterFS NFS Manila backend 2 years ago
add-support-for-fluentd-exporter-ca02ff9182039e3e.yaml Support monitoring Fluentd with Prometheus 11 months ago
add-support-octavia-dev-mod-c785e7be398c7c8e.yaml Add support of octavia dev mod 2 years ago
add-tls-etcd-cd2bd09cd69053be.yaml Add support for encrypting etcd service 2 years ago
add-trove-ceph-rgw-support-622e06876ae90eb7.yaml Add ceph rgw object store support into trove 5 years ago
add-trove-d531db316ded568a.yaml Add trove role 6 years ago
add-trove-guestagent-5482833a0c99033a.yaml Add trove-guestagent.conf 2 years ago
add-trove-singletenant-dd02a7b7cc1a4f99.yaml Missing configuration for Trove single tenant 4 years ago
add-variable-influxdb-datadir-volume-68200f92a3c5d633.yaml Introduce influxdb_datadir_volume 2 years ago
add-variable-kafka-datadir-volume-382015a42sc57636.yaml Support setting Kafka storage volume 2 years ago
add-vitrage-6b8da2c81a68b01b.yaml Add vitrage ansible role 5 years ago
add-vmtp-7d6aef3125a38dbe.yaml Add support for building vmtp container 6 years ago
add-watcher-a97995ace827cf71.yaml Verify YAML syntax in gates 4 years ago
add-zfssa-iscsi-as-cinder-volume-backend-cadd90a57fdc671b.yaml Allow Cinder to use ZFSSA iSCSI volume service 5 years ago
add-zookeeper-role-9eb474f26035ec77.yaml Add support for deploying ZooKeeper 4 years ago
add-zun-cni-daemon-container-453cdb31052af6b7.yaml Zun: Add zun-cni-daemon to compute node 2 years ago
add-zun-role-275d41711e0fe206.yaml CI: Add doc8 linting of release notes 2 years ago
add_elasticsearch_and_prometheus_support_on_cloudkitty-774e13e363e15a4b.yaml Tidy up Wallaby renos 1 year ago
add_monasca_agent-2b3b2f484a9e7168.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
add_qume_options-8e9f040d0bc36fe6.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
add_ulimit_support-35e8799f29a44d12.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
adds-etc-timezone-9708f538c3c2cb5e.yaml Introduce /etc/timezone to Debian/Ubuntu containers 2 years ago
allow-ceph-toggle-udev-2d2b04c08c895820.yaml Allow operators to use 'fallback mode' for Ceph disks 6 years ago
allow-custom-ceilometer-upgrade-params-c07eec4c1ef5a3d3.yaml Tidy up release notes for Ussuri 2 years ago
allow-disabling-keepalived-310321889a848edf.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
allow-disabling-nova-ssh-51028805f163e5a2.yaml Allow disabling nova-ssh 4 years ago
allow-external-swift-as-glance-backend-242a6dbf7c830d7a.yaml Allow externally managed swift as glance backend 4 years ago
ansible-4-171c8afddfc325e8.yaml Bump up Ansible max supported ver to 4.x 10 months ago
ansible-designate-948c56a8e14d5029.yaml Ansible-ize OpenStack Designate 6 years ago
ansible-facts-4279741e84c03ce0.yaml Fix release note for ansible_facts 11 months ago
ansible-group-precheck-fb1d1497ab92b235.yaml Add Ansible group check to prechecks 2 years ago
ansible-max-version-support-d74258eec27d3549.yaml Tidy up release notes for Ussuri 2 years ago
ansible-min-2.6-4b96795a1cc4b6b2.yaml Update minimum version of Ansible to 2.6 3 years ago
ansible-tempest-44edbca4436f3c19.yaml implement Ansible Tempest role 6 years ago
ansible-vault-ac969b70f840d465.yaml Add support for vault passwords 5 years ago
automatic-deploy-of-octavia-efe94f4db86d9106.yaml add releasenote for octavia configuration 2 years ago
avoid-unconditional-fact-gathering-94760984b2de0796.yaml Avoid unconditional fact gathering 2 years ago
barbican-simple-crypto-key-f3cd3b8b210ab237.yaml Barbican simple_crypto plugin broken - invalid key 5 years ago
bifrost-deploy-behind-proxy-e41f84e8d49a9ddf.yaml Add support to use bifrost-deploy behind proxy 2 years ago
bifrost-f080de99005ad38e.yaml add deploy-servers command 6 years ago
bifrost-no-rabbit-cea7af663f4b814f.yaml Remove RabbitMQ support from Bifrost 3 years ago
bifrost-persistent-data-019294fe3326cf82.yaml Create volumes for Bifrost's persistent data 5 years ago
bifrost-persistent-logs-889cb58bf0f22c18.yaml Mount kolla_logs volume in bifrost_deploy 5 years ago
blazar-ansible-role-15887700e73b00f8.yaml Implement blazar ansible role 5 years ago
bootstrap-servers-virtualenv-723a0e80942604bd.yaml Support virtualenv installation in baremetal role 5 years ago
bootstrap-without-zun-67d6ee5d84fcec22.yaml Apply Zun configuration for Docker based on inventory 1 year ago
bp-add-monitoring-user-for-rabbit-d869cddde8e8c5f3.yaml Add configurable rabbitmq monitoring user 5 years ago
bp-support-network-ha-1a771d735a268219.yaml Add option to support dhcp/l3 agent ha 6 years ago
bug-1681461-761f0cdf71bcb962.yaml Make /dev/kvm permissions handling more robust 2 years ago
bug-1729566-8b77402fd8236962.yaml Fix live migration to use migration int. address 2 years ago
bug-1799689-c8612c73649ac483.yaml Remove post_config from the Kibana role 2 years ago
bug-1808805-3ebd9b0edceff170.yaml monasca-thresh: Fix topology submission to storm 1 year ago
bug-1837551-4237e2df8725ffc7.yaml Skip setting rp_filter by default 1 year ago
bug-1846789-fix-fernet-bootstrap-36f87e36e4dc6ec9.yaml Tidy up release notes for Ussuri 2 years ago
bug-1848775-b0625b7586adac96.yaml Check config when checking the containers 1 year ago
bug-1848941-7e192be1885af513.yaml Fix kolla_address in IPv6 fully-routed topo case 2 years ago
bug-1850812-e840453d44e17d34.yaml enable prometheus-openstack-exporter to use ca cert 2 years ago
bug-1856346-59d0f01005d56e81.yaml Check that used Ansible can see Kolla Ansible 2 years ago
bug-1858773-manila-cephfs-driver-f6a75bd15c002363.yaml Tidy up release notes for Ussuri 2 years ago
bug-1859408-external-ceph-cinder-keyring-7df624ac556c100b.yaml External Ceph: copy also cinder keyring to nova services 3 years ago
bug-1861513-8e09a6fb42dfc99c.yaml Fix renos 2 years ago
bug-1861792-a44a31693b0c786f.yaml Fix renos 2 years ago
bug-1862211-1c44c4a16963baad.yaml Delete stale fluent config on restart 2 years ago
bug-1862739-05246e7599375800.yaml Use more permissive regex to remove the offending 2 years ago
bug-1862765-a6cad9fd2d3f0f48.yaml Correctly configure S3 Token Middleware for Swift 1 year ago
bug-1863041-30d87a768339251b.yaml Fix renos 2 years ago
bug-1863094-1564f489a7eecb28.yaml Fix renos 2 years ago
bug-1863363-eb5d0ddd0d0d1090.yaml Fix renos 2 years ago
bug-1863510-part-haproxy-0a76829d48818f92.yaml Coordinate haproxy and keepalived restarts 2 years ago
bug-1864615-84b4b58ea57ecfe9.yaml Fix client TLS in neutron-metadata-agent 2 years ago
bug-1864810-5a5d0f91c0171b19.yaml Fix haproxy restarting twice per Ansible run 2 years ago
bug-1865840-0eaf86121988a0d8.yaml service-rabbitmq: do not log password (use no_log) 2 years ago
bug-1866141-dc4bfaa2f7c31198.yaml support ipv6 for grafana.ini.j2 2 years ago
bug-1866727-731e51e9bdef7f6b.yaml Fix elasticsearch configuration in ipv6 environments 2 years ago
bug-1867179-9e31460ba53757d4.yaml Fix telegraf with zookeeper (wrong port variable reference) 2 years ago
bug-1867953-4897a2c05aba43c6.yaml Fix deployment of fluentd without any enabled OpenStack services 2 years ago
bug-1869133-e8f086c533ebbc41.yaml Add glance_ca_certificates_file when using self sign cert in glance 2 years ago
bug-1869137-d3de4debf827e1d2.yaml Add clients ca_file in heat 2 years ago
bug-1869319-66905f50871ac6b1.yaml Add vitrage-persistor service 2 years ago
bug-1872205-2eb7e57e0a334fb7.yaml Fix Designate not to use etcd coordination backend 2 years ago
bug-1872404-dc092ab1ce84c71d.yaml Fix Octavia CA cert paths 2 years ago
bug-1872540-0e9bed299f657b25.yaml [horizon] Move 'balance' HAProxy keyword 2 years ago
bug-1872545-52f00bd340a800c2.yaml [haproxy-config] Fix missing servers in split cfg 2 years ago
bug-1873753-73fe82e70559f928.yaml Manage nova scheduler workers count 2 years ago
bug-1881890-72c76f5fc065588b.yaml Fix Grafana datasource update 2 years ago
bug-1882513-chrony-permission-denied-917b3bffc5cdb38d.yaml Remove chrony package if containerized chrony is enabled 2 years ago
bug-1884090-c40ff140d5514108.yaml Logstash 6 support 2 years ago
bug-1884734-ec054799d3300778.yaml openvswitch: Use ansible_hostname for system-id 2 years ago
bug-1884939-7c77b8002d3ff52d.yaml Change neutron-ovs-agent deploy only with manila generic backend 2 years ago
bug-1885732-10803d46f9c73444.yaml Fix the Elasticsearch Curator cron schedule run 2 years ago
bug-1886170-f76d9d3520ab86ec.yaml Remove policy file from nova-conductor config.json template 2 years ago
bug-1886615-640e817dfdb93b8a.yaml Fix Barbican client (Castellan) with TLS 2 years ago
bug-1886711-a1a1fd1343f1a644.yaml Fix incorrect value of [storage]/ceph_keyring in gnocchi.conf 2 years ago
bug-1887180-89450a4185c7449d.yaml Evaluate PASSWORDS_FILE later 2 years ago
bug-1888852-8735ee29f69f77b5.yaml fluentd: log to a file instead of stdout 2 years ago
bug-1889272-c929d21a94d657fa.yaml Enable glance role to copy extra configuration 2 years ago
bug-1889611-f08c228fca884bf2.yaml Fix Masakari role missing deploy-containers 2 years ago
bug-1892622-c14ece962ec98632.yaml Make keep-alive timeout configurable 2 years ago
bug-1892686-409fef7c100ab67f.yaml Drop option http-tunnel for neutron-server 2 years ago
bug-1894380-01897f17dd35190c.yaml Control Neutron migrations 2 years ago
bug-1895723-910de90908de260a.yaml Fix 2 years ago
bug-1896591-47c829f8b72d567a.yaml Fix default mode in haproxy_single_service_split 2 years ago
bug-1898765-73881932a2ef1d32.yaml Fix fernet cron path on Ubuntu/Debian 2 years ago
bug-1898766-ffc55c97230d8221.yaml Allow overwrite of placement-api wsgi config 2 years ago
bug-1901960-363503e11449b53c.yaml ovn: Do not schedule SNAT routers on computes 2 years ago
bug-1903506-12ae72c114bede72.yaml Add missing octavia-driver-agent 1 year ago
bug-1904702-7451dd8c4caa309b.yaml RabbitMQ handler refactored to restart services in serial 2 years ago
bug-1906796-e52b9e113f36ceed.yaml Monasca log-metrics - Drop "notice" and "note" loglevel metrics by default 2 years ago
bug-1906944-38798e1348ff9c97.yaml Do not start swift-object-updater on stop 2 years ago
bug-1907436-2da50ed38d107127.yaml Fix prechecks with Docker 20.10.0 2 years ago
bug-1907658-a24ddc45f63893b5.yaml Fix mariadb_recovery when mariadb container is missing 2 years ago
bug-1913031-e8b14c50e8a27d14.yaml Replace db-sock with db-nb-sock and db-sb-sock 1 year ago
bug-1915528-chronyd-crash-loop-if-server-is-rebooted-debian.yaml chronyd crash loop if Debian server is rebooted 1 year ago
bug-1922721-19163cfb491d0035.yaml Fix release note markup 1 year ago
bug-1923203-f9ff247befc4bd75.yaml baremetal: Don't start Docker after install on Debian/Ubuntu 1 year ago
bug-1927727-4437103de59e85e5.yaml Do not write octavia_amp_ssh_key if auto_config disabled 1 year ago
bug-1927880-cc407f18f415bbd2.yaml fluentd: Fix check for external elasticsearch 1 year ago
bug-1928915-482b2d53bb2a4d92.yaml baremetal: Install Docker SDK less than 5.0.0 1 year ago
bug-1930293-d8a524f2070e6779.yaml Fix RabbitMQ restart ordering 1 year ago
bug-1931097-c94832ed2ed92c3a.yaml Add forgotten 'Restart container' handler for swift 1 year ago
bug-1933025-1cb5d64d20d57be7.yaml Add missing region_name in keystoneauth sections 1 year ago
bug-1933033-76746d127285cfe8.yaml Do not set pid file for iscsid 1 year ago
bug-1933122-b34311ba73092080.yaml Fix host bootstrap pkg removal on Debian 1 year ago
bug-1933209-73e78353cb5c3266.yaml Fix Masakari host monitor default config 1 year ago
bug-1933347-4031d94ef7decb3c.yaml Do not run timesync checks on deployment host 11 months ago
bug-1933846-122a62e9724b638c.yaml Trivial fix horizon's healthcheck when SSL turned on 11 months ago
bug-1934913-a8d436e3d0b950b4.yaml baremetal: use docker_yum_gpgkey to fetch docker GPG key 1 year ago
bug-1938549-e73042a61f0a5935.yaml Fix freezed spice console in horizon 11 months ago
bug-1939291-bf2e405d286e4b07.yaml Fix Masakari in multi-region deploys 11 months ago
bug-1939679-a31bc2093a4c0000.yaml Trivial fix nova's healthchecks 11 months ago
bug-1939883-dbfca874b138cfe9.yaml Fix kolla-toolbox with IPv6 and disabled RabbitMQ 11 months ago
bug-1940547-771f6affb3547748.yaml Never make Docker registry insecure by default 11 months ago
bug-1941704-d31774f4dd56374f.yaml Fix wrong opts in cyborg.conf 8 months ago
bug-1941706-a8f9e9544f1540e3.yaml Restore libvirtd cgroupfs mount 10 months ago
bug-1941940-c63265ea6ea2f594.yaml Bump libvirtd memlock ulimit 10 months ago
bug-1942846-8b9edb99a7e7c24f.yaml toolbox: Allow different users logging to ansible.log 10 months ago
bug-1944114-fa2a266c014c64a9.yaml Do not enable mariadb-clustercheck when not needed 10 months ago
bug-1945070-965635387a8581f9.yaml Do not create haproxy and swift log dirs needlessly 9 months ago
bug-1945453-c410cc090cb85feb.yaml Do not set net.ipv4.ip_forward sysctl 9 months ago
bug-1947485-d059864252fb1813.yaml [mariadb] Start new nodes serially 9 months ago
bug-1947534-bf3b5ed19473015f.yaml mariadb: Remove 9 months ago
bug-1947589-52e7a6fa5d82e7fa.yaml mariadb: use add_host to include inactive hosts in shard grouping 8 months ago
bug-1948835-51b15ddbef04d307.yaml Fix broken deploy of placement service 8 months ago
bug-1948979-aaf2a93cc016ffb1.yaml Fix missing Ansible version in the error message 8 months ago
bug-1949260-34d82ecd677dd8ff.yaml Fix octavia doesn't set subnet gateway_ip 8 months ago
bug-freezer-dev-mod-failed-af5bebb6c3eaabad.yaml fix deploy freezer failed when kolla_dev_mod enabled 2 years ago
bug-missing-become-attributes-vmware-9ae97e49b4d7dc0d.yaml Add missing become to some VMWare tasks 2 years ago
bug-nova-dev-mod-failed-ad4e64f5a5bc2a6a.yaml fix deploy nova failed when use kolla_dev_mod 2 years ago
bump-minimum-docker-version-18-09-37af3b4c134da67e.yaml Bump min Docker version 1 year ago
cadf-notifications-6c102c16090688d5.yaml Enable CADF events in Keystone and introduce enable_cadf_notifications 6 years ago
centos-8-ee2e13a2ecd64b1d.yaml Add docs and release note for CentOS 8 2 years ago
centos-stream-686441cc4c0e47d7.yaml docs: update supported OS distros 1 year ago
centos8-cinder-lio-3fb17ce5c88abbf1.yaml Configure Cinder to use lioadm on CentOS/RHEL 8 3 years ago
ceph-jewel-33caab815946cb4c.yaml Change ceph version to Jewel 6 years ago
ceph-keys-vars-6857d19d291c401d.yaml Tidy up release notes for Ussuri 2 years ago
ceph-rgw-062e0544a004f7b1.yaml Add support for Ceph RadosGW integration 9 months ago
ceph-rgw-keystone-user-d084c3ebdc9528c7.yaml Use a separate user for ceph-rgw rather than keystone admin user 5 years ago
cert-path-65943386e62f1a8c.yaml Use correct variable for default certificate paths 4 years ago
change-default-migration-interface-3cdf30eed98553fd.yaml Fix typos in release note 12 months ago
change-defaut-rsync-module-template-7c891efbe79a96a9.yaml Swift: remove meta field from rsync command 2 years ago
change-rabbitmq-partition-handling-5aebe0bf7e361239.yaml Set RabbitMQ cluster_partition_handling to pause_minority 3 years ago
cinder-api-apache-fc58978df0645b2f.yaml Migrate cinder-api under apache 5 years ago
cinder-conversion-tmpfs-94e2ed1de5d9ea06.yaml Add support for using a tmpfs for Cinder image conversion 2 years ago
cli-exit-code-1e6278f803dbf8e2.yaml Fix exit code with bogus command name 1 year ago
cli-sanity-check-09f1d7831bf9ff8c.yaml Enable sanity checks from kolla-ansible 5 years ago
clients-in-magnum-use-internalURL-af3ad82af71a88c6.yaml Use public interface for Magnum client and trustee Keystone interface 2 years ago
cloudKitty-v2-influxdb-07cb8b0051ac9ea0.yaml CI: Add doc8 linting of release notes 2 years ago
cloudkitty-default-influxdb-397d7441ad2576c5.yaml Switch default cloudkitty storage backend to influxdb 3 years ago
cloudkitty-docker-fb6b3d7e006a0697.yaml Add cloudkitty containers for type source 6 years ago
cloudkitty-proxy-headers-da4ea3297063e2e8.yaml Fix some CloudKitty API responses when behind SSL 2 years ago
cloudkitty-removed-config-options-6b656fb8bfa5431d.yaml Add release note for CloudKitty configuration fixes 2 years ago
combine_trove_config_files-ff3d37440a472a82.yaml Improve trove releasenote 1 year ago
config-nova-release-97e6fc526a94740e.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
configurable-horizon-sessions-1dd22eae714a7001.yaml Allow use of database for Horizon sessions 6 years ago
configurable-tenant-network-types-4dd6ad35df8e8c6c.yaml Add possibility to configure tenant network types and type drivers 5 years ago
configure-certificate-authority-aa21fa88234b021e.yaml Tidy up release notes for Ussuri 2 years ago
configure-docker-for-zun-8b4e647d883da42f.yaml Allow to configure docker for Zun 3 years ago
congress-broken-cbf8ca59d90a85cb.yaml Verify YAML syntax in gates 4 years ago
container-proxy-settings-for-magnum-0300dad7ee461865.yaml Update container_proxy with configurable proxy settings 5 years ago
coordination-backend-etcd3gw-8a58a2f5eddd1f57.yaml Default to etcd3gw driver for etcd-based coordination 3 years ago
copy-certificate-authority-into-containers-860cbda3384dd731.yaml Tidy up release notes for Ussuri 2 years ago
custom-grafana-dashboards-fd4c8a00cd2dd126.yaml Tidy up Wallaby renos 1 year ago
custom-policies-5a9bb2b59d19b484.yaml Custom policy files 6 years ago
custom-sysctl-conf-path-ce58e897fc067410.yaml Add support for changing sysctl.conf path 2 years ago
custom_option_docker-f5b810a8edce06fa.yaml CI: Add doc8 linting of release notes 2 years ago
customise-toolbox-pip-e574c422afae0d93.yaml Allow operators to customise pip in kolla-toolbox 6 years ago
cyborg-become-8453d941af536e91.yaml cyborg: add missing become for api-paste.ini 12 months ago
debian-bullseye-host-adc7778d7103b84f.yaml Add support for Debian Bullseye (11) as host distro 1 year ago
default-disable-gnocchi-statsd-f7aa933f342ce2b0.yaml [gnocchi] Disable statsd daemon by default 2 years ago
default-type-source-3fefd8baa3ca46ba.yaml Deploy source type images by default 9 months ago
default_docker_volume_type-251636f92cb73aee.yaml Include default_docker_volume_type for magnum.conf 4 years ago
deprecate-ceph-4745da91c7ca5a8e.yaml Deprecate Ceph deployment 3 years ago
deprecate-chrony-077a8686e79a919e.yaml chrony: allow to remove the container 1 year ago
deprecate-cinder-iscsi-helper-f736c9139e937381.yaml Use new cinder target_helper option 3 years ago
deprecate-enable-host-ntp-3ad934c097f18b1b.yaml Deprecate enable_host_ntp 1 year ago
deprecate-fedora-97f8f963a410eb44.yaml Deprecate Fedora based Docker images 6 years ago
deprecate-hyperv-22206c6b3ed5281c.yaml Deprecate Hyper-V integrations 2 years ago
deprecate-monasca-grafana-f5bfc61a5d453a8e.yaml Add Monasca Grafana deprecation notice 1 year ago
deprecate-monasca-log-metrics-service-d558015f1cf426df.yaml Tidy up Wallaby renos 1 year ago
deprecate-mongodb-94590c00eb29e788.yaml Fix reno paths of three recent renos related to deprecations 2 years ago
deprecate-neutron-fwaas-a8c7d1e9d8e563eb.yaml Deprecate neutron-fwaas support 2 years ago
deprecate-nova-network-76e5c7b61a3add5b.yaml Deprecate nova-network container 6 years ago
deprecate-prometheus-v1-c174f03d62c46795.yaml Deprecate Prometheus 1.x 1 year ago
deprecate-rabbitmq-hipe-compile-e76ad1d597129236.yaml Deprecate rabbitmq_hipe_compile 2 years ago
deprecate-some-config-files-0ed8c75f6bb4aa26.yaml CI: Add doc8 linting of release notes 2 years ago
deprecate-tempest-and-rally-2418cbe2a9f315a4.yaml Deprecate tempest and rally 1 year ago
deprecate-vmware-c358f3f8a37bf8c9.yaml Fix reno paths of three recent renos related to deprecations 2 years ago
deprecate-wsrep-notify-d21ab17425e5065c.yaml mariadb: Deprecate 1 year ago
deprecate-xenapi-f2e56c044d9f0ed7.yaml Fix reno paths of three recent renos related to deprecations 2 years ago
deprecated-auto-detect-openstack_release-d96b5ae2fc27f5ac.yaml Update "openstack_release" variable to static brach name 3 years ago
deprecated-include-header-and-footer-71f16045920b0100.yaml Mark include-footer and include-header deprecated for removal 6 years ago
designate-allow-external-bind9-servers-c2c5dc31b0475cb7.yaml Update designate to allow use of external bind9 dns servers. 5 years ago
designate-deprecated-option-66e90605e592c52a.yaml Remove deprecated Designate option 11 months ago
designate-infoblox-backend-also-notifies-0214cc1e51b838b8.yaml Add also_notifies to Infoblox backend for Designate 3 years ago
disable-alertmanager-clustering-ec70f5f970c4933a.yaml Disable Alertmanager's peer gossip in non-HA deployments 1 year ago
disable-docker-iptables-bridge-493feb35cba4c405.yaml Disable Docker iptables and bridge networking by default 1 year ago
disable-firewall-1e1955168c717cb5.yaml Add disable_firewall variable 1 year ago
disable-glance-registry-fdbba9daa5169b06.yaml Disable glance-registry 4 years ago
disable-kibana-telemetry-46de5aaf2fc7c186.yaml Disable usage collection in Kibana 1 year ago
disable-ntp-service-fdcaj9daa5169b06.yaml Disable the ntp service when bootstrap-servers 4 years ago
disable-serial-in-default-442093aca22658f4.yaml Disable running playbooks in serial by default 5 years ago
disable_tlsv11-51d6be67d593f7ab.yaml Disable TLS 1.1 on haproxy 4 years ago
do-not-haproxy-memcached-by-default-4676a56524922c8f.yaml Default to disabling haproxy for memcached 3 years ago
docker-ce-722582da41cf6cd3.yaml Support Docker CE in bootstrap-servers 4 years ago
docker-cgroupns-mode-9e1b32c357a14095.yaml [docker] Add support for setting CgroupnsMode 1 year ago
docker-client-timeout-dc221b2d350efad8.yaml Support configuration of Docker client timeout 3 years ago
docker-daemon.json-33d7618aa5a355a8.yaml Tidy up release notes for Train 3 years ago
docker-disable-bridge-14df8b7fddbd5000.yaml [docker] Added a new flag to disable default network 1 year ago
docker-disable-ip-forward-b0490b71f9f07cd6.yaml Reno follow up for docker_disable_ip_forward 1 year ago
docker-disable-iptables-e9a248a0515f30a6.yaml [docker] Added a new flag to disable default iptables rules 2 years ago
docker-http-proxy-f3925e652ea3fc5d.yaml baremetal: Add support for Docker http/https proxy setup 1 year ago
docker-image-pruning-fffcffa7e99c6e63.yaml Tidy up release notes for Ussuri 2 years ago
docker-install-iptables-f24fef8ce2418963.yaml baremetal: Install iptables for Docker if enabled 2 years ago
docker-stop-timeout-c8089f6bf92d6c28.yaml Set default timeout to 60 seconds for docker stop 3 years ago
docker-tmpfs-2599b2785edeecd2.yaml Add support to kolla_docker for tmpfs mounts 2 years ago
docker_insecure_registry-857bfb9c760aa3bf.yaml Option for enable SSL verification on docker registry 4 years ago
dockerfile-customizations-26981ebefe3b710b.yaml Update the documentation link for doc migration 5 years ago
dpkg-reducing-disk-footprint-2a6b0056d57bd1de.yaml Reducing disk footprint for Ubuntu/Debian images 6 years ago
drop-enable_host_ntp-ce6e60a46e7544ea.yaml Drop enable_host_ntp 9 months ago
drop-epel-req-2f48edf20da1ef96.yaml Do not require EPEL repo on RHEL-based target hosts 3 years ago
drop-group-haproxy-6119957627811873.yaml Remove haproxy,keepalived groups 10 months ago
drop-py27-509835da35f047b4.yaml Tidy up release notes for Ussuri 2 years ago
drop-zfssa-2708a8c0b0eb5f43.yaml Drop support for Cinder ZFSSA backend 1 year ago
dvr-mode-property-13b3699f9a9c4359.yaml Introduce variable to allow different DVR modes 4 years ago
enable-buffering-to-file-for-monasca-logs-88ca66cc4d6cda3b.yaml Enable buffering to file for Monasca logs 2 years ago
enable-chrony-default-g6595d27c034f8cc.yaml Enable chrony container by default 4 years ago
enable-influxdb-tsi-858cc95e99605107.yaml Tidy up release notes for Train 3 years ago
enable-ipxe-cf461344bdb99881.yaml ironic: always enable conductor HTTP server 12 months ago
enable-l3-port-forwarding-fe9af935437fc070.yaml CI: Add doc8 linting of release notes 2 years ago
enable-nfs-volume-snapshots-a0347a31662b1109.yaml Verify YAML syntax in gates 4 years ago
enable-nova-microversion-b445f22548b41c2a.yaml Enable the nova microversion api 6 years ago
enable_port_security_extension-dfadfe9b288a49d2.yaml Enable port_security by default 5 years ago
encrypt-additional-services-backend-haproxy-29467a9771e99917.yaml Add support for encrypting backend Neutron API Server 2 years ago
encrypt-backend-haproxy-fb96285d74fb464c.yaml Tidy up release notes for Ussuri 2 years ago
enhance-merge-action-plugins-with-relative-includes-bd0a16cce82707d1.yaml Enhance merge_* action plugins to allow expected relative includes 3 years ago
etc-hosts-dashes-37d0dc07c8fc881f.yaml baremetal: fix /etc/hosts generation when api_interface has dashes 1 year ago
etcd-docker-ansible-51baaa1322a0c5a8.yaml Add etcd ansible role 6 years ago
etcd-dockerfile-69b8bfc1df4bb2ab.yaml Add etcd container 6 years ago
execute-rest-methods-inside-containers-ce2a1410dbdc71f3.yaml Tidy up release notes for Ussuri 2 years ago
expire-mariadb-bin-logs-c3df2b87460ca807.yaml Expire mysql binary logs out of the box 4 years ago
external-acme-client-support-cee19c4755e04eab.yaml Add support for ACME http-01 challenge 2 years ago
external-ceph-cinder-template-40dc0bc07e717837.yaml Tidy up release notes for Ussuri 2 years ago
external-ceph-users-2715eebf8a8df1af.yaml Tidy up release notes for Ussuri 2 years ago
external-mariadb-support-131440d3c984dd67.yaml CI: Add doc8 linting of release notes 2 years ago
external-tls-72d36e8aa0b6ccaf.yaml Tidy up Wallaby renos 1 year ago
extra-ml2-plugins-817d0b392c06ffc7.yaml Support extra ml2 plugins in neutron 4 years ago
feature-extra-kernel-parameters-for-ironic-inspector-0b4ad3b4de47129b.yaml Added kolla_inspector_extra_kernel_options 4 years ago
feature-mergepwd-clean-18cbed4d39967e70.yaml Tidy up release notes for Ussuri 2 years ago
fernet-key-rotation-8d40041d7d783dc7.yaml Fix keystone fernet key rotation scheduling 3 years ago
fix-TCP-connections-refusing-to-die-after-VIP-switch-5f9e811783c36041.yaml Allow user to set sysctl_net_ipv4_tcp_retries2 1 year ago
fix-admin-openrc-ownership-mode-310d89a6f50a9640.yaml Fix ownership and permissions of 2 years ago
fix-ansible-warning-f9b382a13446f625.yaml CI: Add doc8 linting of release notes 2 years ago
fix-barbican-logging-42068f47fe1e4e4d.yaml Fix Barbican API log config 1 year ago
fix-centos-7-ipv6-39ac9207b8196ac7.yaml CentOS 7 IPv6 doc changes 3 years ago
fix-cinder-endpoints-urls-22746b1524accbbf.yaml Fix the url of Cinder endpoints 6 years ago
fix-cinder-logging-22fea4739begd6s.yaml Fix Cinder log parsing 1 year ago
fix-cinder-upgrade-max-count-ab928f85f224c63d.yaml Remove max count from Cinder online schema migration 2 years ago
fix-cyborg-api-failed-to-find-api-paste-file-225cec3ec16b2265.yaml Fix cyborg api failed to load api-paste.ini file 2 years ago
fix-cyborg-host-config-dee1d79476b94981.yaml Fix cyborg api doesn't listen on api interface 1 year ago
fix-deb-ironic-ipxe-heathcheck-2ae5fd0537c056ce.yaml Fix ironic_ipxe healthcheck on Debian/Ubuntu 12 months ago
fix-dpdk-deploy-failed-6695899422a67359.yaml Fix dpdk deploy failed 2 years ago
fix-elasticsearch-schema-in-fluentd-32401e37e42c1b4c.yaml Use proper es schema in fluentd when use internal tls 2 years ago
fix-etcd-protocol-3c9482f90070ee6e.yaml Fix etcd protocol configuration 2 years ago
fix-evacuate-cinder-encryption-489f8cf6a340e7be.yaml Add cinder auth config to nova-cell nova.conf.j2 2 years ago
fix-fernet-pre-check-5efbdfe43a2776e3.yaml Improve fernet_token_expiry precheck 2 years ago
fix-fluentd-buffer-chunk-size-for-monasca-output-882338103d2e1f13.yaml Set a chunk size for Fluentd bulk log upload to Monasca 2 years ago
fix-gnocchi-external-ceph-filepath-672ea7ac3c325ec2.yaml Fix copy external ceph files from custome/gnocchi in gnocchi 4 years ago
fix-gnocchi-statsd-a56c789a3da758a6.yaml gnocchi: fix external ceph integration when gnocchi-statsd is disabled 1 year ago
fix-haproxy-database-port-mapping-46bdf2a0ffc253c7.yaml Fix HAProxy check for MariaDB 3 years ago
fix-haproxy-limit-precheck-c56b3ac2331867ee.yaml Fix HAProxy prechecks during scale-out with limit 2 years ago
fix-haproxy-monitor-precheck-487b85f4e93313b1.yaml Fix HAProxy monitor VIP precheck 2 years ago
fix-haproxy-precheck-with-externally-managed-cert-1c5faa980aaf8949.yaml Fix haproxy precheck when kolla_externally_managed_cert is used 11 months ago
fix-issue-with-elasticsearch-kolla-logs-a0ba85d91d1a2c31.yaml Tidy up release notes for Ussuri 2 years ago
fix-keystone-fernet-perms-82632fb9e53ca3d5.yaml Fix permission denied during Fernet key rotation 2 years ago
fix-keystone-startup-66c5aa11a464a562.yaml Fix - remove Fernet key age check 2 years ago
fix-linuxbridge-arp_responder-28068f7fe41e4e4d.yaml Disable arp_responder option for LinuxBridge agent 2 years ago
fix-linuxbridge-secgroups-7e5cae9d630e3db9.yaml linuxbridge: Fix name of securitygroup section 2 years ago
fix-magnum-tls-cacert-dd5ab5729391beb2.yaml magnum: Add CA certificate configuration for internal TLS 1 year ago
fix-masakari-tls-64f010c037e95bea.yaml Masakari: copy TLS certificates into containers 2 years ago
fix-multi-instance-grafana-db-bootstrap-298feba3e1750aca.yaml Improve Grafana DB bootstrap 2 years ago
fix-multiple-mariadb-issues-d023478df6d76622.yaml Fix multiple issues with MariaDB handling 3 years ago
fix-neutron-memcached-connection-issue-84f5affa217b4612.yaml Add workaround for keystonemiddleware/neutron memcached issue 2 years ago
fix-neutron-vmware-4a8804399d47d8d7.yaml neutron: fix neutron-server config.json with VMware 11 months ago
fix-nova-compute-scale-out-ae5245449cff216d.yaml Fix nova compute addition with limit 2 years ago
fix-octavia-cert-config-28f0ef2799406957.yaml Tidy up release notes for Ussuri 2 years ago
fix-pip-install-user-5f871f67433e465a.yaml Fix installation with pip install --user 1 year ago
fix-rabbitmq-user-tags-8c9d626b28ff5d51.yaml Configure RabbitMQ user tags in nova-cell role 2 years ago
fix-recreate-missing-pull-dba93327fd4c94c3.yaml Attempt to pull image before stopping and removing container 3 years ago
fix-remove-libvirt-apparmor-disabled-profile-2cab584eec729b71.yaml Fix remove libvirt apparmor disabled profile 2 years ago
fix-rest-url-protocol-07db2f6ffe02f9b3.yaml Construct service REST API urls using configured protocol 2 years ago
fix-rest-urls-fqdn-a555e8299fe34efb.yaml Construct service configuration urls using kolla_internal_fqdn 2 years ago
fix-stop-602430003e8b3c42.yaml Fix kolla-ansible stop with heterogeneous hosts 2 years ago
fix-swift-conf-collision-ee98d09a91c270bd.yaml Fix swift.conf custom configuration path collision 3 years ago
fix-swift-mount-xfs-nobarrier-44a1601da46d12b9.yaml Fix Swift with kernel 4.19 and later 3 years ago
fix-wsgi-log-collection-c9f347096394df5c.yaml Fix fluentd parsing of WSGI logs 3 years ago
fix_supress_type_warning-59f87fe62f83bd12.yaml Add suppress_type_name to stop warnings with ES7 1 year ago
fixes-gnocchi-script-name-e4715e3b9fc5b021.yaml Fixes gnocchi-api script name for Ubuntu/Debian 2 years ago
fluentd-custom-filter-config-26ee8801c7782b08.yaml Support configuration of custom fluentd filters 5 years ago
fluentd-custom-format-config-b6fc3a4883efc213.yaml Support customising Fluentd formatting 3 years ago
fluentd-custom-input-config-db2675a1356717e6.yaml Allow custom fluentd input configurations 4 years ago
fluentd-custom-output-config-21f990cacbf3adb1.yaml Support configuration of custom fluentd outputs 5 years ago
fluentd-elasticsearch-cacert-0e8824dd57052913.yaml Support CA certificate for fluentd & Elasticsearch 2 years ago
fluentd-single-config-d5ae95fecbfb6e3e.yaml Performance: use a single config file for fluentd 2 years ago
freezer-backend-531eececd69c0cd4.yaml Tidy up release notes for Train 3 years ago
gather-facts-command-7b62d2c3eb13ec8e.yaml Add kolla-ansible gather-facts command 11 months ago
generate-internal-external-self-signed-certs-c631a9d934d31fac.yaml Tidy up release notes for Ussuri 2 years ago
generate-self-signed-root-ca-bc523acab7290cfe.yaml Replace internal and external VIP CA with root CA 2 years ago
glance-cache-ecf950ba3e9136b1.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
glance-dev-mode-fefcff05286119f4.yaml Add dev mode for glance 5 years ago
glance-fix-iscsi-backend-784aca2c2456333c.yaml Enable Glance to use Cinder iSCSI backend 3 years ago
glance_default_store-39e6725ba8a47db7.yaml Add missing release note for Glance multi store move. 2 years ago
gnochhi_swift_storage-5d05dab0e20eb43d.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
haproxy-custom-services-c6bc343d162a8990.yaml Add support for custom HAProxy service config 3 years ago
haproxy-default-template-change-b5816d6ba87f3a4c.yaml Change the default haproxy template to split variant 2 years ago
haproxy-default-template-upgrade-c9b88d3385a5d257.yaml Delete haproxy_single_service_listen.cfg.j2 template 11 months ago
haproxy-listen-options-ef1dc74a239f6f9d.yaml [HAProxy] Allow extra options to be specified per listener 4 years ago
haproxy-not-all-ends-ea1b2961f039abe7.yaml Add support for with_frontend and with_backend 2 years ago
haproxy-service-backend-weight-e4a908f732a37b42.yaml Add way to change weight of haproxy backend per service 9 months ago
haproxy-tag-entire-play-537aed55ffd947be.yaml Generate HAProxy configuration for all enabled servvices 3 years ago
heka-deprecation-d53e757470b3f7b4.yaml Heka deprecation 6 years ago
horizon-keystone-url-97dcc26389f6d025.yaml [Horizon] Allow configuration of Keystone's URL 4 years ago
horizon_keystone_dropdown-6b9b4e5e9a64f979.yaml Tidy up release notes for Ussuri 2 years ago
horizon_keystone_multidomain-c7a80d670f3654d8.yaml fix word in the documentation 4 years ago
host-os-precheck-e544f27f9012c9e2.yaml Check supported host OS distributions in prechecks 2 years ago
hyperv-ansible-role-dd6062f36470e7b6.yaml Add Hyper-V role 5 years ago
image-pull-retries-75490c3e6e1e4b54.yaml Add ability to retry image pulling 11 months ago
implement-ceph-mgr-d631d12ee30df5c8.yaml Implement ceph-mgr service 5 years ago
implement-ceph-nfs-ff8f9635c365923f.yaml CI: Add doc8 linting of release notes 2 years ago
implement-cephfs-a54396fd56fa1252.yaml Implement ceph fs 5 years ago
implement-cinder-minimal-downtime-upgrade-3c883b015d41bf18.yaml Apply Cinder rolling upgrade 4 years ago
implement-docker-healthchecks-feb3ce7fdbf8c2b6.yaml Use Docker healthchecks for core services 2 years ago
implement-docker-healthchecks-for-memcached-807b9036c3c92596.yaml Use Docker healthchecks for memcached services 1 year ago
implement-docker-healthchecks-for-rabbitmq-a596f6b063026491.yaml Use Docker healthchecks for rabbitmq services 1 year ago
implement-docker-healthchecks-multiple-1ddc44642c39b765.yaml Tidy up Wallaby renos 1 year ago
implement-docker-healthchecks-multiple2-a85e1cea3f8e4c23.yaml Tidy up renos before Xena release 9 months ago
implement-glance-zero-downtime-upgrade-822fea4739beda62.yaml Apply Glance database migration 4 years ago
implement-ironic-rolling-upgrade-c45536fe4814212e.yaml Apply Ironic rolling upgrade logic 4 years ago
implement-keystone-zero-downtime-upgrade-8e11d080bcda0cf6.yaml Implement Keystone zero-downtime upgrade 5 years ago
implement-mongo-replicate-set-cluster-0d3f140f7116c3ba.yaml Implement mongodb replication set cluster 6 years ago
implement-neutron-rolling-upgrade-a7b3124eab7adfa2.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
implement-nova-rolling-upgrade-f3b2d8382f725cb2.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
implement-octavia-73f5470136886e9e.yaml Implement octavia ansible role 6 years ago
implement-ovn-80b3a73e6c8a44e7.yaml Tidy up release notes for Ussuri 2 years ago
implement-swift-rolling-upgrade-bb715b173263f844.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
import-murano-core-library-86f00abaa21cfb94.yaml [Trivial] Fix two typos in kolla-ansible. 5 years ago
improve-kafka-default-topic-replication-0debd5eb89f0c50d.yaml Set Kafka default replication factor 2 years ago
improve-pwd-errors-7563a3cc941c3091.yaml Improve error reporting in password utilities 2 years ago
increase-haproxy-max-connections-df6aff5c82fdef24.yaml HAProxy backend connection limits 3 years ago
inspector-ironic-interface-6e98d6bc3d5713b8.yaml Ensure inspector uses internal ironic interface 5 years ago
inspector-public-endpoint-61e0adc37f882a64.yaml Fix ironic inspector public endpoint 5 years ago
inspector-ramdisk-logs-9623a734c4d56410.yaml Set ramdisk logs path for ironic inspector 4 years ago
integrate-gnocchi-cloudkitty-4b2fcfe8ce9d520e.yaml integrate gnocchi with cloudkitty 6 years ago
integrate-gnocchi-with-ceph-a6d5f81f4d8b0391.yaml Modify grammatical error 4 years ago
ipv6-control-plane-3deac29612e901b1.yaml Add IPv6 control plane feature release note 3 years ago
ironic-dnsmasq-gateway-5a887a0a2f946bd5.yaml Allow configuring a gateway for the inspection network 4 years ago
ironic-inspector-dnsmasq-pxe-filter-ab012028bcd7d332.yaml Use ironic inspector 'dnsmasq' PXE filter by default 3 years ago
ironic-ipxe-instance-image-47fb3c9f0edef5f5.yaml Allow ironic_ipxe to serve instance images 3 years ago
ironic-standalone-66dbb02a190c8b5d.yaml Improve standalone ironic support 3 years ago
ironic-swift-f5ee8ee54ebcde08.yaml ironic: handle Swift object storage 2 years ago
jinja-filters-818d5bb97ddc75c6.yaml Add custom filters for checking services 3 years ago
keystone-versionless-endpoint-ae9274c81927d949.yaml Add release note for versionless keystone endpoint 5 years ago
kibana-4-6-7765f556efba2724.yaml Bump version of Kibana from 4.4 to 4.6 6 years ago
kibana-custom-config-74afd6ddee462ed8.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
kibana-no-cacert-1994d03bc915dfc0.yaml Fix kibana deployment with openstack_cacert unset 2 years ago
kibana-tls-verify-8bfcb822268ad0d8.yaml Verify TLS by default for Kibana to Elasticsearch 2 years ago
kolla-ansible-diff-50de16722aa155dc.yaml Add check and diff options to kolla-ansible 10 months ago
kolla-ceph-bluestore-b48673a85dda06d1.yaml Allow Kolla Ceph to deploy bluestore OSDs in Kolla-ansible 4 years ago
kolla-for-openstack-development-e4fa7991c8f4dc77.yaml Add a Kolla 'devstack' mode 5 years ago
kolla-host-584270e3aee6dfd6.yaml Fix spelling mistake in kolla-host release note 6 years ago
kolla-neutron-fwaas-751aad2dad2381fc.yaml Allow neutron-fwaas to be enabled in Neutron 6 years ago
kuryr-libnetwork-1e6ab1916a8a0d10.yaml Add Kuryr ansible role 6 years ago
ldap-grafana-configuration-0112d84771addbe7.yaml Custom configuration for grafana 4 years ago
libvirt-tls-support-4ab81fbdbf5519d3.yaml Add support for libvirt+tls 3 years ago
limit-docker-log-size-33133da03b232ece.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
link_kolla_logs-e57a1e583f2872eb.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
linux-bridge-multi-fe8576616fb7d373.yaml Fix incorrect config of linuxbridge multiple external networks 12 months ago
load-br-netfilter-4ce9facd93e96af7.yaml Load br_netfilter module in nova-cell role 2 years ago
logrotate-single-config-663d6bf154218380.yaml Performance: use a single config file for logrotate 2 years ago
magnum-trustee-keystone-region-name-002162a45f855faf.yaml Fix Magnum trust operations in multi-region clouds 2 years ago
manage_dynamic_pollster_configs-14bd3b6775e6a07a.yaml Tidy up release notes for Ussuri 2 years ago
manila-glance-4524ed1e9d488a60.yaml manila: add glance section in manila-share.conf 12 months ago
mariabackup-bd3b238823e589da.yaml Use mariabackup for database backups 3 years ago
mariabackup-image-8b31622f59890e28.yaml Use mariadb-server image for mariabackup 1 year ago
mariadb-clustercheck-39b5837c09868f1e.yaml Custom haproxy script for monitoring galera 2 years ago
mariadb-role-install-several-clusters-at-once-110057a091600d2c.yaml Tidy up Wallaby renos 1 year ago
mariadb-server-image-be5f77966586ef39.yaml Change mariadb image to mariadb-server 2 years ago
mariadb-tag-6f08b8d5874c9106.yaml Use mariadb_tag as default for all mariadb tags 10 months ago
mariadb-xtrabackup-d4f48464dd6baaea.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
mariadb_wsrep_extra_provider_options-27c2804e4505aed1.yaml Tidy up release notes for Ussuri 2 years ago
masakari-ddd930cf5db5f713.yaml CI: Add doc8 linting of release notes 2 years ago
masakari-instancemonitor-fixes-dc13e5234456d4c5.yaml masakari: fix minor issues with instance monitor 1 year ago
mdns-network-nodes-ac8b9d4b721e9ac8.yaml Move mDNS to network nodes 5 years ago
merge-neutron-vpnaas-role-with-neutron-l3-agent-90b91725344dda76.yaml CI: Add doc8 linting of release notes 2 years ago
mistral-fix-wrong-service-type-72ff772fc7cf0b82.yaml Fix service_type of mistral endpoint 6 years ago
mistral-redis-9f7da83c521056cc.yaml Add release note for redis in mistral 5 years ago
module-load-946eaecb55cb31f0.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
monasca-collector-ntp-6be55e5526438cfc.yaml monasca: change default of monasca_ntp_server 9 months ago
monasca-log-dir-8ea46a8b23ae72a3.yaml Fix monasca deployment due to monasca_log_dir 2 years ago
monitoring-ad566513454614db.yaml add reno note monitoring 6 years ago
move-chrony-server-group-depends-on-keepalived-27c60fbd1471cc29.yaml Support multi local chrony servers 5 years ago
move-keystone-user-auth-to-system-scope-900db3265861ebde.yaml Transition Keystone admin user to system scope 9 months ago
move-manila-share-to-network-node-57c61e757c5b96b2.yaml Move manila-share service to network node 6 years ago
move-storage-passwords-09b5afc839284321.yaml Move Cinder backend passwords to passwords.yml 5 years ago
move-vmware-password-parameters-to-passwords-yml-b6a375e0eb8cf27f.yaml CI: Add doc8 linting of release notes 2 years ago
multi-regions-support-e69dea15e614629c.yaml Multi-regions Support 5 years ago
multiple-physical-networks-f2de7444f7e2d145.yaml Allow operators to provision multiple physical networks 6 years ago
murano-rabbitmq-c3cec712b12f045f.yaml Add vhost to outward rabbitmq for Murano 5 years ago
neutron-log-service-plugin-049ce93906386435.yaml Tidy up renos before Xena release 9 months ago
neutron-mlnx-agent-3e7b3aecbb298811.yaml Deploy neutron-mlnx-agent and neutron-eswitchd containers 2 years ago
neutron-support-policy-yaml-d573149c4efee7ad.yaml Support Neutron policy file in both .json and .yaml format 2 years ago
new-variable-cinder-coordination-backend-3426a4e1bd22cbbb.yaml Allow cinder coordination backend to be configured 3 years ago
new-variable-designate-coordination-backend-741ec71946e7567e.yaml Tidy up release notes for Train 3 years ago
no-host-config-in-genconfig-7321f0dcfc9d728d.yaml Separate per-service host configuration tasks 2 years ago
nova-cells-02810dd035caded1.yaml Support multiple nova cells 3 years ago
nova-cellsv2-76cbf7b746968dae.yaml Add release note regarding nova upgrade 5 years ago
nova-ceph-user-53670f9ccc546225.yaml nova: Use cinder user for Ceph 11 months ago
nova-libvirt-multipath-iscsi-eb961e44e6fec9ff.yaml Use iSCSI multipath for libvirt 2 years ago
nova-remove-deprecated-retryfilter-2e1c0667148c3c99.yaml [nova][train] Remove deprecated RetryFilter 3 years ago
nsxv3-support-0bd45afcb7e71cc5.yaml Add support for NSXV3 4 years ago
octavia-api-wsgi-cafa913364cb491c.yaml Tidy up Wallaby renos 1 year ago
octavia-create-service-auth-project-aa38b12ebb601777.yaml octavia: Ensure service auth project exists 1 year ago
onos-support-2ea385cceb8104d6.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
opendaylight-role-b1787bc458da5bc4.yaml Verify YAML syntax in gates 4 years ago
opendaylight_release-removal-5077cd473bee6dbd.yaml CI: Add doc8 linting of release notes 2 years ago
openstack-exporter-endpoint-type-7c687da172986fb3.yaml Configure prometheus-openstack-exporter to use internal endpoints 2 years ago
openstack-tag-bfe4e862ade8549b.yaml CentOS 8: Support variable image tag suffix 3 years ago
optional-fluentd-version-detection-3cb8b8a8ebc02d0a.yaml Make it possible to override automatic fluentd version detection 1 year ago
optional-sudoers-f5ea08d6f7cbed2b.yaml Make sudoers config optional in bootstrap-servers 4 years ago
osprofiler-support-ac1df8db57bf7789.yaml Support OSprofile usage 5 years ago
outward-rabbitmq-0024957af87a7c7e.yaml Add a new 'outward' rabbitmq instance 5 years ago
override-rmq-in-ktb-86c97926db67d3c9.yaml Allow override of rabbitmq config in kolla toolbox 11 months ago
ovn-neutron-dhcp-agent-21aaafe5e1cda501.yaml Add Neutron DHCP agent to OVN networking setup 1 year ago
ovn_dvr_vlan-f36a6868cfd4776e.yaml ovn: make DVR work on VLAN tenant networks 1 year ago
ovs-dpdk-a48404777d3836a3.yaml introduce playbook to ovs with dpdk 5 years ago
ovs-role-9f3774a443464289.yaml OVS Role release note 5 years ago
ovs-role-split-384be69867da3682.yaml Add upgrade release note for ovs split 5 years ago
performance-monitoring-experimental-f9ceaacd4d5cb71a.yaml Mark performance monitoring stack experimental 6 years ago
persist-libvirt-secrets-6e07ab2914f40ad3.yaml Persist nova libvirt secrets in a Docker volume 1 year ago
pin-distro-version-4d835846a1ab5283.yaml Pin the base distro release version 6 years ago
placement-listen-port-ebbd6aa61aa551da.yaml Use listen port for Placement precheck 2 years ago
prevent-keystone-bootstrap-limit-f0250725633c16de.yaml Prevent overwriting existing Keystone Fernet keys 2 years ago
prometheus-add-ceph-manager-plugin-7bcde3ec0356e26b.yaml [prometheus] Enable ceph mgr exporter 4 years ago
prometheus-alertmanager-dd6d38da2357b917.yaml [prometheus] Initial implementation of prometheus-alertmanager 4 years ago
prometheus-blackbox-exporter-ee096376656c3751.yaml CI: Add doc8 linting of release notes 2 years ago
prometheus-cmdline-extras-2e680c8697c1a308.yaml [prometheus] Added support for extra options 3 years ago
prometheus-config-when-alertmanager-disabled-0090c1570ff4e632.yaml Fix renos 2 years ago
prometheus-dbb1aee8c88943c4.yaml Add role to deploy prometheus 4 years ago
prometheus-rabbitmq-f7d6ebf0d611a819.yaml prometheus: Collect metrics from rabbitmq 1 year ago
prometheus-target-names-94b17f58fa7c957a.yaml Use friendly target names in Prometheus 10 months ago
rabbit-3.6.2-accdb2d3ecd493cc.yaml Use delorean rabbitmq 6 years ago
rabbitmq-server-additional-erl-args-passing-653fd619b41a7b0f.yaml Allow passing arguments to RabbitMQ server 3 years ago
rabbitmq-tls-78ea3fddf67267f2.yaml Support TLS encryption of RabbitMQ client-server traffic 2 years ago
reconfigure-optimization-d8194c854144ca4f.yaml Release note for reconfiguration optimizaiton 5 years ago
reduce-cadvisor-cardinality-1213854b9fe0c828.yaml reno: follow up 10 months ago
reduce-ceph-pgs-27e88e3b6e3b809c.yaml Reduce the default values for Ceph pgs 4 years ago
reduce-db-connection-pooling-b44da77eaa390f22.yaml Reduce the use of SQLAlchemy connection pooling 2 years ago
reduce-rabbit-busy-waiting-085433c822165eab.yaml Use more RMQ flags for less busy wait 11 months ago
refactor-and-optimise-image-pulling-4346d3c0840ee640.yaml Refactor and optimise image pulling 11 months ago
register_elasticsearch_in_keystone-34b0fc7727046b0b.yaml Register Elasticsearch in Keystone 1 year ago
remove-ceilometer-useless-service-4e210ddc1c48ac48.yaml Remove ceilometer-api and ceilometer-collector services 5 years ago
remove-chrony-role-90f164df8090f916.yaml Remove chrony role from kolla 9 months ago
remove-cinder-hnas_iscsi-backend-03e6242227b9184c.yaml Tidy up release notes for Train 3 years ago
remove-cinder-iscsi-helper-8143e5eeb0368d68.yaml Do some Train TODOs 3 years ago
remove-cinder-v2-api-64cd9971ca24902c.yaml Tidy up Wallaby renos 1 year ago
remove-congress-role-0f6a327de69e2173.yaml Remove the congress roles since it has been retired 2 years ago
remove-deprecated-compute-groups-5273e945720edddc.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
remove-enable-cadf-notifications-variable-5af76a972725f202.yaml Remove enable_cadf_notifications variable 2 years ago
remove-enable-xtrabackup-8109d5160d9cd8a9.yaml Remove enable_xtrabackup variable 3 years ago
remove-fedora-44af79f3e061e8d6.yaml Fix spelling mistake in remove-fedora release note 6 years ago
remove-fwaas-v1-6d75b742ebbf0c56.yaml Remove FWaaS v1 related options 3 years ago
remove-heat-engine-environment-file-5f1320011b00099d.yaml Tidy up release notes for Train 3 years ago
remove-hyperv-fbffba997e1abb61.yaml Remove Hyper-V integration 2 years ago
remove-influxdb-max-row-limit-f814a310aa6bf6ab.yaml Use InfluxDB default [http]/max-row-limit setting 2 years ago
remove-karbor-support-c2d9414bedd3d5f7.yaml Remove Retired Karbor Support 2 years ago
remove-kolla-ceph-adbb5d66bd0192f3.yaml Tidy up release notes for Ussuri 2 years ago
remove-kolla_internal_address-variable-d3674b6001498c52.yaml Deprecate kolla_internal_address variable 2 years ago
remove-legacy-docker-3c7d6b9568474e3a.yaml Tidy up release notes for Train 3 years ago
remove-ml2-agents-config-3f7d49b1e28190fd.yaml Tidy up Wallaby renos 1 year ago
remove-monasca-grafana-43cf1f74b09a6e54.yaml Remove Monasca Grafana service 1 year ago
remove-monasca-log-transformer-bdcb3ef1cdbc1611.yaml Remove Monasca Log Transformer 1 year ago
remove-mongodb-fcdfba997e1abb51.yaml Remove mongodb integration 2 years ago
remove-neutron-fwaas-0g6a327ae69e2117.yaml Remove the neutron-fwaas roles since it retired 2 years ago
remove-nova-consoleauth-0f6a327de69e1273.yaml Remove nova-consoleauth 3 years ago
remove-nova-legacy-upgrade-2211024fdadbd70d.yaml Remove Nova legacy upgrade 3 years ago
remove-nova-network-76e1c9b51a4acd5f.yaml Verify YAML syntax in gates 4 years ago
remove-octavia-user-in-admin-project-action-95c87ca45a1188d6.yaml Switch octavia to use service project in service_auth 2 years ago
remove-onos-178adb66092d4da5.yaml Remove Neutron integration with ONOS 3 years ago
remove-opendaylight-4caac9fbf25b8015.yaml CI: Add doc8 linting of release notes 2 years ago
remove-oraclelinux-support-7afaf06191c02e8e.yaml Remove support for OracleLinux 3 years ago
remove-panko-backend-mongodb-94ea90ffd61baa20.yaml Remove mongodb supported for panko backend 2 years ago
remove-panko-component-dda787fca995b9b096a1446e2d2cf9dede37f358.yaml Remove support for panko 1 year ago
remove-prometheus-v1-8fa9c74c3dda568e.yaml reno: follow up 10 months ago
remove-prometheus-volume-from-openstack-exporter-f6bb5da3093abef8.yaml Remove unused configuration for prometheus-openstack-exporter 2 years ago
remove-qinling-roles-12c1ce84d279949f.yaml Remove retired Qinling support 2 years ago
remove-rally-tempest-782ff3770e7e3dbb.yaml Tidy up renos before Xena release 9 months ago
remove-searchlight-roles-7fde75ff93812b09.yaml Remove retired Searchlight support 2 years ago
remove-ubuntu-14-04-support-cd493b959cdbaa19.yaml Remove all Ubuntu 14.04 related documentation 5 years ago
remove-uuid-keystone-token-provider-c3a3ba2da5fd417d.yaml Remove uuid as keystone_token_provider 4 years ago
remove-wsrep-notify-dbb5ef5f700b06b1.yaml mariadb: Remove 9 months ago
remove-xenapi-94ea90ffd61bae20.yaml Remove XenAPI integration 2 years ago
require-ansible-29-f03f4e22292a5bb4.yaml Bump minimum Ansible version to 2.9 2 years ago
require-cinder-rbd-secret-uuid-password-f022e546930158ab.yaml Fix booting from volume failure 5 years ago
retire-neutron-lbaas-3f893803a3fee29c.yaml Remove Neutron LBaaS support 3 years ago
senlin-container-e1ae6aa932097e51.yaml Add Senlin Ansible role 6 years ago
separate-common-play-09a1aa1ac7d0797a.yaml Performance: Run common role in a separate play 2 years ago
setup-module-args-c29e1815bbbe8aca.yaml Make setup module arguments configurable 1 year ago
simplify-global-config-generation-8f42cea604ba1cf2.yaml CI: Add doc8 linting of release notes 2 years ago
skip-tags-c0a4ac3900f33e7f.yaml Add support for --skip-tags argument 5 years ago
skydive-custom-config-4f9f523cf72acaba.yaml Support customizing skydive.conf file 2 years ago
skydive-keystone-auth-0fe96463b27dd914.yaml [skydive] fix: Use Keystone backend to authenticate API users 2 years ago
specify-task-become-84f83707f612bcf3.yaml Specify 'become' for only neccesary tasks (all other roles) 4 years ago
split-haproxy-config-by-service-90c2d89de1829e8a.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
split_ovs_lb_agents_config-96f1f90e7d678209.yaml Tidy up release notes for Ussuri 2 years ago
standard-oslo-messaging-sections-4769da25bc58aa02.yaml CI: Add doc8 linting of release notes 2 years ago
stein-prelude-0fd9e090eb54e566.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
stop-duplicating-nova-cells-670211557fe2cda3.yaml Stop duplicating Nova cells 3 years ago
stop-per-service-85a996bb2751ed52.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
storm-enable-zookeeper-2108156acced1c57.yaml Enable ZooKeeper when Storm is enabled 2 years ago
support-bypassing-monasca-for-control-plane-logs-651a47edf440808b.yaml Nit fixes for change 776219 1 year ago
support-ceilometer-in-cinder-4386a3e5d134d84f.yaml Enable Block Storage meters 6 years ago
support-ceph-dashboard-3ee5e489ea16ea25.yaml CI: Add doc8 linting of release notes 2 years ago
support-check-and-diff-mode-for-genconfig-97703a2ed13ab9ec.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
support-disabling-monasca-alerting-service-92d49ead068447f8.yaml Support disabling Monasca alerting pipeline 1 year ago
support-disabling-prometheus-server-907be6846bc364df.yaml Support disabling Prometheus server 2 years ago
support-disk-size-as-weight-in-ceph-9d6353f1d3f03199.yaml Use the disk size as the osd weight when osd_initial_weight is auto 6 years ago
support-docker-runtime-directory-set-da7e77a70626c0d1.yaml Add a configuration about docker runtime directory 5 years ago
support-haproxy-service-override-85bcc4d3c0af6cf2.yaml Add service specific custom haproxy config override 2 years ago
support-hashicorp-vault-for-kolla-passwords-76a5b4ece6a4df07.yaml Support storing passwords in Hashicorp Vault 1 year ago
support-ironic-ipxe-boot-2ea7f598748403bd.yaml Add support for enabling ipxe boot with ironic 4 years ago
support-ldap-e678ce5b0a7eaedb.yaml Support Keystone Domain specific files 6 years ago
support-manila-wallaby-2e29e866af0d6287.yaml Update Manila deploy steps for Wallaby 9 months ago
support-multiple-inventories-f0b694fa4e78bb8a.yaml Support multiple inventories 11 months ago
support-tty-containers-c2d189f2e7c25dba.yaml Allow set tty for containers 4 years ago
support-vmware-nsx-214ecc8be9dbf0d1.yaml Add VMware NSXV support to neutron 5 years ago
support_extra_volumes-0598122ed90c8d02.yaml Tidy up release notes for Train 3 years ago
support_ironic_neutron_agent-3eac1e71069ea845.yaml Add networking-baremetal configuration 4 years ago
swift-multi-policies-28bc322b54a82bf9.yaml CI: Add doc8 linting of release notes 2 years ago
swift-recon-91592dd93526f1a8.yaml Tidy up release notes for Train 3 years ago
swift-replication-network-40ecd13e4339f299.yaml CI: Add doc8 linting of release notes 2 years ago
swift-s3api-2b51917b169fff78.yaml CI: Add doc8 linting of release notes 2 years ago
switch-images-to-quay-d4640afca6862eee.yaml Switch default images source to 10 months ago
sync-horizon-rest-api-required-settings-099875e53248b62c.yaml Synchronize REST_API_REQUIRED_SETTINGS with Horizon 2 years ago
sysctl-skip-and-unset-848d5ebd765aabec.yaml Allow to skip and unset sysctl vars 2 years ago
tacker-conductor-dc90739426381e14.yaml Fix missing tacker-conductor service 5 years ago
tacker-support-49dd2c2c1bd2ef61.yaml Tacker NFV Ansible support 6 years ago
tacker-train-3f3094b68fdf358e.yaml [Train] Fix Tacker config for the local Glance store 3 years ago
tempest-ipv6-default-966350472d857643.yaml Do not disable IPv6 in Tempest 3 years ago
timesync-prechecks-24d71d1ad7f8cad2.yaml Add timesync prechecks 2 years ago
toggle-custom-horizon-policy-files-f8e91efbb80ac0d6.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein release 3 years ago
train-prelude-0b8a0c8fca3ff194.yaml Add prelude for Train release 3 years ago
trusted-cacert-3c7061e974b5187d.yaml Tidy up release notes for Train 3 years ago
ubuntu-focal-bdc157d4505f9a0c.yaml Add release note and upgrade docs for Ubuntu Focal 20.04 2 years ago
undeprecate-vmware-f6d84993ed8a4a8e.yaml Revert VMware deprecation 2 years ago
unmount-ceph-osds-43b7b59685bff5b4.yaml Unmount Ceph OSD disks as part of destroy 5 years ago
update-ironic-template-for-keystone-1ee5f80fda7a21a0.yaml Extra var ironic_enable_keystone_integration added. 11 months ago
update-monasca-elasticsearch-template-41492c59acaf92b1.yaml Update String type for Monasca ES template 2 years ago
update-rabbitmq-5db770469b9bae18.yaml Update rabbitmq to use new conf & clustering 4 years ago
upgade-to-ubuntu-xenial-93e68d2330e9bd84.yaml Pin to Ubuntu 16.04 6 years ago
upgrade-elk-to-7-release-c559d4c5dff05d2f.yaml Upgrade service configuration for ELK 7 1 year ago
uri-json-body-46891dd478d2ad37.yaml Fix invalid JSON body in Elasticsearch API requests 2 years ago
use-internal-api-for-masakari-monitor-9ba03166ff375601.yaml Use internal API for masakari-monitor 2 years ago
use-internal-endpoint-for-barbican-in-octavia-0bcdcf91a8adc95c.yaml Make sure octavia uses internal endpoint to barbican 2 years ago
use-unified-monasca-api-for-logs-8c6829e7fb1ccf8b.yaml Switch to Monasca API for logs 2 years ago
ussuri-prelude-e7f5a1535421f9eb.yaml Add ussuri prelude to release notes 2 years ago
zookeeper-cfg-syntax-02e93c01d6a24f35.yaml Remove whitespace around equal signs in zookeeper.cfg 1 year ago
zun-iscsi-7ca24c2c4eb9d5a5.yaml Zun: add Cinder (volume) iSCSI support 3 years ago