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  caoyuan 6e3bccf41a Update README.rst 9 months ago
  caoyuan d39b4582af Fix the "python ./cli-setup.py" command failed 9 months ago
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  Borne Mace ccb508799a Add setup script for kolla-cli / kolla-ansible 10 months ago
  Steve Noyes a49cddd8fa Update readme 10 months ago
  Zuul 010b8929cf Updates to fix py27 / tox tests 1 year ago
  Borne Mace 78a1fcedf0 Updating the cli to work against kolla-ansible 1 year ago
  Steve Noyes 0b69fa5eba update kollacli with latest kottos changes 2 years ago
  Steve Noyes d0ad451224 removal of blaze code from cli (for v4) 3 years ago
  Borne Mace c9fb92da7e added AnsiblePlaybook class and moved playbook calls out of common and host 3 years ago
  Borne Mace 6b0b0b0dbb updated README.rst with right project name 3 years ago
  Borne Mace 09f1b3f2e6 updated setup steps and version requirements 3 years ago
  Borne Mace 9474aef3e4 added information to the README regarding where content from kolla 3 years ago
  Borne Mace 12732b9c89 renamed all kollaclient references to kollacli other than the git repo path 3 years ago
  Borne Mace 78c85dcfc6 Cleaned up output from host check and host install. Set paramiko log level to WARNING. 3 years ago
  Borne Mace 431f4e2d20 added into about i18n message abstraction to readme. made ssh key distribution mostly work (need to clean up output / debug). 3 years ago
  Borne Mace 6e8a302748 Stubbed out the rest of the commands in the spec. This list may change between now and the final product. Added information to the README.rst to help with setup / build of the kollaclient command. 3 years ago
  Borne Mace 86b7524678 Initial commit 3 years ago